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  1. Shouldn't the title be "My 2p"?
  2. Nah, god is doing a new thing, didn't you know? He seems to do a "new thing" in my parent's church about once every 3-4 years.
  3. THE TREE The Tree stood knurled and gnarly with great burly branches that curled like the furled brows of the surly timber men who rendered the forest wood for lumber in summer and, in winter, tinder burned from ember to cinder. But the Tree was so twisted that the woodsmen resisted cutting it, insisting it would be sadistic to enlist such a distorted shape into the midst of the village. Too fraught with knots to be swatted with the ax, the Tree was thought as naught, not sought to be wrought into firewood nor timber. Until, at last, the forest passed; and in contrast, there stood the outcast Tree, unsurpassed and tall as a mast, basking in the sunlight of a vast meadow. johnkluttz19MAR2019
  4. I think the root problem we have in America is that our outmoded 2-party system facilitates extremism on both ends of the spectrum, without allowing for genuine moderatism.
  5. If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.
  6. You speak with a forked tongue, condemning those who refuse to use their own minds for understanding, while simultaneously claiming to rely on your horny goat to enlighten you. You can't even see the cognitive dissonance that is smiling at you with a Cheshire grin.
  7. This is what happens when weaker minds refuse to accept a literal view of the written word. They want to read in their own interpretation and make claims and statements not in evidence. They want to add their own words; but they lack the understanding to realise that what is literally written is the sum and whole of The Truth. As a result, they cling to their invented fantasies and their make believe, rather than facing the reality that is as plain as the noses on their faces. These are the actions of false prophets and false teachers--the very ones who would have us believe in their horny goat.
  8. Can you refer me back to any reference to the Six Nippled One (glorify her name) being god, let alone my god? You speak of transcendence without understanding. The Six Nippled One (glorify her name) transcends your paltry concepts of "god" and "worship". If she had rubbed against your leg, you'd know this.
  9. Can't even produce a quote of me proclaiming a cat as my god, yet casts the accusation anyway. Falsehood and deception. And he would have us believe in his horny goat with no more evidence than a straw man has feelings.
  10. The "neighs" have it, apparently. We will see how you feel when the Six Nippled One rubs against your leg. Pshah... you can't even offer evidence of your horny goat's existence.
  11. If you reject evidence of the Six Nippled One's (glorify her name) existence and cling to your horny little goat, you will incur the Angora Her Glorified until she Sphynx you into the Abyssinian realm where you will Dwelf-orever with an empty lap.
  12. Do you even science, bro?
  13. That was not a personal threat directed at you, you ignorant neigh-sayer. It was merely an objective observation of what happens to those who put their *thrust in little horns.
  14. It is blasphemous to reduce the Six Nippled One (glorify her name) to the level of a sex object. It is like trying to reduce the crucifixion of jesus to the level of a boxing match.
  15. That's not canonical; it's part of the psuedo-PIG-rapha.
  16. I won't offer similar threats; because I know your interpretation of the sacred text holds the pink unicorn to be divine. In truth, though, a literal interpretation shows that the pink unicorn is just one of the Six Nippled One's (glorify her name) pets.
  17. Too late. I already prayed to the Six Nippled One (Glorify Her Name) as soon as christfuckems announced he was moving. If the move goes well, it is She who will receive the Glory for it. All those who do not Glorify the Six Nippled One shall be devoured in everlasting digestive acids and gastric juices.
  18. It depends on whether you use a literal interpretation of age or take a reformist view. Literally, I'm a few years older than you (45). But, if it's true that you're only as old as you feel/act/think, then my age varies from day to day. If only there were some clear revelation...
  19. I lost my relationship with jesus.