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  1. Perhaps that is because you misunderstand Eastern religions. Change comes from realizing your mind does not exist.
  2. Endgarcito3 does not know what his own stance on spirituality is. He will not make an argument for christian spirituality because he doesn't really subscribe to it. He simply finds some small comfort in his own interpretation of certain christian doctrines. He will never actually take a firm stance on anything; he never has, and seemingly never will, because his own beliefs are predicated on word salads and hickledy-pickledy acceptance of selected scriptures. In this current shadow-boxing match, he will deliberately misunderstand, obfuscate, bluster, demand Josh make, remake, a
  3. I guess that will ensure that y'all's private debate doesn't spill over outside of the assigned thread.
  4. Technically, you are both allowed to participate in the Peanut Gallery, so long as y'all's private debate doesn't spill over outside of the assigned thread.
  5. Per the Lunar Calendar, Mr. Pantera was born in the Year of the Dragon. I'm an Ox; Mrs. Prof is a Chicken.
  6. I think if a person feels comfortable that a certain religion or form of spirituality works for them then they should strive to practice that religion or form of spirituality to the best of their ability, without interference from me; and extend to me the same courtesy of non-interference. If, after sincere questioning, you decide to return to christianity, you will still be welcome in this community, just as you would be welcome if you decide Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, or the 12 Steps is right for you. Each to their own; live and let live.
  7. In light of this acceptance, you will both be allowed three (3) "phone-a-friends" to use at any time during the debate. To use a "phone-a-friend," simply tag the name of the member whose input you'd like, and then state the question, comment, or idea you want their input on. The tagged member will then be allowed to respond, in this thread, with one (1) post addressing the point in question. Sound fair?
  8. I agree, @WalterP, which is one of the reasons I initiated the thread for Josh and Ed. I can certainly claim that I am on a higher spiritual plane than I ever was as a christian; but to claim I am on a higher spiritual plane than anyone else is a claim I could never make. Firstly, humility is now a large part of my path; and that in and of itself should preclude me from self-comparison to others. Secondly, unless I can truly understand another's path as they understand it, and as I understand my own, I could not, with any genuine qualification, determine how far along on their p
  9. @Joshpantera, endgarcito3 has enlisted counsel and called upon an expert witness. If said entrants are acceptable to you, then I will allow it. Otherwise, the motion will be overruled.
  10. Y'all know how this works: let the boyos duke it out in their thread; the rest of us can have our fun here in the bawdry-house.
  11. In this corner, weighing in as an agnostic atheist, with several title debates under his belt, the Panther from South Florida.... @Joshpantera And in this corner, coming on strong as a longtime believer in something even he doesn't fully understand, from somewhere in "Don't Mess With Texas ".... @Edgarcito LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!! The rules are simple: each of you must state your case for superior spirituality based on what you actually believe. Last man standing will be proclaimed the undefeated spritual champ (of this match, anyway). The rest of yo
  12. Did it never occur to you to ask, as Mrjukes21: "Hey guys, I'm really struggling here; can y'all help me out?" Because that is exactly what we are here for. Not only would that have been a simpler solution; it would also not have been a betrayal of the community's trust. Next time, dude, just ask.
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