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  1. Aya sounds a little scary to me but the deconversion is perfectly safe and absolutely reasonable. Good choice. Congratulations!
  2. Weezer said, " If there is, and I die first, I'll come back and tell everybody!" Sadly we have sent over one hundred billion before you and not a single one has returned to give us a report, which leaves us here speculating like this.
  3. Do you or did you have work related to that christian education? If so how did you adjust? Congratulations on getting out! From totally brainwashed christian to atheist in only 3 years is really fast so you are very lucky. Glad to have you with us.
  4. Hi Kdeaustin. Change is always scary and the bigger the change the more scary. Nevertheless congratulations on trusting your own (god given?) reasoning abilities and gut feelings regarding right and wrong over the powerful influences exerted on you by you christian pier group to control your thoughts. As you gradually come to trust your own reasoning more and more your life view will become much more firm and reliable than one supplied to you by the group think church goers and the confusing contradictory "guidance" found in their bible. That new foundation will be one you can build on with thoughts than can be trusted and examined as closely as you choose and the fear (unfounded fear} will then start to fade. You might take some comfort from the fact that 2/3s of our present population on earth does not believe in the bible or christianity. If the christian god is so concerned for each and every human how can he do such an extremely poor job of reaching them and then the powerful holy spirit unleashed on humanity some 2,000+ years ago but Islam (which believes it is blasphemy to call the human Jesus a god) is the fastest growing religion set to catch the christian plurality by 2050. You are clearly having a dangerously difficult time with this transition so keep up with secular professional help until you find a safe place in your thoughts and emotions. I hope you will engage with us on the things that are being said here. The more we know about your concerns and what kinds of ideas you find helpful the more we'll be able to help you. We look forward to hearing from you when you have time. Thank you for sharing your story,
  5. I totally agree with TruthSeeker0. You've been sucked in by this trick that keeps you from asking the obvious questions Rickswordfish. If you want to figure out if christiany is true go back to the beginning, leave all the christian preconceptions and slights of hand behind and with a mind that is open to whatever it discovers ask yourself if this religion appears to come from something beyond the bronze age thinking that was common at that time and in the place it was written. Is the god they describe much different from and especially advanced beyond the men who were writing about him? In my opinion there is absolutely no chance that this story of christianity is true, and being untrue it's neither necessary nor valuable to look for extraordinary truths that might possibly be contained in the many confusing jumbles of words written by primitives living in a barely developed social structure. I guess if any of us were to stare at something, anything, long enough and intently enough something eventually will appear to take shape but what does that matter especially considering that there are so many more profitable and/or enjoyable ways for us to spend the precious bit of time we have be given.
  6. Great to hear a bit from you Blue! We all look forward to your update whenever you’re ready to post it. This is the right place to rant so definitely let that happen. It’s very good news that Dreamer is back at college and happy. Hopefully you will get some happiness coming your way. We’re all rooting for you. Thanks so much for checking in. Hopefully you have made some progress towards feeling and being more safe and accepted in your family’s home. You really do deserve much better Blue.
  7. Funny that this got so enthusiastically revived from December of 2018. It is timeless of course like most of the things we discuss here so the year doesn't matter nearly so much as the time of year anyhow. I've been deconverted for at least 56 years and my wife was never a believer (her mother went from marginal christian to atheist as my wife was growing up) and our 3 grown children are all atheist. (I deliberately moved far from my Christian birth family in order to not have to bother rehashing christianity over and over and also so as not to have to view intra familial relationships through the lens of patriarchy.) Religion wasn't a big topic in our house when the kids were growing and we didn't actually interact socially with many christians however we never ever missed an opportunity to have a little holiday together. Christmases were just great! Sometimes I read a seasonal story to the family. I especially remember reading Truman Capote's, "A Christmas Memory" one year. We did all the tree stuff and played and listened to the music and had presents and a special meal on the day. I honestly can't recall any conversation regarding the real meaning of christmas with the kids. We never went to church and I don't recall the kids ever asking about going or even much about what they did inside churches (probably flipping through TV channels provided enough insight on that). I expect we all still like most everything christmas including the songs but they are more just folk songs for us and don't go anywhere near opening doors to the supernatural. I have considered attending a christmas church service for the ambiance and theater of it but the pull so far has not been great enough for me to actually go. I do think the doctrine is without question dangerous and has proven to be harmful to some children and adults. That being said I think even the doctrine becomes pretty benign once it is seen for what it is so neither the church nor the (sometimes silly or gross) songs have been necessarily hands off for me for a long time now. Also I keep paying taxes for these christian institutions I might as well get what I can out of that unfortunate situation.
  8. It seems to me that the elephant in the living room is the fact that new contributions have slowed to a trickle when compared to even a year or two ago, and going back 5 or 6 years the new contributions were flowing like a river. Possibly those types of needs are just less as atheism begins to find a place in particularly the US culture. Whatever it means I just can't help but notice how the spaces between new posts by new posters have grown longer and longer. Also there do seem to be quite a number of first time posters who post something that appears to be wanting a response or suggestions but then the OP never engages beyond that single original post. Is that low level of engagement what these posters are looking for? There are still folks out there struggling with ExC type issues or related issues who find the type of deeper engagement they are seeking right here on this site but it seems that they are becoming fewer with time. I do think this site has already made a significant contribution to the online knowledge base that ExChristians need when dealing with the life changes caused by their new world view. Maybe that in itself has filled a significant need that was previously unmet especially when that knowledge is combined with the assurance (derived from lurking) that there is a place to turn to for personal support should they need it.
  9. Like Myrkhoos said, "As in I cherry picked the Gospels, added my own imagination plus other sources and feel good about believing he was like that." And don't forget to disregard all the utterly crazy and unloving things he tells you to do in the new testament. Those were just some misquotes that always just show up in old books like the bible. He's your Jesus after all.
  10. It isn’t completely clear to me what your question is. In terms of ending your relationship with god or Jesus you should keep in mind that it was always a one person relationship so any questions you have can most definitely be directly addressed be the person involved either you as your earthly self or you as the creator and puppeteer of your god. But maybe you are asking about a different issue entirely?
  11. DanForsman

