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  1. LeiaBryant seems to recommend her new supernatural beliefs to those leaving Christianity here on this site so I can't imagine this group is going to be a neutral landing place with or without Christians making their evangelistic recommendations.
  2. Moving out will be challenging financially ZenP but it's probably the only way you will get some clarity in your life. The amount of emotional capital you invest in your family members seems to be too high. You need to shift your focus onto your own needs and generally get to know yourself better as a person who is separate from his family. You seem to be doing well with looking out for your future career wise and I think the paramedic goal is very good. It doesn't sound to me like you need to just disappear as opposed to openly planning your move and then just moving. If you get some physical distance once you find your own place I think you won't be troubled with excessive family involvement unless you pursue it. You may have more of a difficult time letting all that family attachment go than you imagine so you'll need to be deliberate in finding new ways to redirect all that energy in a positive way when you start living your own life away from home.
  3. I don't believe I quite catch your meaning here so I can't respond.
  4. The odds of any brain function after death are crazy low. Related to this there was a good sized experiment done in a hospital where a shelf in a cardiac surgery room 000was placed just high enough that no one could see what was placed on it. Then different objects were placed on the shelf before every surgery to see if any near death patients might identify what was on the shelf as they floated out of body and watched from above. Not one correctly identified the object on the shelf. Accidents have shown that when various parts of the brain lose function all associated behaviors cease. There is zero evidence for any type of eternal object or being and zero for any eternity.
  5. She was here to talk, explain and be heard not to listen or learn.
  6. I think this might relate but anyway I feel compelled to say that my dog is a much better friend than many of my human friends. And don't forget that Mister Bo Jangles still grieved the loss of his dog 20 years after the fact.
  7. Pandemics will happen. The more thickly humans inhabit the earth the greater the potential for spread I would think but nevertheless: "430 B.C.: Athens The earliest recorded pandemic happened during the Peloponnesian War. After the disease passed through Libya, Ethiopia and Egypt, it crossed the Athenian walls as the Spartans laid siege. As much as two-thirds of the population died." https://www.history.com/topics/middle-ages/pandemics-timeline But these types of phenomena may go back almost 3,000 years before this: https://www.livescience.com/worst-epidemics-and-pandemics-in-history.html
  8. This part gives me a lot to think about Lost. Since you did have and enjoy this relationship with someone who was a mismatch and seriously problematic in a number of different ways I find it hard to believe that you weren't created for relationships. I think it's more likely that the problem is with the kind of men you are attracted to. Opra Winfrey had a program in the 90's about how inescapable are the choices we make as adults choosing partners based on our experiences growing up but in particular how we interacted with our parents. A friend shared it with me recently and I'll find it and leave it here for you should you want to check that out. The good news is that no matter how very powerful these destructive urges (that are actually subconscious attempts to resolve or recreate childhood problems) are they can be overcome with conscious recognition and working out a plan to avoid the self sabotage and instead seek relationships that can fulfill your desire for long term companionship. Maybe if after thinking about that you decide to give finding a relationship another try an internet dating site could help you target characteristics you are seeking and avoid those that are problematic. Also I think your description of a normal life with "beloved one and kids" is unnecessarily restrictive. Going from living alone to living with a beloved one is a big change and why not take a look at that by itself as having the potential to be satisfactorily fulfilling for your future. I see having children as greatly over hyped as a need for fulfillment for example how biblical women who can't conceive are called barren and the implication that this barrenness encompasses the entire being. It is possible as a separate endeavor to have wonderful meaningful relationship with children that are not raising in our own home but nevertheless prove to be fulfilling and even possibly last a lifetime. In the same way living alone with a few nice friends can be wonderful and fulfilling but it's up to us to be strong enough to define ourselves and recognize happiness when it comes our way in maybe an unexpected situation. Humans are amazingly adaptable. Thank you for sharing with us again. https://omny.fm/shows/oprah-s-supersoul-conversations/07-190-make-love-last-022520-w-alt-header
