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  1. If it's so great there, what are you doing here?
  2. Y'all walk on the wrong side of the street over there, don't you?
  3. Yes. Keep your eyes open. Just keep your hands away from them.
  4. It might have an impact along the lines of, "I prayed for grandpa; but he died anyway. Fuck faith." But as an agent of mass Boomercide? Nah.
  5. Same difference. You could also substitute LF's horny goat, or the Six Nippled One (glorify her name).
  6. Then, perhaps, you have found the path that is right for you.
  7. My dad volunteers at a food bank operated through his church. It's mainly just an opportunity to look down on those less fortunate in skin pigmentation than he. Redneck Jr. likes to help put when he's up visiting, as he has been since schools shut down. Pops can't, for the life of him, figure out why I won't let the boy go, when "they're only doing curbside pick-up; and only the volunteers will be inside the storefront." He doesn't realize that his own argument implies that the volunteers (who are all church members) would not be able to infect Redneck Jr. but those dirty gutter rats that come for much needed supplies can (and would, on purpose). It's hatred disguised as charity, just as much as this Tampa guy's greed is disguised as faith.
  8. https://www.fox13news.com/news/arrest-warrant-issued-for-tampa-megachurch-pastor-who-led-packed-services-despite-safer-at-home-orders?fbclid=IwAR2oBv2W_VH5APluL6lbCEg3yACQvkvTiWHX9pi4L4_UHfl4sWBaXNJPTK0 From the article: On Sunday, Howard-Browne defended his decision to keep the church open in a video posted to his YouTube channel, claiming the building had the technology to eradicate any virus.
  9. I heard one apologist put forth the notion that 120 years was how long it took Noah to build the ark. Thus, god was saying that he was done with people's bullshit just as soon as he could get the beasts loaded up and the rain a-falling. Not really sure how that squares off with him still having to come down here himself and die on the cross anyway... on account of people's bullshit. But there it is.
  10. Hey, End3. Good to hear from you. Quit being a stranger, now.
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