    Hello all!

    I totally look forward to reading your extamony. I don't know what happened emotionally yet but any money you dropped in the plate previously investing in your eternal future can go into an IRA or 401K now and definately do something to make your future here on earth brighter. Everything is right about escaping the cult. Congratulations WillT.
  12. Hi surferdude. I think 47 is an ok age to start working on money and retirement issues. Personally I had a big loss in my late 50s so I had to put something together late. I have always been a saver and pretty good with money so with a little luck it fell together well enough so I was able to retire this year at 71. Too bad those churches don't emphasize a relationship with money the way they emphasize a relationship with Christ! There are a couple of books (check them out of the library and get started down the right path right away) that really influenced my thinking about money. The one with practical steps is Your Money or Your Life by Vicky Robin and Joe Domingez but that isn't all it has to offer by a long distance. It will show you how to take control of your spending by just rating how much value you place on all the various things you purchase throughout the week in relation to how many hours you spent working in order to purchase each item. It also shows a good way to set your own long term financial goal and track it on a simple graph. The second book (they're both old) is more just to get you thinking about what does it take to retire and it's called You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well. The author interviews some older retired folks that he really likes to find out what advice they have for his readers on what's important about planning for a good retirement. (Hint: money is never the first thing they bring up). I also like Bob Well's YouTube channel CheapRVliving to help you gain perspective on how much variety there is on what can be done to have a satisfying retirement even if it turns out you don't have much money. So there you have it, make a reasoned plan, keep close track of your spending and financial progress and don't stress if it doesn't work out exactly as planned. Making conscious choices is so rewarding and fulfilling in all areas of life because you end up knowing your are living your own life from your own DNA.
  13. DanForsman


    Hi pkbutrfli and welcome. I'm glad you got yourself out of that non ushy gooshy non lovey dovey aspect of christianity your family apparently indoctrinated into. It's a much better kind of crazy out here in the world of free thinking. I hope you do have fun here and I look forward to hearing what things you have to share with us.
  14. Wow Distain. You sound so serious and caught up in this rejection of christianity. Good job on getting yourself out for sure. The world is a much more interesting place when you try to see it for exactly what it is. I think that since christianity is just made up bullshit there really is no need to try and undo the baptism as the whole idea is just about pretending, but, of course, you may find it emotionally fulfilling. I know you were just presenting a scenario regarding divorce but the choice you present is very rarely one that comes up from what I've seen on this site. Typically couples are able to find compromises that work for both parties. I hope you are finding joy in your new life without Catholicism.
  15. Being raised as a death fearing christian I thought death was just horrible but bit by bit I have come to see how wonderful it can be. Life can too often take us to someplace really horrible and even torturous from either physical or mental maladies. Death provides a bottom line where (I believe) pain and suffering are not allowed to follow. Even being erased from all memory has a beauty to it like wiping away the footprints we have left in the sand. We are limited by death in how much good we can do but importantly we are limited also in how much damage we can do whether deliberate or inadvertent. Death adds a kind of sweet tragicness to our lives as well if had been perceived as good people and if we were hated it provides a permanent complete obliteration. If none of this appeals there is the camaraderie of well over 100 billion humans who have gone before us already having accomplished this final task on everyone's bucket list. Death is part and parcel of this life that we have here on our earth, this place where we so clearly belong.
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