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  1. That is a pussy version of Christianity! The apostles were doing miracles, casting out demons, healing the sick and preaching the gospel illegally in public roman squares! They were badasses, they got jailed, tortured and killed for their faith. Now that is REAL< HARDCORE christianity. Your version sounds like its a game for kindergarten kids.
  2. 'cuz BibleGod is a morbid, twisted, sadistic, sick fuck. Really sick, he makes Jeffry Dahmer look like a bunny rabbit. "I must have BLOOD, nothing else will satisfy my sadistic madness!!!" -YHWH
  3. Ok, so 2 minutes is probably a slight exaggeration. But yes, I am gifted in the sack.
  4. Bravo! Next time some douche tried to preach to me online, I am sending them a copy of this message by Brother Jeff, the Holy Apasta!
  5. gee thanks. We've never heard any of those platitudes before. Now that we use derstand, surely we'll turn back to God and accept this wonderful gift and all the strings claimed not attached. Gus' response sounds like something a 4th grade kid would say after gradutaing from sunday school. It is hilarious how stupid this drivel is.
  6. Good Sex Comes To Those Who Wait so true.... some of the best times I have ever had, was when I waited patiently to come during cowgirl position, so I could feel and watch my wife writhing in ectasy while having an orgasm for like 2 minutes straight! Waiting for that leads to REALLY GOOD SEX!
  7. +1000. My dad used to do this all the time. He was also bipolar, and he was an awful, absentee father, and a selfish drunk. After he "found Jesus" he used to tell me how the devil made him evil and made him do all this bad stuff, and be a bad father. BULLSHIT, WHAT A COPOUT! I told him once, "There is NO DEVIL! It was all in your mind!" He had a serious mental illness, which I inherited. Only I am not a delusional sheep any more, and I am an awesome dad and husband, unlike my delusional Xtain loser of a dad.
  8. I am BY FAR, HAPPIER THAN EVER IN MY LIFE SINCE I GAVE UP THE FAITH ABOUT A YEAR AGO!!! PRAISE THE .... RATIONAL HUMAN BRAIN!!! YAY! APOSTACY ROCKS! Hey Christians, this is what I think of your judgmental religion:
  9. The judgement and hatred of gay people, for absolutely no rational reason, is one of the most dispicable parts of christian doctrine. The cool part is, that this trend in Xtiany is driving away young, liberal people from this primitive, hateful religion by the droves. YAY!
  10. Yeah, the whole idea is completely absurd. That some incarnation of the creator came down into a human form and "died for us". God can't die anyway, it is totally ridiculous. Jesus died, (if he ever really existed beyond myth) because he was a raving revolutionary lunatic. The Romans realized this, and nailed him up to show his followers what a pathetic loser he really was, compared to their unprecedented formidable empire. Roman empire: 1, Jesus: 0.
  11. I used to think having wealth was "sinful" too. I thought being a poor schmuck and giving away everything I owned, made me more "christ-like". Nowadays, I don't want to be like Christ at ALL! Fuck him and his disturbing puritanism. I am raking in huge amounts of cash, living a hedonist lifestyle and laughing at all the silly christian morals that mean absolutely nothing. Make money, get laid, have fun. I am a sinful demon-possesed emissary of Satan.
  12. I like to masturbate females too.
  13. Have you been sexually abused Cianna200, or had someone close to you abused? If so, I can totaly understand why you feel the way you do. If not, then well, your aversion to sex is very strange and neurotic.
  14. I have actually read about that before somewhere. It is a very interesting hypothesis.
  15. Ahhh heck, this is getting too intellectual. MORE TALK ABOUT FEMALE MASTURBATION PLEASE! EXPLICIT language preferred... oh wait, wrong sub-forum.
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