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  1. It should be noted, per your screen name, that the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Life begins anew. Enjoy the journey.
  2. I think this thread might be better served in a different forum, where it can be gotten at by more than just subscribers.
  3. Welcome, Tim. I'm happy to have you and look forward to hearing more from you soon.
  4. Sorry, Mak. I knew too many other believers to think that's true. The army of god is the only army that kills its own wounded.
  5. I've heard about that form of zen before. Whatever you do, strive for perfection in it.
  6. I think i am making a distiction because when I first started trying to train my brain to stay in the moment, observing it was about all i could do.
  7. I find peeing to be a refreshing reminder of our shared humanity. It is very useful in learning to show compassion for others. That douchebag in the diesel-guzzling 4x4 who cut you off on the interstate: he pees. That Paris Hilton wannabe who vomits her essence all over the office: she pees. Hell, I bet even a rich boy with an orange cotton candy comb-over probably pees just like the rest of us.
  8. Being alive in the Moment takes no effort, perhaps. Being cognizant of the Moment seems to be another story. It's easy to make tea while thinking about the upcoming deadline, or the boy's next karate tournament, or what you should say to that asshole the next time he insists on heating up his garlic crusted tilapia filet in the break room. It's a little harder to make tea while thinking of nothing else besides making tea.
  9. Right. But let's say that in that Moment I am making a cup of tea, or some other "mindless" task. I'm forgetting that all of my life (that moment) is making a cup of tea. That cup of tea is the most important thing in my life. How do I approach that? As I said, I haven't really had time to flesh out the thought. But it seems as if my mind is trying to draw a distinction between observance of the Moment, or "taking it in", and living the Moment with deliberate determination.
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