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  1. If you think living without regret is hard, try living with it.
  2. Nothing fails like prayer, I reckon.
  3. I've been exercising lately; and people say my physical manifestation is starting to look a lot better.
  4. Wow. You have taught me a lot about the use of bold fonts and colored lettering.
  5. The only person who is complicit in your dickishness is you.
  6. From a completely disinterested third party, it looks like S is attempting to be helpful to a new and obviously confused member, while you, completely unprovoked, start with name-calling and being generally uncordial. Not that I'd expect anything different from you.
  7. @Christianchat_Chat, do you honor your parents; or do you hate them?
  8. Focusing on rebuilding your life is, and should be, your only concern right now, which, incidentally, provides you a perfectly good reason not to attend church and other religious functions. For now, taking the practical steps of finding work, saving money, building credit, looking for a place of your own, will take so much of your time that Sunday morning might be the only time you have to catch a bit of the ol' R'n'R. If anybody does ask, tell them you and jesus worked out an arrangement and he's cool with it. Rebuilding an entire life from scratch is tough; I've been there a few times, m
  9. I tell dad jokes because I'm a groan man.
  10. They generally respond to homosexuality with a straight answer.
  11. Still no answer, @Christianchat_Chat?
  12. Rather than posting an irrelevant and inconsequential video, please answer the question. @Christianchat_Chat, do you honor your parents (Exodus 20:12), or do you hate them (Luke 14:26)?
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