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  1. Obviously he never was a True christian to begin with.
  2. I practice my own form of "spirituality" as well, loosely centered on the 5 precepts and 8-fold path of Buddhism. Mine is based solely in practice, without any attendant beliefs. I do it because it makes me happy. It reminds me to strive toward compassion, patience, wisdom, and peace: all of which are irrational to me. But I've gotten enough battle scars in my life to consider that maybe striving toward the irrational is the most rational thing I can do sometimes. I don't believe Buddhism to be the Truth; nor do I expect, insist, or even desire, for anyone else to practice what I practice. That, too, would be irrational.
  3. Indeed they do. For example: "the lowly opinions of others mean nothing to me" means just that. But somehow, you seem to take it to mean that I don't understand what "apostate" means. Perhaps you should take your own advice concerning the dictionary.
  4. It doesn't bother me. As I said before, the lowly opinions of others mean nothing to me.
  5. I'm pretty sure that you're the only one telling yourself that that's what apostates say.
  6. Only according to the bible, which you can't prove is true. And the jesus, which you can't prove is real. And the god, which you can't prove exists. Sounds to me like this is only your lowly opinion of me. And the lowly opinions of others really don't mean anything to me.
  7. "Truth" that you've spent 5 pages failing to demonstrate. You've merely made a series of unfounded assertions and bald assumptions. The "truth" is that you have no idea where I earned my degree, nor whether i am "liberal" or "conservative." Just like you have no idea why god couldn't tell 40 different people the details of Bob's fishing expedition.
  8. No. You've understood nothing. Don't confuse the two.
  9. Why should it matter who you were addressing? And why should it matter which one of us explained it to You? You are in our house. The point still remains, if your god inspired the bible, it should contain neither contradictions nor obfuscations; yet it does. You can't defend it; you can't explain it away. All you can do is just keep on believing in spite of it all.
  10. If all of those writers were, in fact, inspired by the same omniscient god, then it stands to reason that said god would have known about Bob's fishing trip. It further stands to reason, that any of those writers who wrote about Bob's fishing trip, would be able to agree on the details, having gotten them from the same source, to wit: said omniscient god. Also, I studied both exegesis and hermeneutics for four years and hold a degree with a minor in biblical studies. STOP insulting our intelligence.
  11. Absolutely. I'm particularly amazed at how he created Lucifer and the fallen angels, and then created hell for them, and then decided to throw everybody else into hell except for you and your 4 YouTube subscribers. The sheer stupidity of god's "creation" truly staggers the imagination. Here are a few more amazing "creations" of god's: https://www.popsci.com/human-eye-parasites/ https://www.medicinenet.com/necrotizing_fasciitis/article.htm https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump https://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/osteosarcoma
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