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  1. I suspect, if there isn't some wailing soon, there will be some gnashing of teeth as a result.
  2. Generally speaking, people in general don't like generalizations. As a general rule, anyway.
  3. Miracle Whip is another name for horrifically disgusting processed goat sperm attempting to mascarade as a sandwich condiment.
  4. Seems like, if christians really were filled with the holy spirit of an omnipotent god, they wouldn't worry so much about a paltry little thing like the devil.
  5. Adam was clearly a Damn Yankee. I know this because... ... ... Ain't no Southern man gonna share his ribs with no woman.
  6. Ms. Professor pointed out to me last night that the Khmer representations of the Buddha are not very well accepted by the Vietnamese, even in her part of Vietnam which hosts large populations of Khmer people. It reinforced the truth that, whatever the religion, people create gods in their own image. There is definitely, then, a correlation between abusive people and abusive gods. But I think the question of causality might never be satisfactorily resolved. Did the abuse transfer from the people to their god or vice versa? I can say, from my own experience, that my mother is an abusive person; and that her religion only made her worse. She is mentally unstable, often unhinged, emotionally stunted... add religion on top and she is a complete disaster as a person. I can equally say that my father is one of the kindest people I've ever known; and that his religion has made him better. He is extremely wise, compassionate, sincere, and dependable. Neither of them "spared the rod", though, when I was a kid.
  7. Last week you were angry. This week you seem to be bargaining. This is all normal. It's part of the grieving process. I never realized that, or made the connection, until long after my deconversion was complete. Personally, I spent more time being pissed than anything else; and my bargaining was pretty much, "Hey jesus, if you want me back then you need to make me a millionaire with a trophy wife and pure malt whiskey flowing from my kitchen sink. You have until sundown tomorrow." He never did. Guess he didn't want me back.
  8. How many light bulbs does it take to change a person?

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      Naturally.  If 42 is not the answer, then perhaps you're asking the wrong question. 

    3. webmdave


      My dad changed my life with these:



    4. TheRedneckProfessor
  9. Even if you are, does it matter? If the thought of a god comforts you, then take it. Even if god isn't real, the comfort is. Moreover, just because you've concluded that the christian god is a lie, doesn't mean all god's are lies. Ms. Professor is nominally Buddhist. Some of the people at her temple gave her representations of the earth god and the god of fortune. I made a special shrine for them and bought incense for her. She offers them prayers and such. She doesn't actually believe in these strange foreign gods; but finds comfort in the traditions, rituals, and customs of Buddhism. I also find solace in meditation. I know I'm not getting in touch with anything or anybody "out there". But it does put me in touch with myself; and, for me, that's enough. You do you.
  10. Yes. Childhood indoctrination, especially of the fundamentalist/evangelical type, is abuse. Yes, many of us here, including myself, were victims and are survivors of this type of abuse. It is sometimes physical; but it is always emotional and psychological. I no longer fear hell; because I've already been. Only back then it was called it childhood.
  11. Having raised rabbits for many years, I can assure you, yes, there is.
  12. How do we know this, given that we perceive everything through senses which are quite obviously flawed; and therefore, by extension, our perception is also flawed? We know our consciousness exists, because we are aware of it; but can we be sure that said awareness is physically tied to a physical brain? Can I be sure that "I" am not just a collection of random ganglia in a specimen jar somewhere being occasionally stimulated by electrodes?
  13. I always invite religious salespeople in. Most regret It. Few ever return.
  14. On a serious note, though: I have no compelling reason to believe that there is anything more than this life, so I aim to live this one life I have to the best of my ability.
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