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  1. But like the church of old aim for the poor and the women they lap shit up. Christianity - Swindling the ignorant since 130AD
  2. I never really Got why Jesus needed to die like people say he took our sin and lead a perfect life but if you read the Gospels Jesus was an awkward fucker who was very condescending and given he would know the Audience it makes it down right nasty. But that asside so God sent himself to die for mankind so he could forgive man kind by having mankind kill God. And why is God so hung up on not forgiving people? Even then Jesus knew heaven so he wouldn't dear death or the afterlife and knows not to enjoy life's luxuries but none of the rest of us have seen heaven or have the same guarantee so it's not like he really struggled. If you have a kid a say don't play with your friends PS2 and in exchange you get a new PlayStation 5 it would be easy enough. All man kind got was speculation. Why didn't Jesus give the crowd a Vision instead of just talking about it. Why don't he give us all a vision right now
  3. Are you still scared of Jehovah
  4. Hey Folks, Its been a good number of years since I have been on this I peg it at least 7 I hope everyone is doing well. I went on a long journey with the help of the people on this forum and learned a lot about world religions. Unfortunately I know that much now that I couldn't even believe in the God of the Bible even if I wanted to its just so archaic and unbelievable some of the things that happened occured and falisified. I believe Bart Ehrman helped me some of the way as his writings showed me to look at things from a Critical Eye but I think the most important writers were Julian the Apostate / Celsus and Prophyry if you read those works - e.g. The accounts of people 200 - 300 AD they are pretty close to the truth in that they had the Library of Alexandria and the Library of Rome to refer to their notes and the works they ascribe that Christianity back then was a load of crap. Indeed Julian was able to question various believers who all said different things and disected various key facts bit by bit. All 3 universally agree Christianity in the early day was no different from other religons and indeed several sects of Christianity were Multithesitic which isnt recorded anywhere in the bible. We also know that of that time there were a great number of scolars and yet so little work critical of christianity survives yet we find loads of work in support. The reason I posit this to be is because people who believed in Christianity didnt have libraries and probably wernt of nobility so they stored writings in jars in caves or burried it in the ground. Smart and Inteligent people stored there works in the Great Libraries such as the one at Alexandria for the world to read. Unfortunately several raids on the city and the library and all its works were destroyed. The Church also made a good attempt through the years to scorch the earth of any remaining dissenters remember in the middle ages the church was very dominant, One does wonder how we went from having Brothels for example in Rome with Gay and Lesbians having free reign indeed even this was common practice in Sodom and Gommorah and yet for the last 700 years that was completely surpressed. Its sad that Ancient Rome and Greece had better democracy than we do now. In addition to this if you pick up the Gnostic Gospels for example they depict Jesus walking about and talking saying magical things and yet not one of these things ever made it into the Cannon. Why not how did they verify that Jesus did not say these things none of the people compiling the bible would have been eye witnesses. And even then it was very unlikely they mingled with the poor. I guess when you read how the religions form and why they believe what they do you realise that these people just wanted a belief and stuck to the one that gave them food / water and the promise of hope. One thing I find absolutely hilarious though is that you even have stories such as those of Simon Mangus who actually is recorded as flying through the Air and having a fight with the Apostle Paul. Now how the fuck can Simon Mangus fly and why was it recorded so directly as if this wasn't a shock to anyone. Indeed there were people in mass graves who rose from the dead when Jesus died and walked towards the city - I cannot believe not a single Guard or Writer never documented this in historical records and if they did why didn't they sit down and chat to the 'Dead' and why did the 'Dead' arise anyway it makes absolutely no sense. Whats absolutely absurd is that we read that the Ladies went to the Tomb where Jesus laid and were confronted by an Angel who told them not to say anything err.... So how do we have this story then? If you actually put yourself in the Time of Old Rome where people prayed to God for water this Jesus dude probably looked legit. What I find amazing though is that the Pharasies and teachers of religious law never once believed Jesus to be more than a fraud. Now we have Churches running about these days preaching the Gospel but if they met a person claiming to be Jesus would they believe it? Heck there are several people around the world all thinking they were Jesus I don't see the world worshiping them. I would have thought Jesus would have been more obvious - Though I have no doubt jesus believes he was the son of god he was rasied in a relgious group along side John the Bapitst that believed God would come in ther lifetimes. I also guess the reason was able to perform Magic is that he learned it during his flight to egypt. I for the record am Saying I believe a guy named Jesus lived and probably had some Bipolar with Grandeur but I do not believe he was the Son of God because if he was the Bible would have set out a hell of a better stall than the mashed together heap of dog shite it currently is.
