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  1. jesus, more of this motherkataboling mere assertion nonsense.
  2. What are you here to talk about?
  3. His return has been somewhat anticlimactic, it must be said.
  4. Hey, welcome back, buddy. Some of the guys were asking about you the other day. @DarkBishop, in particular, was missing you, I think. Glad you decided to rejoin our noble ranks.
  5. Sensitive as I am to your current situation, I agree with florduh. Pretending to be something you're not will lead to considerable unhappiness for you; and, if discovered, will make others feel deceived and manipulated. It may be best to come out slowly, in stages; but, eventually, the truth will out.
  6. Dads eat free at Chik-Fil-A on Father's Day.
  7. When I was a christian, I was taught, and I firmly believed, that my actions should be above reproach; because I might never know who might be watching. My words and deeds were always supposed to mirror christ; because that might be the only gospel a person ever read. Like my dad said, and still says to this day, "Be a witness always; use words when necessary." Behavior is important, especially for a believer. One has to decide for oneself if the behavior of Semi-wise reflects a christ anyone would want to believe in, or not. What I have come to realize later in life is that true integrity is keeping my thoughts, words, and actions always in consistent harmony. Thinking one thing but saying something different is not harmony. Saying you believe in something but not acting like it is not integrity. If I'm being completely honest, it bothers me that I think of Semi-wise as a fucknut; but I'm not going to hide that thought behind formal pleasantries and social platitudes. Dude's a fucknut.
  8. If he will learn to abide by our rules and respect our community, he will be of great service to us here. If not, well, he's already r-u-n-n-o-f-t once and he'll eventually do it again.
  9. The members of that website were slamming him in the comments for posting copyrighted material and passing it off as his own. He claimed he wrote it and originally published it on his own website. He further claimed that he owns the copyright and can use it ever how he wants. One of the moderators, Nyar, directed him not to post previously copyrighted material on their website, a directive he ignored. This particular fucknut seems to have made a lifelong habit out of thinking the rules don't apply to him.
  10. You won't need to worry about that just yet.
  11. @SemmelweisReflex I trust you have enjoyed the 2.5 hour dispensation of grace I have granted you. Unfortunately, the time has now come for me to handle my business with you. You are more than welcome to express alternative opinions about religion, beliefs, theological doctrines, and scriptural interpretations on this website. You are not welcome to disparage lifesaving medical treatments on this website by appealing to an authority that is not yours. This website will not be used that way. If you had said, "In my personal opinion, vaccines are insignificant," that would have done little more than further demonstrate the deranged ignorance you have displayed here in such abundance that none of us would have given it a second thought. But you attempted to shoehorn the full weight of the World Health Organization behind your conspiratorial fucknuttery. In doing so, you crossed a dangerous line. Words have consequences, even if you choose to ignore them. Another person, with no more intelligence than you have displayed, might take your words at face value; and, with no more intellectual integrity than you have, that person might not pursue their due diligence in researching the truth about vaccines. Such a person would become a danger to themselves, their children, and their larger society. If you will not take responsibility for your own words, then I have no choice but to take that responsibility away from you. As a result, your account will be restricted until 26 June 2021. You will not be allowed to post, nor will you be able to respond, or start any new threads. Once the restriction expires, you will be welcome to come back and join us again, hopefully with a better understanding and a deeper respect for our community. Please Note: you are not being banned; so you don't get to be a martyr persecuted for righteousness. However, should you choose to run off again and not come back, I'd be just as happy as a whore in a dick tree. (I say that tongue-in-cheek, of course; I hope you will return). Enjoy your time off, John
  12. I was born in '73, so they were only off by 2 years.
  13. Well, there was an insignificant little Spanish Flu pandemic going on.
  14. @SemmelweisReflex, you have until 12:00pm Eastern Time on 19 June 2021 to provide a citation from the World Health Organization concluding that vaccines are insignificant. If you cannot provide a citation from the World Health Organization to this effect within that time frame, you will be expected to publicly retract your statement and withdraw your claim. Again, son, I am not asking.
  15. Nah. He's hoping to get banned so that he can consider himself a martyr and get his persecution complex masturbated. He sees it as phase 1: warning... phase 2: confinement to The Den... phase 3: "Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!" He's been begging for a banning since he first got here. What he doesn't seem to realize is that he's been treated exactly the same as every other believer who comes here. And he's not going to get banned unless he starts breaking rules or has a complete meltdown. So he's not going to get his martyrdom either way. Bless his heart.
  16. Which doesn't apply to the majority of us here in The Den. Most of us deconverted long before the better part of you dribbled down your mama's leg. You're no threat to us. In fact, you help our cause more than you could possibly imagine. That's why you're allowed here but not in other forums. Same reason they won't let you bring vodka to the AA meeting.
  17. You do not know me, so you, quite obviously, have no idea if, how, or how much, I have changed. Yet another unfounded assertion (lie) from you.
  18. Why are you so obsessed with telling us your opinion anyway? Didn't you claim that you were here to hear our side of the story? Only now you're saying that you showed up on our doorstep because we challenged your beliefs. So which is it?
  19. I'm glad you're finally starting to understand.
  20. None of us are. Becsuse they are not. Alternative opinions are fine, when they are supported. Baseless claims are not.
  21. You will need to provide a citation, from the World Health Organization, that supports this claim. I'm not asking.
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