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  1. Talking it out will certainly help considerably. I'd suggest not getting too caught up in finding the right answers (there are none); and don't concern yourself over-much about what the end result of your journey should look like, or be. Just follow the process and learn what you can along the way. You'll be fine.
  2. It'd be cool if there were a sequel painting depicting the same scene a few moments later when they all realize that grandpa, cousin Jeffy, and that nice lady from down the street whose house always smelled weirdly like ham, are all burning in eternal hellfire and brimstone.
  3. Yes, you certainly had me stumped when I started with the "Why did god..." bullshit. ...
  4. This is how I understood it. Blasphemy of the holy spirit is attributing to humans, or worse, Satan, works that could only have been done by god.
  5. My adopted son is being raised by an agnostic, free-thinking Redneck.
  6. We really dont mind taking the time. It helps lurkers and newbies who are seeking freedom from religion. Consider it a ministry we feel called into. Better yet, it's all part of god's plan.
  7. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to sell you into slavery and let men harm you, plans to strip you of hope and destroy your future." Jeremiah 29:11
  8. Ease up, there, Pain. This thread is about christian mission trips. Not which cultures/races are inferior.
  9. That's all well and good, and possibly even true. We're just asking you to reconcile a logical impossibility. We know it's impossible; but, by all means, keep trying.
  10. What Israel chose to do in ancient mythology is not an excuse for god to punish, even by omission, innocent children.
  11. Give me one good reason not to pull a ten-year-old girl out of sexual slavery.
  12. Yes, it is. This is just another attempt to shift the focus off of your god.
  13. @Justus, for my part, if it were in my power to do, I would prevent all human trafficking and sexual abuse, irrespective of the religion, socio-political view, or temperament if the victims. If it were in your power to do, would you reconcile an all-loving and all-powerful god allowing such evil?
  14. For your information, I have 2 sons of my own, so you can cut the sanctimonious bullshit and address the issue at hand... dumbass.
  15. Focus, boy. Neither my experience nor any others is relevant, except for that of the ten-year-old sex slave. An all-loving and all-powerful god cannot exist so long as one, single little girl is left in bondage.
  16. It is not a valud question. One does not need to have raised children in order to feel enough compassion for a child to deliver it of a life of bondage and slavery. Now, stay on task and try to justify your god's continued dismissal of our ten-year-old sex slave.
  17. Also irrelevant. jesus didn't "suffer". He knew his ordeal was only temporary and that he could relieve himself of it any time he wanted to. The ten-year-old sex slave has neither of those luxuries.
  18. Irrelevant. freshstart's character is not in question. Your god's is.
  19. I edited this for you to give you a point of reference from which to start.
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