  9. This therapy you are getting may be especially affordable but I really would have my concerns that your therapist doesn't believe that therapy itself is actually an effective treatment for matters of the mind. A real therapist would just never bring up their own personal religion/beliefs. You, the client, should always be the focus in real therapy and I just can't help but believe that deep down a therapist willing to bring religion into the equation at any time has a fundamental mistrust of and lack of confidence in whatever method of therapy they are using. So I guess the bottom line from my perspective would be that you are receiving some low level toutoring on pretty much a do it yourself therapy. That could possibly work for you freedwoman but I am pretty sure it will require much more work and research on you part meaning it will certainly be slower that it could be if you were working with a therapist who clearly understood their purpose and worked on improving their effectiveness over the years rather than spending part of their career (maybe a pretty substantial part) practicing religion and then the rest practicing a therapy they only partially believe in. /
  10. I am so sorry Lost. How horrible to find such a big part of your life cut off without warning like that. Long long ago in my very early 20s my then wife and I endured the crib death (SIDS) of our 6 week old seemingly perfect healthy first child. My experience there was that regardless of how well you understand with your rational mind what has taken place this is an emotional loss to you and the grieving will take its own course and whatever time it needs. Listen to your inner self and follow your heart in how you address your grieving. There is no one way that is better than another. Be understanding with yourself throughout this journey and know that when the time is right the grieving will come to an end. Maybe nothing more than this is important right now. We really do care so please check in as often as you like. Take care. Dan
  11. Maybe the moment has past but I just saw this. You could call her and say the necessary words but then go on to explain that you almost didn't call because she has become so negative. Maybe say some of the things you like about her that you would like to see more of. Ultimately it's her call on whether to act or even whether to hear but you would get your chance to explain what's bothering you and to offer a potential solution. p.s. I see you called so this is a possibility for next year then or possibly a different occasion.
  12. So the original question from florduh involved the use of testing when there were so many reports of inaccuracies in the results. Take a look at what has been going on in Iceland with their very aggressive testing program: It’s still early but it is certainly possible that they may have the model that will be used in the future. NO LOCK DOWN WHATEVER!!!
  13. Here are ten additional things you can do that are almost guaranteed to give you that adrenaline rush and sense of personal accomplishment that are at least a significant part of what you’re wanting. Some could be done by joining a group providing the additional benefit of spending time with people who share your sense of adventure. https://en.france-montagnes.com/magazine/mountain-activities/10-adrenaline-rush-activities
  14. You could join a debate group. I think becoming such a powerful debater would take a substantial investment in time and effort. The person you choose to debate is no small issue either. It is typical for religious people to have no interest whatever in considering another point of view regarding their beliefs. It is an emotional issue not involving logic or reason other than to use those mixed with logic fallacies to defend their position. Fundamental religious types today are likely to see you as evil personified making them even less likely to consider anything you say. Additionally our society (at least here in the US) has become divided and combative, jealously guarding each and every position they take and the positions of the group/groups they identify with. You might want to look at some YouTubes of Islamic apologists looking to convince everyone that their faith is the only true faith. They are really identical to evangelical christian apologists doing YouTubes to gain converts except for the beliefs they are promoting.
  15. I am a very different personality type from you freedwoman but I would avoid a situation like this because it will almost always yield no positive results while posing a more real risk of hurt feelings on one side or another especially if the topic is faith or religion. Why do you like face to face debates so much and what is it that you are looking for as a result of "winning" such debates? I just wonder if there might not be a better way to get whatever it is that you're looking for.
  16. You are so right on MOHO!!! Those CIA keep wanting to stop my movie review or else it's Kevin Shipp and his gang. I tried to post again. There is A LOT of blank stuff in it but hope the review got stuck in there somewhere. Can't trust anyone anymore! Who really runs this ExC site and what is their agenda (sex trafficking?).
