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  1. Being ignorant on a subject does not automatically make one an expert.

  2. How many light bulbs does it take to change a person?

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    2. TheRedneckProfessor


      Naturally.  If 42 is not the answer, then perhaps you're asking the wrong question. 

    3. webmdave


      My dad changed my life with these:



    4. TheRedneckProfessor
  3. I've often mistaken myself for someone else.

  4. That rose that rose

    To another's nose

    And sent its scent

    Where wild wind blows

  5. If you can't change the wind, you'd best adjust your sail.  

  6. You are worthy of being loved.

  7. Féidir leat a fheiceáil do leanaí do leanaí.
    1. TABA


      Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit, Prof!

    2. duderonomy


      Lord, please send forth a believer gifted with the interpretation of tongues, and save me from Google.

    3. LogicalFallacy


      Hmmm I should learn Irish... I have Irish blood in me... apparently :ph34r:


      Dude, should we not praise the holy farter for providing us with google? I'd have no idea what's going on otherwise lol.

  8. Give me librium or give me meth.

    1. florduh


      Patrick Henry Jones, meth lab entrepreneur in Alabama, right?

    2. LogicalFallacy


      Don't do drugs kids, you can't think straight with that shit.

    3. nivek


      Valium AND Valhalla!

  9. Politics is war by other means.

  10. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori...?

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    2. TheRedneckProfessor


      Gold star for you, milesaway! Now what does it mean?

    3. Thurisaz


      "It's sweet and honorable to die for your country"


      My translation

    4. FreeThinkerNZ


      Indeed it is, if absolutely necessary. Also honourable to provide well for veterans.

  11. To be, rather than to seem.

    1. florduh


      Esse quam videri - my high school's motto. Looking back, I doubt even the Latin students knew the meaning.

  12. If our environment changes to better accommodate the ignorant and the incompetent, whether by intent, design, or accident, then the ignorant and incompetent will be more likely to survive and pass their genes on to subsequent generations. We are doing ourselves, and evolution, no favors by dumbing down our society.

    1. Deidre


      Well, I've read recently that atheism is on the incline so that looks to be promising. I think the less religious a society, the less dumbing down of it.

    2. pratt


      a homogeneous society woypuld be real boring

  13. I've just realized that I have more active posts than Ravenstar and BAA. It grieves me to have put so much quantity over so much quality.

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    2. milesaway


      you've got both quality and quantity as far as i'm concerned, just like Ravenstar and BAA do. now wear it with pride.

    3. pratt


      but you makes almost everybody's day better, except,SB n some similar fellows

    4. pawn


      You need to get a life dude. ;)

  14. If you can't say something nice about somebody, just imagine what they're saying about you.

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    2. Xerces


      Everyone talks behind everyones' backs, part o life.

    3. florduh


      They can just pull my thumb! (Credit to BO)

    4. Thumbelina


      Woe to you! Ye are people of unclean lips!


      Isaiah 6:5 Yeah, we all are :(

  15. How could Spock have been half human and half Vulcan unless humans and Vulcans shared a common ancestor that allowed them to be genetically compatible?

    1. mymistake


      There was a Star Trek Next Generation episode that covered this. We are all children of the First People. It explained why all dominant races in the ST universe have 2 eyes, arms, legs and always 1 nose.

    2. pratt


      does sons of god and daughters of man ring a bell? probably the same principles. MAGIC

    3. Fweethawt


      The untold story where Spock travels back in time to make vulcans and humans generically compatible...

  16. You won’t get too far down the road with a stone in your boot.

    1. florduh


      A boot in the stones is just as bad.

    2. Eugene39
    3. pratt


      get a pair of New Balance, bestest walking shoe

  17. Hey all, I'm heading out for a well deserved vacation tomorrow. If you don't hear from me for a while, don't worry.

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    2. florduh


      Don't forget.........


    3. TheRedneckProfessor


      If I don't show up, florduh, you'll probably need to post bail.

    4. florduh
  18. If you can't remember something, you also will not be able to forget it.

  19. Learn to live without, and you will learn to live within.

    1. pratt


      live simply so that others can simply live

  20. I hate picking strawberries.

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    2. florduh


      I thought we had Mexicans for that.

    3. par4dcourse


      Dammit quit complainin' and hurry up with my daiquiri!

    4. Deidre


      i've been strawberry picking before, and the berries taste like candy...mmm! why do you hate it? lol


  21. Damn that vindaloo was spicy!

  22. My karma ran over my dogma.

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    2. crazyguy123


      That sucks. Now you've got to pry the rotting dogma off of your karma's tire.

    3. pratt


      it'll be back

    4. NeverAgainV


      That's good right?

  23. Intelligence is understanding the world; wisdom is understanding your place in it.

    1. Deidre
    2. milesaway


      never thought of it that way before, but i like it. :)

    3. Galien


      wisdom is realising you decide what your place is in it

  24. Thinking about attending services at the Church Of The Wholly Profit. Anyone care to join me?

    1. Thurisaz


      Why would I enter a western government building? ;)

    2. pratt


      hundred folds returns guaranteed?

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