  5. Its great to be back here - I thought I would chime in here, The problem that the Bible has is that is subjective truth based on the writings of unknown authors. Indeed if you go further you can find there is mountains of other works such as the Gnostic Gospels that were never considered true by the church yet have Jesus wandering around the country saying and doing various mircales. What made one set of texts any more believable than another. We learn that from the writings that exist of Celsus that the Christians of the day target women and the poor. Both these groups had little influence over men but did inspire children to follow in relgions of their mother and thus Christianity actually played a hat-trick. The reason people continue to believe it is 1) Confirmation Bias - Everyone around them is doing it so by virtue surely someone would have said something if it wasnt true. 2) Money - How many preachers of the various churches have a house and a nice salary comming in. Do you really think a preacher is going to say its a load of shit that is like me speaking to a news paper and shitting on my employer. I wouldn't expect to have a job either.
  6. You don't need to read a book goto the British museum go to the ancient Egypt room or mesopotamia room they clearly show that Gods were about long before the Jews believed in Yahweh. Just think Christianity looks so real because there are many churches and statues but in Egypt these pyramids and temples existed for their Gods. Indeed they had complex understanding of their gods e.g temple needed to be built a certain way with certain people leading the worship. Just think if a group of people can come up with God 1000s of years before the Jews then either *some god* is real or that it shows the amount of effort people goto to construct bullshit religion. I found it mist interesting that these Gods had a flower wrist. I keep thinking Gods were aliens!
  7. Remember Christians will always have numbers as they have a common goal atheists don't really care hence no strong rebuttals
  8. It baffles me how they can say they've been. I'm pretty sure hell also either matches with Dantes description or is it revelations take. Also no one goes anywhere until the final judgement so if they see either they are out stepping the bible. If they want people to believe them their God should give us all a vision and not just the extremes of society. Heck there are churches near me where they profess to believe people gave had limbs grow back so if a group of 200 people become convinced at zero evidence and just because the preacher said so having people see visions isn't that far fetched. Also according to the bible heaven is continuous worship non stop and that's all it is. And hell has gods angels torturing mankind which is an oxymoron of itself as it implies god exists in hell. Lastly ask yourself this what do u know about hell as tbh most have usually images of fire and pain so its not hard for anyone to have a dream. I wonder why Satan and Angels decided to overthrow God considering they would be wise enough to know God is unbeatable or is he?!
  9. Adam and Eve never understood Good and Evil as until they ate from the tree they had no knowledge of either what God nent by telling them e.g how could they have willingly sinned without knowing. And also they would believe the snake as according to them there is no concept of deception so why not believe the snake... I find it funny how God did not realise the deadly combination he made up then punished the innocent human
  10. I had a dream about hell once Satan had a daughter nd we hooked up... Why don't you beeline my vision
  11. I still think you should read works of Celsus, Prophyry, Julian heck even read works by Apolonius when you see that allot of the stuff Christians peddled was the same as other bs religion at the time it all falls apart. Why do you think all critics back then we're believers until they found out that it was bs then wrote harshly of their observations
  12. Read anything by Celsus, Phropyry or Julian the Apostate ul get a small glimpse of the real Christianity back them
  13. I work in a large media company so whatever is happening in the news is the topic as well as sharing non public gossip
  14. To be honest why is sex a big deal when the entire OT talks of sex as completely fine. It's the abstanate apostle Paul who fucked that up
  15. How many people here heard that phrase? When I was a Christian and said something contaray to popular opinion they said, il Pray to you it feels like Christians use it in a similar way to 'Fuck you crazy' Il Pray for you that God shows the way.... Well funny that cos this is the outcome me being an athest it appears God fucked up
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