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  1. I'd prefer Bernie. I would have preferred Bernie in '16, too; but the democrats refused to allow it. They lost my vote for that; and I voted for Johnson. I'm no fan of Biden, mind you; but after 4 years of Trump, they could run a turnip green as their candidate and I'd vote for it.
  2. Well, this certainly explains Hitler... wait... never mind.
  3. The conscious brain finds some way to rationalize it; the subconscious brain processes it according to the patterns it has established.
  4. Another example of beliefs that don't match reality.
  5. I can somewhat agree with the sentiment that if you believe in miracles, you will see miracles everywhere. I probably wouldnt articulate it with that kind of religious phrasing; but I agree with the idea. It's about perspective. If you are looking for the good in life/people/circumstances, you'll find it. Conversely, if you're looking for the bad...
  6. Guys, I think, at this point, we have all made our points. We have given her the advice, warnings, and wisdom we have gained from our experience. It is clear, also, that she intends to go her own way with this thing. Let's not turn this thread into a dogpile. Sometimes the best support we can give to someone is to move put of the way and let them learn for themselves. Some do learn; some don't. Either way, and however difficult it may be to watch, Leia is one of us, and we have each done the best we could for her.
  7. Sure. But the entire set is made up of concepts to which we have previously been exposed. Can you think of a number you have never imagined before that does not consist of numbers you have known since grammar school? Now imagine a completely new experience that doesn't in some way involve experiences you have previously had or learned about.
  8. I'm not sure about that. If you can imagine it, then, by dint of your finite mind, it is not infinite. In theory, sure, I can "imagine" something involving the word infinite; but in practice, as soon as I actually start to imagine it, it becomes finite. god's ways are mysterious, I reckon.
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