  17. I just watched the whole thing. It has conspiracy as the major focus with religion only an undercurrent for most of the film. So the CIA is not controlled an owns everyone that they allow access to the media (that's anyone we ever hear or see) whether in politics, Hollywood, music or news media, etc. Pizza gate is real and there is an enormous sex trafficking ring run by the highest levels of government and big money and covered up completely by news media and CIA. Those who try to speak up wind up dead under mysterious circumstances. Compelling evidence is in Hillary's emails where she says pizza and handkerchief (sex trafficking code words) too many times and in places that they don't seem to fit well. I believe just one pizza example was shown and discussed many times (approximate quote), "Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Or come over" as kind of gun that may have a bit of smoke. LSD studies from the 60s (which precipitated the whole drug culture then) and other experiments on unsuspecting citizens are bigger than we knew and keep going on until this day. We see way too much graphic murder stuff and sex stuff and too many devil cult symbols all the time everywhere. Lots of Satan worshipers who are molesting, torturing and killing our children. So stop watching and listening to all the propaganda, lies and false media and use your reason and logic and start connecting the dots on all these things we know are true. There are some good people in those media, government, etc places but they've been brainwashed and duped or else the CIA (this is very common) has taken pictures of them in compromising positions (like child molesting) so they pull those out if they try to step out of line. Anyway there is good inside of us that we can reach. Kevin Shipp, the CIA whistle blower former CIA, knows all this stuff to a tee and lots lots more if you want to try and get it straight from the horse's mouth. \
  18. I just watched the whole thing. It has conspiracy as the major focus with religion only an undercurrent for most of the film. So the CIA is not controlled and owns everyone that they allow access to the media whether in politics, Hollywood, music or news media, etc. Pizza gate is real backed up by so many senseless references to pizza and handkerchiefs (sex trafficking code words) in Hillary's emails and there is an enormous sex trafficking ring run by the highest levels of government and big money and covered up completely by news media and CIA. Those who try to speak up wind up dead under mysterious circumstances. Devil and devil worshiping is everywhere accounting for more child abuse and torture and death, which is made light of and dismissed by all the same bad groups previously mentioned. So good people are framed with photographs taken by the CIA of them in compromising situations (mainly sexual involving minors) and then are blackmailed by the CIA or whoever if they step out of line anytime for the rest of their lives There are some are really good people in all the bad organizations and businesses but they are so brainwashed by what the see (all controlled) that they can't figure out what's going on. No one ever actually investigates the CIA because it's way too powerful, untouchable. We all need to stop watching all the controlled sources (every source other than this movie) and check all this truth out with rational thinking and start connecting the dots so the goodness we have inside can come out. mysteriously
  19. Considering that MOHO is always generous where the church is concerned , I'm going go with yes if the opportunity presented itself.
  20. Since god always keeps his opinion to himself I would think talking it out with knowledgeable, interested parties would be quite an upgrade but maybe before you would consult other church members in addition to praying.
  21. This leads to the massively troubling probability that had you been raised in an overwhelmingly Muslim country (rather than an overwhelmingly Christian country) you would almost certainly have been led to Allah and the Qur'an. When a Muslim in a Muslim country with just as much sincerity as you asks for a creator god to reveal "Himself" why do you suppose "He" instead reveals "Himself" as Allah? Do you resolve this problem by assuming that the sincerity of your prayers could not be matched by those of a Muslim? Both you and your Muslim counterpart feel so blessed to have been born into a country that knows the real true god. Do you find it at all troubling that about 2/3 of the humans on the earth do not believe in your god or do you judge all of those too have never searched with the sincerity that you have? Clearly in reading what you've written you always did feel this way. The problem with researching any topic when you have a preexisting bias is that there is a high probability you will cater to that bias as you "research". For example, any portions of evolution that don't seem to back up the idea of a creator god may "just not make sense" no matter what amount of evidence is brought to the bear to demonstrate the accuracy and credibility of those portions.
  22. Hi Georgia. Where did you go? If you really just want to answer your question there are hundreds of deconversion stories archived on this site that you can easily access. But I’ll answer your question. I had trouble with being sure I was saved around 4 and 5 years old so had anxiety about getting left behind while my family was raptured up into the clouds. That was gone though by the time I started doubting if the whole story was really true at 13 and 14. I just was positive it was a significantly made up story and that the do nothing god it centered around wasn’t there so at 15 announced to parents I didn’t believe and didn’t want to go to church anymore. That completely ended it for me. I’m 72 now with an atheist wife and 3 grown atheist children. We think it’s a made up bible with some historical elements of varying levels of accuracy.
