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    Hello all, glad to be here.

    They'd use wieners, except for the whole "homosexuality is an abomination" thing.
  2. TheRedneckProfessor

    Just toughen up!

    I don't know what to say. 😎
  3. TheRedneckProfessor

    Just toughen up!

    Some people, myself included, are not very good with words, especially when it comes to offering comfort or advice. "Toughen up" is a way of offering advice by someone who isn't very good at offering it.
  4. TheRedneckProfessor

    Just toughen up!

    More context might be helpful.
  5. TheRedneckProfessor

    ExC posts can be found via Google?

    I'm not sure, other than that Jeff is one of my biggest fans. A lot of other avatars show up when you google search me. Ironhorse, God, Bhim, even... well, lookie here; not so incognito after all, are you?
  6. TheRedneckProfessor

    ExC posts can be found via Google?

  7. TheRedneckProfessor

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    Separated at birth?
  8. TheRedneckProfessor

    ExC posts can be found via Google?

    Lookie here:
  9. TheRedneckProfessor

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    Isaiah 53:5 declares that "by his stripes we are healed." Healed. HEALED. That's the only verse patients suffering any kind of affliction or malady need to know. Because the verse is not specific to cancer, or arrhythmia, or jock itch. It covers any and all ailments. So this one verse is all anyone needs to know. And all anyone needs to know about this verse is that it isn't true. At all. Because jesus doesn't want to heal anybody. It's not his will. He's mysterious. He took 39 lashes with a cat-o-nine, which could have killed better men than him, specifically so he could heal us. But after enduring all of that, he changed his mind; he decided he didn't want to heal people. He'd rather test them. He'd rather they suffer for his glory. Because he's mysterious.
  10. TheRedneckProfessor

    Given your options

    He might still be trying to get to the center of that lollipop.
  11. TheRedneckProfessor

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    I've worked on and around a fair amount of cancer research, from pure academia to clinical trials, to fully developed FDA approved immunotherapies. I don't need scripture verses; I need peer-reviewed, published studies. Show me the data or GTFO.
  12. TheRedneckProfessor

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    "7Then I cried out unto my Mod, and saith, 'Oh merciful Mod, how long shalt thou suffer this false prophet in thy midst? 8For he hath surely come that he might deceive the people and lead them astray from thee. 9Cast him down into The Lion's Den that he may be torn limb from limb by thy faithful servants, 10even unto the depths of Sheol, that thy name be glorified.'" The Book of Second Redneckians chapter 6
  13. It seems to me they took more than just those three to compile the composite of jesus.
  14. TheRedneckProfessor

    Questions for believers

    "I was sick and in prism, but you visited me not."
  15. TheRedneckProfessor

    Questions for believers

    And rainbows are real because rainbows say they're real.
  16. TheRedneckProfessor

    Questions for believers

    Magic, obviously.
  17. TheRedneckProfessor

    My husband says I am going to hell

    If he can't love you for who you are, then one of you will end up in hell on earth, maybe both of you.
  18. TheRedneckProfessor

    Maybe this will actually work
  19. TheRedneckProfessor


    Chris and Joni had known each other since Joni was a toddler. As long as Joni can remember, Chris had been part of her life. In Junior High, they made their relationship official; and in High School they were completely inseparable. They even went off to college together, to strengthen their relationship. One day, Chris asked Joni to become his bride; and she readily accepted. A year went by, during which time Joni spent a lot of time looking at dresses, picking out China, and reading Bride magazine. But Chris never gave her an engagement ring. Joni just figured the ring must be something really special; and Chris has some mysterious plan for giving it to her in some spectacularly romantic way. Another year passed; and for Joni’s birthday, Chris produced a ring with a low-grade, ¼ carat diamond wrapped in a bag marked “Big Al’s Gun and Pawn.” Joni was disappointed; but she just figured that Chris was wisely saving money to put toward the incredible future he planned to give her. Five more years went by. Joni was no longer excited about the wedding; but she was committed to the relationship with Chris. Because he had promised her that the life they would have together would be extra-ordinary. She dreamed of the house in the quiet neighborhood, the laughter of their future children, the vacations; and most of all, the love and happiness of their family. Chris had often comforted her with these thoughts during her periods of doubt and frustration. Twenty more years went by. Joni had passed the age where she was able to bear children. She would never hear their laughter, or walk them to the school bus stop. But Chris continued to promise her the bright future she had dreamed of since childhood. Do you think, maybe, that Joni would be justified in leaving Chris? If so, then you’ll understand why I (John) left Christ.
  20. TheRedneckProfessor

    More unbelievable inanity

    Yeah. god is real fucking mysterious.
  21. TheRedneckProfessor


    Say, mate, could I bum a faggot?
  22. TheRedneckProfessor

    god speaks...or does he.

    Because that's the one I went to.
  23. TheRedneckProfessor

    ExC posts can be found via Google?