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  1. She means that people who have had bad luck in relationships often lash out and mock those still seeking to get into relationships. They do this as a means of dealing with their own sense of failure.
  2. Well, for a redneck dating app, you can't beat ancestry.com
  3. For what it's worth, I've had some success finding dates at my local farmer's market, usually near the figs and plums.
  4. He has a peculiar mind-fuck going on that I find interesting. Not enjoyable, mind you; but interesting.
  5. I hope you will find our company electrifying.
  6. god could stop evil but chooses not to. How comforting.
  7. Usually, when someone hears voices in their heads, those voices aren't all their own.
  8. Had the potential to become an exquisite flower vase... Tried instead to become the next Play-Doh
  9. So, if you don't know someone, you shouldn't be telling them how to live. Like I said. But what's that got to do with faith? The jesus-y kind of faith, not the "hey I dont know you but I have faith you won't murder me and then butt-rape my corpse."
  10. The world doesn't need another Lucian or Plato. Those guys had their turn. You're here now because it's your turn. So man up, now, and be the best you that you can be.
  11. Often, people who think they know what's good for me actually don't know the first god damn thing about me and really ought to mind their own business.
  12. Having done horrible things doesn't mean you're a bad person any more than doing generous things makes you a good person. How you see yourself is how others will treat you. Think better thoughts, speak better words, commit better actions; eventually you will feel better. If you don't like feeling better, you can always go back to thinking, speaking and acting the old way; and you'll eventually start feeling bad again.
  13. "Let them eat cake." Thus saith the lord, thy god.
  14. As moderators, we're not even obligated to let you post anywhere on this website, let alone in a forum that is reserved for members only and can only be joined by invitation.
  15. Wow. A christian telling other people how they should live. How original.
  16. @chrisassaf, overt preaching/proselytizing is confined to The Lion's Den. I had hoped adding a warning to your Dialogue in Hell thread would get the message across. Since it did not, be forewarned: any further breech of our community rules will bring upon you the wrath of the Prof, thy Mod.
  17. Y'all take that political shit to ToT... wait... never mind.
  18. If you really want to get technical, christaf never actually asked anything other than "why won't you answer me?" Just came in here all sideways and attitudinal.
  19. We don't generally take orders from members, though. And I'm notorious for not doing what is expected.
  20. You might want to reconsider your approach here, son.
  21. I suffered through a lot of Deitiphobia during my freshman year of college.
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