  23. I don't think I understand this. Indoctrination about abortion or religion? I sometimes listen to Catholic Radio and it would be impossible for them to gear up to any greater extent opposing abortion than what they have going on right now in my opinion. It is absolutely the major focus. So I can't see how anti christian sentiment or anything else could get them to step up there effort. Also people who are forming abortion opinions using negativity towards christians as one of the determining factors in reaching an opinion will never be reached by logic. It is interesting how the church (don't tell those people I used the christian church here) has been able to create a social situation where almost no woman today would want to say that she personally would consider an abortion. If abortion comes up in movies anymore it is almost exclusively portrayed as callous, an act that would cause a lifetime of regret. Women who have had them I'm sure are very careful to guard that information. I am pretty sure it's the catholic church and the fundamental evangelical protestant churches and mosques that are the big funders of the pro life movement. If these people you mention, questioners, happen to attend church they are constantly bombarded with anti abortion indoctrination there and then the more subtle portraials missing emotional depth associated with even considering abortion that is everywhere in the social media and movies. The propaganda war continues at a fever pitch although it has already gained the upper hand, I think. This from MarketWatch: "A key step in the state’s trek toward its new anti-abortion law came in November, when Alabama voters approved an anti-abortion “Amendment 2” to the state’s constitution. The new law in Alabama, where Republicans control the legislature and the governor’s mansion, makes performing abortion at any stage of pregnancy a felony. It includes an exception for when a mother’s health is at serious risk, but has no exceptions for cases of rape or incest. It stands out as the country’s most restrictive amid other new limits on abortion enacted in several states." This in spite of abortion rights groups outspending prolife groups 100 to 1.
  24. "Where do the embryos come from to create stem cell lines? All the human embryonic stem cell lines currently in use come from four to five day-old embryos left over from in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. In IVF, researchers mix a man's sperm and a woman's eggs together in a lab dish. Some of those eggs will become fertilized. At about five days the egg has divided to become a hollow ball of roughly 100 cells called a blastocyst which is smaller than the size of the dot over an “i”. It is these very early embryos that are implanted into the woman in the hopes that she becomes pregnant. Each cycle of IVF can produce many blastocysts, some of which are implanted into the woman. The rest are stored in the IVF clinic freezer. After a successful implantation, they must decide what to do with any remaining embryos. There are a few options: Continue to paying to store the embryos Defrost the embryos, which destroys them. Donate the embryos for adoption (this option is rarely taken). Choose to donate the frozen embryos for research. These donated embryos are the source of human embryonic stem cell lines. Some embryonic stem cell lines also come from embryos that a couple has chosen not to implant because they carry harmful genetic mutations like the ones that cause cystic fibrosis or Tay Sachs disease. These are discovered through routine genetic testing prior to implantation. Still other embryos might be malformed in some way that causes them to be rejected for implantation into the mother. Embryos with genetic defects or malformations would have been discarded if the couple had not chosen to donate them to stem cell research. People who donate leftover embryos for research go through an extensive consent process to ensure that they understand embryonic stem cell research. Under state, national and international regulations, no human embryonic stem cell lines can be created without explicit consent from the donor. Policies vary as to whether women may be paid or otherwise compensated to donate eggs. CIRM does not fund research where women have received payment to donate eggs. Most jurisdictions allow donors to be reimbursed for direct costs such as travel to the clinic or lodging. Some also allow payments or IVF services to be provided to egg donors." As you can see, MOHO, aborted fetuses of the sort you mention are not used in stem cell research. It's just another red herring encouraged by the Christian church and passed along by their congregants and other anti abortion proponents who don't want to understand or don't think it's important to understand. If they knew they would probably fall in love all those rejected 100 cell blastocysts that could potentially become tithing churchgoers. Then of course the danger would be a big campaign to get all blastocysts implanted into good christian women volunteers genetic defects when present to be accepted as part of god's precious gift. https://www.cirm.ca.gov/patients/myths-and-misconceptions-about-stem-cell-research "
  25. Fascinating. And thinking of a single consciousness that is entirely independent of the brain separating into two consciousnesses in response to it's temporary brain residence being halved adds a layer of complexity to this scenario that is superfluous. Similarly with Alzheimer's and dementia in general the functioning of the brain slowly shuts down in accordance to the spreading deterioration of the brain tissues. You could argue that the detached consciousness was still thinking with perfect clarity while the brain slowly became too damaged to transmit its clear thoughts but again this adds absolutely nothing to our understanding of what we are observing and is therefore totally unnecessary. Occam's razor continues to be an essential element of unbiased reasoning. Where is the instance of the consciousness being totally independent of the brain being actually necessary to explain observed brain functions?
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