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  1. You had to request to be removed from your church’s roll call? I was excommunicated without having to lift a finger! I guess some of us have it easier than others
  2. Your parents are ignorant dolts. Don’t feel guilty for their shortcomings.
  3. Speak for yourself. These other creatures are only nasty in your limited opinion. Sea urchins find each other quite sexy, and view us humans as ugly gelatinous blobs of meat.
  4. He had to ask for your permission to say grace over his own meal? Weak...
  5. Interesting, I never knew that about the COC (I suppose they don't use that acronym much). Although they never explicitly made the argument you present here, my extended family on one side is entirely religious, but spans or has spanned a breadth of sects from Presbyterian to Church of the Brethren to, I suppose, Baptist and Evangelical, and nearly all of the family members I know well have found most of their spiritual refuge in the writings of Paul, who was the most oft-quoted author throughout my childhood. To the OP (@Wertbag), I suppose by "a fair number" you mean a fractio
  6. Modern "Christianity" is not Christianity at all, but a cult built around the rabid and egomaniacal teachings of Paul. As such, I refer to modern Christians as Paulians. Bring up any criticism of Paul to a Paulian (aka "Christian"), and they will become immediately grieved as you are attacking the very foundation of their dogma.
  7. Your experience echoes mine in so many ways. I also went to Awana, have multiple younger siblings who are still 100% fundamentalists, was severely punished by my father for the slightest infraction, etc. I'm also the ONLY one of 4 children and over 50 cousins who is not 100% committed to Das Religion. I turn 32 in January. I'm sorry for your experience up through adolescence. But what's even worse, I know, is seeing all of your immediate (and likely extended) family still engaged in the same ignorance that you escaped, and therefore to feel so alone. I'm with ya.
  8. George Carlin says it all:

  9. Wow thanks everyone. Your advice is encouraging. SkipNChurch, that's a great idea. I would consider that, but i just quit my job and I'm moving back to where I was before. I was so much happier out there. I actually just told my boss I'm going to quit 2 weeks ago. He immediately offered me a counteroffer of a 20% raise, which is more money than I ever imagined I'd be making. I still turned it down, because this entire industry is just drying my soul up. I'm just a poor fit for this job, and I feel like I'm wasting my real talents. Maybe I'm selfish, but I'm one of those people tha
  10. I was extremely depressed the other day because I took a job in an isolated area where I have few friends, and although the work pays well, I have absolutely no interest in it. I asked my Fundamentalist mother what's the point of living if you're lonely and you're not even doing something you care about. Now, she's terrible at encouraging and has no idea how to use real arguments or the "think positive" mindset--it's not even part of her vocabulary. All she can do is refer to fables and make-believe things like "The Lord"... Anyway, her response was, "Well, for a Christian, the joy doesn'
  11. Holed in with the Christian family for a week. Time to start sneaking alcohol.

  12. I'm transitioning careers in February, but currently work at an engineering firm. All of the employees except myself are married and have exactly 2 children. My coworkers talk about their kids, the weather, engineering meetings, engineering clubs, engineering parties, and engineering.
  13. It's easy to be simultaneously intelligent and ignorant/denialist/uninformed/oblivious/stubborn. He could be any of those. Also, most peoples' personalities haven't quite finished forming by the time they jump on the Military Industrial Complex bandwagon, which gives them a sense of identity and in a sense "fuses" their concept of self together. After years and years of developing within that paradigm, it's extremely difficult to break through that tough shell. And even if one did, it might leave the person mentally lost.
  14. Wait 10 more years and you won't be worrying about it anymore
  15. 1. Do what makes you happy, 2. Avoid causing pain for other creatures, 3. Keep an open mind, 4. Trust yourself above all other souls. I would agree that less thinking is better. Action is preferable to deliberation. In many ways, I would advocate modern Satanism mixed with traditional Buddhism. Live for yourself, do what brings you pleasure, have fun. Disregard the opinions of others. Keep an open mind and heart. Trust yourself. Read the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
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