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  1. What I say is that Jesus was not what the OT expected and its quite clear Jesus was just a political rebel. Some works say that he learned black magic in Egypt.
  2. From what I get it was produced around 200 BCE as it borrows some themes. If I've ever read Bart Ehrmans works ud see lots of people fabricated stories
  3. What do u mean CeilingCat remember Enochs works were written many manyhundreds of years after his death. And also Enoch talks of things not seen Anywhere else in the Bible obviouslt its a fabrication based upon legend.
  4. Actually I try to sit on the fence but u openly attacked others on this forum. And because they are decent people they let u be a dick. Its people like u who cry wolf when u can't take some e voicing their opinion. I have no problem with men dressing as women etc but u have to admit having general surgey can make u much worse off. Beauty is deeper than skin so why do u feel the need to change surgery isn't the answer its the personality what counts this is my whole argument. Or do u feel by chanibg ur appearance it makes you more beautiful as if thats the case who's being shallow
  5. Listen m8 if u don't like people sharing opinions u don't like then don't voice ur own on others. I'm so fucking sick of this equality shit being used as defence
  6. Actually its called decency starkantitheist, If u look terrible because of botched surgery others have to look at it. When transexual people have zero actually wrong with them having surgery is insulting. I have a friend who basically lives in a wheel chair and believes if people don't like u how u are then fuck them Plastic surgery and hormone therapy is risky and dangerous
  7. Meh who knows considering a lot of what Jesus said was hypobolic anyway. And sure there is a theory since women arent Man they don't GOTO hell either but they also don't GOTO heaven. If God creates a new body to burn someone for eternity that is not love though it totally fits the Yahweh Image of old. The book of Enoch talks of 7 levels of hell and each is punished by demons and contains a different punishment. Problem is the Enoch version of hell conflicts with NT writings of the same. Also when the newvJeruslaem comes down God said the righteous shall walk among the ungodly which gives svcope that hell is the earth. Interestingly according to the bible no Christians goti heaven it all takes place on earth
  8. Look I understand if u don't feel like the body is really you. But ultimately our body shell can only change so far and although some transexual people are lovely a majority don't have the money for full surgery so are left with oddities. Michael Jackson had tons of surgery to the point his face was PVC I don't find that beautiful
  9. But a trans person can never truely be a woman so why not accept the body there given. If a trans guy is worried about how they look in drag id say there will be far more looks if they have surgery
  10. As I am 30 minutes from Midnight in the UK I'd like to thank those on the forms for everything and wish everyone a good new year
  11. Hey people, I think we should have a serious debate about weather Jesus is the Devil let's put it this way the information that the OT says that Jesus is NOT God and saying he was is evil. I also believe that the devil is never actually evil and if God is all powerful, then God letting the devil fuck with us is Gods fault. Lastly what better way to pull people from God than to put in a middle man e.g Jesus. Like Jesus pro-actively said only worship him and by doing so he will keep us sweet with God. This is odd as what is the actual problem of skiping Jesus as surely the father is the ultimate. I don't know but u think that Jesus was not God and it tips the OT on its head.
  12. Bhim I agree with you the Government is always on the side of the Rich or Poor, Anyone outside of this such as myself are the ones who pay the most as we are not classed as rich but we also fall outside the bracket for any form of help from the Govt. To put this in perspective I bought a new heating system for £3,000 to pay for this I took a loan and I owe the loan £3,700 after 3 years. Where as if I was on benefits I would just pay £400.00 New Heating System : £3,000.00 - Government Scheme : £1,200.00 - Gas Connection Scheme : £200.00 - Boiler Replacement Scheme: £1,200.00 Leaving the benefits owner to pay: £400.00 Why cant I get any benefits? Its because me and my partner together bring in £40,050 and the cap is £40,000 now dont get me wrong if I was £50 less I would not get all those amounts but the govt would give me a little help. People on benefits also can avail of intrest free Government Loans upto £1,000 as well as hardship Grants upto £3,000 where as for me I have to go to private industry that costs me more. To add insult to Injury: Where I live is an Estate with some bought houses and others still being council owned - Just last month the government gave everyone new tripple glazed windows. Thats on top of their Refurbished Kitchens / New Gas Central Heating and Solar Panels. They are now starting to sell some of these houses to the rentors for just £16,000. When I bought my house I bought it of the original owner for £50,000 however when I look at their sale from the council they bought the house for just £16,000 leaving them a profit of £34,000. Personally I think if someone buys a Council House they cannot sell it for more than 10% of the original value. Afterall its my taxes subsidising these 'Upgrades' for others. Dont get me wrong there is a place for benefits - when my grand father was on benefits many years ago to earn his wage he had to do a job a day and at the end of the week all the ticks would add up and the government would pay their benefit That way he was both working and also the tax payer got value for money. I have had friends who have became unemployed and they admit that the Benefits system comes down harder on people who have became Unemployed than it is to those who are habbitually unemployed. Its like the government is saying to the worker - You should not be on these benefits to be grateful. I also have extreme trouble with many on benefits as I have both Blind and completely Paralyised friends who still manage to have Jobs where as someone who claims diabetees somehow says they are unable to work. I have ADHD meaning my education was shit as I was put in a class with children with no hope so I struggled, I then had to work hard in College and University and I feel that by me having to work my ass off the Govt kicks me in the face when I start earning a better wage than 'Poor' people. Problem is ultimately the Government knows theres benefit cheats but if you cut one benefit you also cut it for those who have genuine problems, And some people on benefits have been playing the system for years so they know how to come up with a believeable story I agree with the concept of the purge movie. If your rich enough to pay for protection then you dont deserve harrisment if your a poor scrounger then its free game.
  13. While I'm not rich I don't see the problem if u earn it then u deserve it. E.g Rothschild's are minted but let's be honest they still needed to work to get people to use their banks. The govt is unfair hurting the rich. Imagine if I rise to become a manager of a big firm don't I deserve to get the extra money? Another way of seeing it is if I earn 40,000 vs 40,001 I go home with less money earning 40,001 than I do earning 40k in real terms thats not fair
  14. Personally I resent the Govt its like being punished when your a worker. If I do overtime I loose 50% to tax making helping the company I work for less an incentive. I also don't get why when the govt wants people to work they tax those who actually want to work extra unreasonably. I think unemployment gets too much of the sympathy vote. People where I live are 'unemployed' but its funny as their true professions are Crime / intimidation / robbery
  15. That questionnaire bored the ass off me when I did it. It was bull shit lol
  16. Can wait to feel that way about benny hinn
  17. Hey folks I was reading a post on another forum about hell and it brought back some fear please tell me u guys get it every so often. I know most of Christianity is b.s but my mind is overthinking stuff e.g various torments etc... And to think about eternity freaks me out a little. Need some encouragement
  18. Hey folks how many of u on your deathbed would join Christianity just to hedge your bets?
  19. In the infancy gospels its well recorded of Jesus blinding a man who criticised Josephs carpentry. He continually disrespected his mother and cursed many in Nazareth. He was almost forced put of the city. There was a story where a young boy was running and bumped into Jesus. Jesus caused the boy who then withered up and died. If Jesus as a kid is God he's Alan from toy story with a magnifying glass
  20. I never understood why they needed young boys aren't nons and girls more preferable. Its odd that most ofthem are Gay
  21. I think sometimes Jesus seams so unnecessary. He told people to worship him and not God when for thousands of years before God said don't follow anyone else but him! Satan's best trick would be to convince the world he is their savior. There's a reason why Jews don't believe in Jesus
  22. Hypatia of Alexandria was a philosopher and she was very clever. She figured out gravity
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