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  1. TheRedneckProfessor

    How do Christians view God?

    That would be a skillet. Skillet is god.
  2. TheRedneckProfessor

    How do Christians view God?

    Seeing a giant pan?
  3. TheRedneckProfessor

    How do Christians view God?

    Oh good, you're bringing science into the discussion. This must mean you have some scientific evidence for the existence of God and not just bald assertions. I am eager to read your peer reviewed research.
  4. TheRedneckProfessor

    Asked to pray

    I was once asked to pray over the meal at a family gathering. I expressed gratitude to the farmers who had produced the food, the immigrants who had picked it, the truckers who had transported it, the grocers who had marketed it, the family members who had bought it, and finally, to grandma and Aunt Susie, who had prepared it all. Never mentioned god. I haven't been asked since.
  5. TheRedneckProfessor

    I have new respect for myself.. Thank God I am not her...

    You have to get a license to drive a car; but not to have kids. That seems a bit fuckity to me.
  6. TheRedneckProfessor

    I have new respect for myself.. Thank God I am not her...

    The older I get, the more I agree with George Carlin. We need to take the warning labels off and let natural selection weed out the stupid. Only I think we should do more to help it along than just removing the labels.
  7. TheRedneckProfessor

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Once you get trapped in the insanity of my feed, you'll know who the sucker is.
  8. TheRedneckProfessor

    This professor says demons are real. I’m scared

    Demons aren't real. The Redneck Professor says so.
  9. TheRedneckProfessor

    I have new respect for myself.. Thank God I am not her...

    My son can't take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to school on account of other kids having allergies. You know what my son is allergic to? Fucking rubella! That means you need to keep your unvaccinated whore-spawn at home so as not to put my kid in danger. god damn ignorant sons of bitches.
  10. TheRedneckProfessor

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Facebook has suggested you several times. Perhaps next time I'll take the bait.
  11. TheRedneckProfessor

    Sex and Marriage: Bible Style!

    That's all old testament trash. In the new testament, St. Paul says it's better for men of god not to marry because a wife and family will only weigh them down. So a true "christian" marriage should not be possible.
  12. TheRedneckProfessor

    In my experience, there is no gut feeling..

    I usually get a gut feeling after eating at Taco Bell.
  13. TheRedneckProfessor

    Hello :)

    That is the experience of a great many of us.
  14. TheRedneckProfessor

    Hello :)

    @RubyTuesday Do you reckon your childhood indoctrination might have had something to do with you ending up in the psych ward? No judgement here, just curious.