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  1. Ah, this is the worst. I can't speak from the experience of a professor with these types of students, but my eyes were truly opened once I first entered college at the freshman level. If I had thought that I had my stuff together as far as writing convincing essays, man was I terribly mistaken once I kept getting low marks on all of my research essays. But it wasn't only because I was a Christian living in this sort of absolutes bubble, it was just the result of growing up in low quality public education. They don't challenge you, don't expect you to amount to anything, so they let you sli
  2. I don't miss the routine of going to church gatherings, that got boring and forceful after a while. I don't miss having to worry about whether someone knows something in particular about me that only they and God know. Meaning, God might "reveal" something about myself to others that I wouldn't be comfortable telling them myself otherwise. I don't miss people wanting to "lay hands" on me, or pray for me because they thought I was "going through." That scared the shit out of me. Because I'm such a private person, and they wanted to take advantage of that to force me out of my comfort zone all o
  3. By the way, how can I post a video from YouTube without using the link button?
  4. For me, being around the Black Church, mostly hip-hop gospel with some R&B persuasion was always blaring from the speakers at church. A few years ago, that Marvin Sapp song "Never Would Have Made It" was literally everywhere, even on secular radio stations, but that never really came to a shock to me. "Never Would Have Made It"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JXFg5KEoXg When my mom calls her sister, who is my religious aunt, her ringback tone is that "Our God Is Greater" song by Chris Tomlin. Not gonna lie, I used to like Chris Tomlin when I was a Christian. Now wheneve
  5. I don't know, but to me it seems like ever since his "Steve Harvey Show" days in the 90s, he's certainly gotten a lot more Christiany- or stepped up the Christian/ family values (whatever that means) sales pitch to sell his books and stuff. He's also a misogynist and I can't stand to hear him talk, but my grandparents blast Family Feud on TV all day long so I don't have a choice.
  6. Welcome! I'm not sure if I can help you much with your decision, but I do understand where you're coming from. A lot of this sounds like they'll guilt trip you no matter what you decide. I've been around people like this, who figure once they get you coming to one church outing, then they'll expect you to come to another sermon, and then bible study, and then next thing you know you're the youth pastor lol! It's like a trap. Like luke1993 mentioned, it really isn't a good feeling when you're around after leaving the religion. It's unfortunate for me because the church I used to go to i
  7. I haven't been forced to block anyone and I don't think I'll have to anytime soon. But I unfollowed a lot of the people from my ex-church. I try deactivating but it's harder than it looks. I, too, have relatives far away and it's hard to connect with them as easily and quickly than with a simple Facebook message. Where I feel I can be myself is tumblr, a blogging site. I don't have anybody from my personal life on there so I can be ex-christian as much as I want without any interference from my family or fear of gossip.
  8. The fear-mongering from my background in Christianity scared me out of ever referring to myself as an atheist. I still don't think of myself as atheist only. It depends on how I'm feeling. It's funny when I'm feeling really aggressive and fed up with Christianity I might be like "fuck this. I'm an atheist!" If I feel like looking into meditation and Wicca, I'm mostly an agnostic that day and indifferent towards my resentment of Christianity, in this way I'm subdued and "flirty" with religious topics. Most of the time, however, I'm just an ex-Christian and I like the term "infidel" here because
  9. From the time I was able to read relatives were taking advantage of the fact, buying me children's Easter books and things like that. So there's the introduction to Jesus. It just "made sense" to me that God was real. I would go to different churches and had no idea what the hell they were talking about. I had to be about 4, 5 or 6. I wasn't sold until I was in my mid teens when I got my heart broken by a boy. I thought all the events leading up to that were God's way of showing me how cruel life can be. This was the purity culture talking to me. I thought that if I believed if I was set a
  10. Honest question. Why do Christians get better treatment than any other individual? What kind of god does that and why do people become attracted to this in Christianity? I'm interested in your guy's take on this.
  11. The Christians I come across on Facebook didn't directly say that Robin Williams was burning in hell, but you can just tell it had that condescending vibe. Especially when they pity the man roughly saying "it's sad he took his own life, if only he could have known Jesus things would have been sooooo much better!!"
  12. "Faith In The Fog" is a trending topic over at Twitter. Even if you're not on Twitter, I believe you can still check it out. If interested, though, click here If you are familiar with the phrase with "too blessed to be stressed," or if you've been told to "choose joy" from another church member, or pastor, or some other leader of your former church knowing that you struggle with a mental illness, this conversation might just be for you. Lots of Christians and ex-Christians are voicing their opinions on how damaging and ineffective it is for churches to give out mental health advice. W
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