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  1. If I had a nickel for every time I questioned, "Y god, Y?"
  2. I was engaged to a christian once. It didnt work out... Also, she was psycho.
  3. You're thinking of the TruthSeeker0 who posts over there on weneverclaimedtobechristian.net. Wrong website, bro.
  4. So you aren't an ex-Christian? Would've. Past tense, bro.
  5. Try: Metric Chvrches Grimes Yeah Yeah Yeahs The Naked and Famous Of Monsters and Men The Sugarcubes/Bjork The Sundays Cigarettes After Sex Phantogram Lana del Rey Melissa O'Neill School of Seven Bells And anything else that isn't Enya
  6. Yes. I miss the discussions we had with End3 and Ironhorse. I would welcome other christians who want to come and make an earnest and honest contribution to our community.
  7. It was meant to be an object lesson about what would happen to his followers if they were lukewarm and did not bear the fruit of saving lost souls.
  8. Can you be an atheist and not fit into somebody else's preconceived mold of what an atheist should be? I think you can; and probably should.
  9. Being a country boy here in The South, I'm used to hearing bigotry and racism from the local yokels, ignorant sods, the lot of them. Hearing such from one so intelligent is weird. Not passing judgment, just making an observation.
  10. Looks like we Lost_more_then_one christian this past month.
  11. Like in the old kung fu movies where there are fifty bad guys but they only attack one at a time.
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