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  1. I wonder how many hours and dollars of human capital have been spent trying to prove that biblical events actually took place and that biblical claims are factual. I'm not talking about anything spiritual which does fulfill at least some human needs but the searching and excavating and testing and endlessly analyzing in an attempt to scientifically prove one biblical reference or another.
  2. Here is an article about the idea of too little cosmic dust on the moon propagated by creationists. It is silly to take that piece seriously of course but look how much work it takes to clearly debunk even one crazy random claim like this. https://ncse.ngo/space-dust-moons-surface-and-age-cosmos
  3. I just read what you've written here Salemite and I think you are wanting to put yourself into too small of a space. You want to give considerable credit to your husband moving in your direction but all I can see is that he is willing to listen to you sometimes as long as he doesn't get angry. His halfhearted support of your education while at the same time putting it down ("he doesn't see the point in me seeking more education"} isn't what you need. It's difficult for me to picture that your 25 year marriage has become an acceptable imperfect but improving partnership as I think you are hopin
  4. So was it just a compilation of these peripheral issues that was enough for you to deconvert or did you also directly confront whether the bible and christianity were true and find that lacking before you deconverted. I believe Krowb is saying that a majority deconvert on the strength of mistreatment or other negative experiences within the church being the primary or even sole reason for deconverting. Was this more or less the case for you?
  5. I don't think the majority had a problem with the church that made them leave. If you were to read the hundred+ testimonials on this site you will find most like you ran into a question or two that bothered them and caused them to look outside sanctioned sources. Often they are hurt by the reaction of church friends or family who they discover were conditional friends after they confess that they have deconverted. Also if something within the church or congregation caused hurt or suffering that frequently becomes an impitus to look more closely at the foundation of their faith which is found w
  6. Welcome CherryTreeLane. I'm glad you are now able to trust your own reason. It is a shame that parents get trapped in religion and worse that their church actively pushes them to exert mind control and fear techniques to force beliefs onto their children. It's just wrong that this continues to be tolerated by our society but the pressure is there because converting church members' children to members is the primary and most successful tool churches have for obtaining new members. As MOHO said good for you on freeing yourself from the trap. That is no small task! OK. No pressure here bu
  7. Me too. I wonder what she believes and if the two of you still discuss those problem areas in christianity.
  8. I'm in agreement with the idea that you need to find joy in your own life first. What is the alternative? Expecting to find a partner to put your life together for you is probably not even doable although a lot of old Disney movies and romantic films might give you the impression that it is. People are drawn to people who seem to know themselves and what they want. You're only 20 which means that probably your best dating opportunities are ahead of you. As we move on from adolescence potential partners start to appreciate more basic everyday abilities in other people and many young people who
  9. Reading all these things you've written here make me wonder if you are willing to let yourself be happy with what you have. You had all those years where self deprivation was fundamental to your identity and the key to your self satisfaction. You have let that sexual deprivation go but characterize yourself as having turned you back on your christian god and become the prodigal son. You say you await a future of either your return to Christianity and repentance for your present behaviors or eternal torture in hell with family and friends. That seems like a very heavy load to have to drag aroun
  10. Actually you are the only one making a claim. To say, "How do you know that is true" is not a claim. Even to say "I won't believe what you're saying without good evidence" or "I don't find the evidence you presented to be compelling" is not a claim. Someone needs to go at least as far as to say there are no supernatural entities before you get a claim. I think this is why the definition of atheist was extended to include believes no gods exist be Meridian if I remember right because nothing in the word atheist (a being a commonly used prefix meaning not) would indicate a position of knowing th
  11. What happens with christians when they adopt the christian life and they're still not perfect......a bad person, a "SINNNNNERRRR".
  12. Losing your faith and probably all or most of your church community AND your marriage is really a lot to process. Don't be too hard on yourself if your grieving and recovery takes longer than you think it should or you feel like you have setbacks in the way you are processing all this. Everyone is different and trying circumstances that are apparently easy for some people to work through and move on from can effect others much more deeply. Two years may be too little time for you to process all these changes. If I were you I would be not afraid that a good resolution would not come but rather
  13. I was brought up from birth in a strong, practicing, bible reading family but was nevertheless running into serious difficulty sometime around 4. I suspect the biggest issue is probably a genetic inclination to use an altered reasoning whenever confronted by cognitive dissonance. I think this inclination may well have resulted from natural selection as those people most able to associate closely with a group (irregardless of how immoral or ruthless) had a much greater chance of survival in the wild and later primative cultures. (This idea is somewhat supported by the fact that special preferen
  14. It isn't a simple one size fits all when it comes to abandoning or losing one's faith. There are a number of common themes you can find here on our site. Some do leave as McDowell claims over wanting to free themselves from christian morality (think premarital and/or LGBT guilt free sex for examples), some leave due to a search for the truest possible christianity (that perfect denomination) which leads them down a rabbit hole, some become completely disillusioned because of hell with its monumental immorality of eternal punishment for a crime so disproportionately small (Hell creates a sadism
  15. These freakish happenings seem to grab all the attention but it's the other 99+% of your life that truly deserves the focus. Why not put your attention on what is mostly your life where your efforts will almost certainly reap big rewards.
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