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  1. People will respond to you however they want, not how you "expect" them to. We have no real ability to influence others' actions. Things happen. People react how they want. Like others said above, most of the time things go how we predict they might (i.e., if you smile and say something nice to someone, chances are they will smile and say something nice back) but there is no 100% (i.e., you could smile and the other person can do absolutely anything they want).
  2. I'd love to see reruns of Taxi again! I remember that as being a funny show. The Bob Newhart Show was another good one, but that's because Bob Newhart is great! He had a cameo on the Big Bang Theory; that was fun!
  3. Welcome! As everyone above says, this is a great place to get things off your chest and be honest. It doesn't matter if you still need to fake being xian with your family and friends. You know what you really believe or not believe, and that's all that counts. Your mental health is the most important thing. Feel free to ask questions and add to the conversation anywhere on this site! It's been a wonderful place of learning for me!
  4. Isn't it weird when you grow up in a religion that you take all the crazy stories for granted? Talking snake! Manna from heaven! Four horsemen of the apocalypse, eternal torment because you didn't say, "I accept you, Jesus!"! OMG, those are hysterical now! And as a protestant, I reverently drank my little tiny cup of grape juice and ate my tiny piece of bread (holding onto them so we could do it as a GROUP!), and pondered how jesus had died for us!!! And isn't it glorious having that whole half a day back to enjoy freely??!!?? I used to be very involved in church, teaching sunday school, being a deacon, being in various womens' groups. Gad, all that time I gave them! I haven't been to church in at least 10 years, and I don't miss it one bit. I can't even imagine going back now that I'm a complete non-believer (I had always questioned, but always gave religion the benefit of the doubt, but I finally had my questions answered and I am DONE!); I couldn't bear to listen to the blahblahblah of what a sinner I am that needs god just to get through my day. I get through my days just fine, thank you! My ex-husband and I did raise our kids in the church, but I'm happy to say that they are both now non-believers. They're in their early 20's, and realized much earlier than I did that the church stories were crazy!
  5. There are times when the police are necessary. If someone mugged me, I would want an officer there immediately. Do I trust them in general? No.
  6. The older seasons of Big Bang are enjoyable. It's starting to jump the shark -- no definite moment, but a slow jump. I didn't watch Seinfeld in the 80's (I was busy and didn't watch tv at all), but have watched re-runs at the gym recently, and other than getting a kick out of the fashions and how much hair Jerry Seinfeld had back then, I don't enjoy it. I never watched Friends. I was busy.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Deeply-Superficial-Coward-Marlene-Dietrich/dp/B00BUMFE6C This book is awesome! Deeply Superficial , Noel Coward, Marlene Dietrich and Me by Michael Menzies
  8. This is all too strange. I can't even.....
  9. Glory!!!!! This site is surely a blessing!
  10. That's funny, and so true! The "true meaning of Easter" vs. the reality of bunnies and chocolate and peeps and, oh yeah, going to church to sing some praise songs is very, very strange!
  11. I, too, would've ignored the jackass that said the hateful thing. But I would send a very short note to the former pastor, saying, "I had a private conversation with you as my pastor in which I discussed my lack of belief. You chose to share that conversation, along with my identity, with others. I am letting you know that was wrong of you to do, and it is hurtful to me." No, nothing would come of it. But I'd still have to say it.
  12. Excellent realizations! A good church service is very powerful and manipulative.
  13. Dead bodies being exposed from their tombs from an earthquake would have been understood by people back then as dead bodies being exposed from their tombs from an earthquake. They would NOT have thought those people rose from the dead and walked into the city! C'mon, people weren't THAT dumb back then. They were aware of dead people, tombs, and earthquakes. Just like we are today.
  14. Welcome, and I am very grateful for this site, too!
  15. violetbutterfly, I 100"% agree with what you've said, and I'm so sorry for what's happening with your friends. Hopefully the doctors can help your officer friend. And you can be a good friend to your friend facing divorce by listening to her and being there for her. That's all we can do. But it's so much more than praying.
  16. I dated a man whose parents had an arranged marriage, over 50 years ago. As Bhim said above, they were both adults and had veto power. I have no issue with that, and the man I dated had a good sense of humor over the whole thing, and in his family arranged marriages are no longer practiced. But a 15 year old girl and 32 year old man? No, no, no. This reminds me of something creepy I heard during a sermon. The pastor was going on about how nobody really knows Mary or Joseph's ages, but it's generally been assumed that Mary is quite young and Joseph is older. The pastor said, "I like to think that Mary was around 16 and Joseph was in his 40's." He LIKES to think that??? Yuck, gives you some insight into his mind.
  17. If indeed the bible was authored by an omni-omni god, it should have been written coherently for the humans that would read it and need to understand it. It simply wasn't written by a god, nor is it coherent.
  18. I have heard two xian arguments about the Crusades and Inquisition. One was that "these things happened a long time ago before people truly understood what was right and wrong like we do today, and today we truly understand what god wants." And the second was, "The people who did those things were not True Christians." I have heard other similar arguments, just as ridiculous and full of denial as those.
  19. http://www.whywontgodhealamputees.com/ I'm repeating this one from Fuego only because it was one of the first things I read when I found this site, and it was extremely eye-opening. I highly, highly recommend reading this.
  20. I read your blog. Keep it up! I grew up with the understanding that the bible was the inerrant word of god. I had trouble "seeing" the inconsistencies and obvious myths in it when I was a believer. I did always have questions about the bible, but figured as a believer, that god understood things better than I did (understand I was a teenager at the time, and it was pre-internet days). Now that I'm not a believer, the bible is so clearly a collection of myths and various ramblings. The more you can write about what you've learned, the better. And your position as an ex-pastor is excellent, because you will have learned so much more than most of us, and much more than regular church attendees. Keep it up!
  21. Here's the whole article, which is excellent: http://new.exchristian.net/2013/11/how-i-figured-out-christianity-is-not.html
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