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  1. I've heard about that form of zen before. Whatever you do, strive for perfection in it.
  2. I think i am making a distiction because when I first started trying to train my brain to stay in the moment, observing it was about all i could do.
  3. I find peeing to be a refreshing reminder of our shared humanity. It is very useful in learning to show compassion for others. That douchebag in the diesel-guzzling 4x4 who cut you off on the interstate: he pees. That Paris Hilton wannabe who vomits her essence all over the office: she pees. Hell, I bet even a rich boy with an orange cotton candy comb-over probably pees just like the rest of us.
  4. Being alive in the Moment takes no effort, perhaps. Being cognizant of the Moment seems to be another story. It's easy to make tea while thinking about the upcoming deadline, or the boy's next karate tournament, or what you should say to that asshole the next time he insists on heating up his garlic crusted tilapia filet in the break room. It's a little harder to make tea while thinking of nothing else besides making tea.
  5. Right. But let's say that in that Moment I am making a cup of tea, or some other "mindless" task. I'm forgetting that all of my life (that moment) is making a cup of tea. That cup of tea is the most important thing in my life. How do I approach that? As I said, I haven't really had time to flesh out the thought. But it seems as if my mind is trying to draw a distinction between observance of the Moment, or "taking it in", and living the Moment with deliberate determination.
  6. I once went through a checkpoint in Belfast and the Gardai asked for my religion. I stated that I was an atheist. Their response: Right, but is it the Catholic god or the Protestant god you don't believe in?
  7. For the past year or so I have been trying to become more mindful of, and present in, The Moment. As this present Moment is all that I really have, It is Life; and a series of Moments is what my life will be, the sum total. So, a thought occurred to me today: if this Moment is my Life, then, by extension, whatever I am doing at this Moment, must be the most important thing in my life (at this Moment, anyway). Thus, I should proceed with doing it as the most important thing in my life. I haven't really had the time to explore this thought fully; or work out the practical applications and implementations of it. Just berbalizing it for now.
  8. I think these people are demonstrating how little faith they actually have. They are coercing you to stay on, while also exploiting your talents, when they really should be trusting that god will provide, with or without you. In the end, it's god who wants to be worshipped; isn't it his responsibility, not yours, to provide the means and wherewithal for that worship? And, if your ministers really believed that god is all he's cracked up to be, they'd have graciously let you go a long time ago in order to give god the space to work mightily in their presence. The fact that they have to manipulate you into staying demonstrates that, deep down inside, even they suspect that god is bullshit. They ain't never going to admit it, though; so you'd best just go on about your business.
  9. Sounds like a lot of treble. But, not to worry; after all, Every Good Boy Does Fine.
  10. I'm certainly not fucking a hummingbird. In fact, the idea has never crossed my mind.
  11. As difficult as it may be at times, an individual's autonomy must be respected. It is not for me to determine what is best, or even right, for another. I may offer suggestions, perhaps advice, if asked; but I should do so carefully, and with the understanding that such opinions are thoroughly informed by my own experiences, perceptions, and perspectives, which may, themselves, be flawed. If my suggestions end up being rejected, then it is incumbent upon me to accept that I have done what was mine to do and thereafter to do no more. Certainly if I am specifically asked not to do more, then I should respect that. Most of us can barely save ourselves; what qualifies us to try saving others? Especially when our attention is so diverted with the faults and flaws of others that we cannot see ourselves as we truly are. We may fool ourselves into believing we have only the best of intentions, that we have the best interest of others at heart. We may wrap it in a flag or shroud it with the trappings of false humility. But a messiah complex is nothing more than a mask of narcissism.
  12. If it creates problems, then it is a problem. Fix it.
  13. I wonder what people did to protect themselves back in 1919. Maybe just died from Spanish flu...
  14. They are better than those lousy Irish.
  15. I've been out of religion, and open about it, for over 16 years, now; and I still don't fit in with the "normal" crowd. That's okay. I don't even like crowds. I tend to be the quiet wallflower at social gatherings; and that is just as valid as being the life of the party. Pay no mind to the expectations of others. Be true to whoever you turn out to be.
  16. I see a lack of intimacy and a desire to control, thinly veiled in a budding addict-personality.
  17. Do you know why Calvinists are opposed to having sex while standing up? ... They're afraid it might lead to dancing. ...
  18. I have found that certain types of childhood indoctrination often lead to savior complexes. Just my two cents.
  19. I hope y'all are sterilizing said instrument between anal probings.
  20. Of course, according to mom, it's all my fault for starting a new family in the first place.
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