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  1. I remember taking missions trips in youth group many years ago. A lot of people pretended to be someone i knew they weren't; but I figured that was just typical for that age group. It never dawned on me that someone would go so far as to perform medical procedures on children. Detestable. Utterly detestable.
  2. I agree to a certain extent. But audio is easy to fake. I need something with more reproducibility. Something that random people from all ethnicities, social statuses, religious beliefs, and walks of life can all confirm with similar hard data results.
  3. We have given him more than enough airtime to present his version of christianity. We've gotten a lot of copy-and-paste apologetics, a lot of logical fallacies, and a lot of "I'm right; you're confused". We haven't gotten any of his original thoughts, ideas, or beliefs; to the extent that I'm convinced he has none of his own. If he were going to contribute anything to this community, or become a productive member of it, he's had ample time to do so; and he has clearly chosen not to. He seems to just want to trample through here like an elephant demanding his claims be accepted because somebody, somewhere, sometime said they were true. In my opinion, he's offered all he has to offer; and, other than just getting an occasional laugh at his expense, I see no other use in keeping him around.
  4. https://wset.com/news/local/bedford-missionary-sued-for-pretending-to-be-doctor-leading-to-hundreds-of-deaths?fbclid=IwAR3AnK-5scJXvfWMIMn0uQwufQGqLFDjYIagWWwcNpLvefmMU-jvzdNekIc
  5. Go back and revisit page 21 of this thread. You were on thin ice then; you're wearing red hot skates now.
  6. In my estimation, whether he's a troll or an idiot (or both) is irrelevant. But I will say he is certainly a one trick pony; and that one trick has gotten old. I quit trying to seriously engage him a while back because it's simply pointless to do so. Moreover, he has already been called down once before and warned to shore up his ways. He has clearly failed to do so. He whines about character assassination while failing to realize that he, in fact, lacks character to begin with. And his behavior here has been nothing but shameful. It ain't my place to say he should be banned; but I'd be as happy as a whore in a dick tree if it happens.
  7. Damn. If only god was intelligent enough to just say what he means, instead of merely being omniscient, it'd save us all a lot of trouble.
  8. And yet, he has never walked into this forum and said anything. All we ever get are his pathetic apologists; and he's obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel. Wow. Sorry to point that out; but that says it all.
  9. Your understanding is flawed. Proving the existence of god using the text of scripture would require that one first presuppose the veracity of scripture.
  10. How dare you demand that I prove one of my unfounded claims, when, according to my other unfounded claims, it has already been proven; especially when I know that, as soon as I offer my "proof", you're just going to refute it with logic, reason, and even science?!?
  11. Will any good come from pursuing the matter?
  12. Luth-ifer has written 12 posts in this thread since first being asked if christianity had proven the existence of god. 12 posts. Not one of them answers the question.
  13. Luth would probably think it was a "stupid game" if one of us kept saying that to him.
  14. So, then tell us what the answer is. Or admit that the answer is "no, christianity has not proven the existence of god.
  15. LuthAMF 14 Posted 1 hour ago This isnt our debate It's our debate now, you coward. Answer the fucking question. Has christianity proven the existence of god? Direct (us) to the evidence where god has been proven by christianity.
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