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  1. TheRedneckProfessor

    Love Y'all

    godspeed, my friend.
  2. TheRedneckProfessor


  3. TheRedneckProfessor

    A Sermon for You Heathens

    Imperfect timing is also a part of the human condition; as are imperfect desires, I might add. Accept yourself as you are, even if jesus doesn't.
  4. TheRedneckProfessor

    A Sermon for You Heathens

    Sometimes our needs just genuinely are more important than others; because none of us is perfect and all of us, at times, are vulnerable. There's nothing selfish in that. It's just part of the human experience. Deconversion would set you free from this kind of guilt, End3.
  5. TheRedneckProfessor

    God for a day

    From an extremely misogynistic perspective, it is better to teach a virgin exactly like you like to be pleased, than to have to undo a bunch of annoying habits she learned pleasing other men. I don't agree with said perspective; but I do understand it.
  6. TheRedneckProfessor

    How many people have fully read the bible?

    Having raised sheep for many years, I can assure you that christians would vomit to discover how often I sold sheep to Muslims. For meat.
  7. TheRedneckProfessor


    Get laid, End3. It will do wonders for you deconversion.
  8. TheRedneckProfessor

    How a church loses a doctrine

    Somebody might have smoked a cigarette while that piano was being built, or shipped. If so, the demons attached to said cigarette are now attached to said piano. This is why churches without music are holier than churches with. And also probably the reason you rejected the live of jesus.
  9. I used to be able to predict which song would be next based on whatever song was being sung at the time and the general mood of the worship team. On a side note, I also discovered that the holy spirit cannot fully move upon the church unless it is preceded by a major key change.
  10. U2 is not oldies, geezer. They've just been around since before jesus.
  11. TheRedneckProfessor

    I believe in Jesus again

    Here is precisely where you made the claim that a) spirits exist, and b) they must exist because people believe in them. You can claim that my arguments are weak. You can reject my arguments outright. But until and unless you support your own arguments, I think we're done.
  12. TheRedneckProfessor

    Going to Hell

  13. TheRedneckProfessor

    God for a day

    I'd impregnate as many virgins as possible.