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  1. I'm pretty sure you can still get it at IKEA in certain parts of the world.
  2. @InamBerea, the law of entropy applies only to a closed, or isolated, system. The earth is not a closed system, as we derive energy from the sun. Evolution deals merely with speciation; and holds that genetic mutations which are beneficial to a species' survival within a particular environment tend to be passed down to successive generations. That said mutations also often produce increased complexity is incidental, not purposeful. Given these two details, entropy is not a valid argument.
  3. I'm neither confirming nor denying that I belong to a loose confederation of left-wing anti-fascist activists; I'm just saying I am pro-not-fa.
  4. I'm not against the direction in which this conversation has gone; but I am pro-not-taking-it.
  5. Most of the witches burned in Salem were probably anti-theist by the end of the ordeal, I'd think.
  6. It's about time for another incarnation of @OrdinaryClay, anyway; so it's okay that thumperina has flown the cuckoo's nest.
  7. Somebody once said something about the world knowing that you are my disciples by your love. If this is true, then I'm not sure Thumperina is really a christian.
  8. Really the only thing that is bothersome is her drive-by proselytizing style. She blows in, blows up, and blows back out again in the span of a day and a half; and then we don't hear from her for six months. If she had the courage and mental fortitude to stick around and at least attempt to defend her beliefs (maybe even answer a question or two), then perhaps the dialogue could be more fruitful and less fruitcake. Sadly, this has been her half-ass approach for as long as she has been on this site; so those capable of analyzing historical data for trends can likely draw a sound conclusion concerning future prospects.
  9. Does god punish the ignorant? I wouldn't know.
  10. I think, ultimately, it is up to each of us to overcome nature/nurture and define ourselves. We can blame neither, as they are only guides. Nor can we play the victim of circumstance (especially, as is often the case, when we create the circumstance), for circumstance is fleeting; and the quintessential "me" is less temporary. If you're looking to place blame for how you turned out, the mirror would be the best place to start.
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