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    I have studied theology for several years now. I left the church about five years ago. Religeon was making me emotionally ill, I had to leave it for my own sanity. I did a search on the net and this is what helped me. Check out"Religeous Trauma Syndrome" Right now I am learning to become a real person living in this world today.

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  1. ANCIENT FIRST NATIONS WISDOM DID YOU KNOW?Your sub-conscious mind ( the part of you that empowers your life) makes no distinction between what you are thinking and what you profess with your tounge. To your sub-conscious mind, it is the same thing and will have the same effect in your life. THE MIS-CONCEPTION:Not speaking something out verbally (denial) makes the thought invalid and in effective. THE REALITY:Your sub-conscious mind will make the connections anyways regardless of whether the thoughts were spoken out and will by default affect your reality and your life. NOW YOU KNOW. <
  2. One thing I just realized is that xtianity does not promote personal growth.In fact it actually promotes denial and keeps one from developing positive change. The bible says that if you believe in God through Jesus your sins will be forgiven if you follow the prescribed methods provided by the bible and church leaders. "It will be like your sins never happened". What this doctrine is actually doing is promising absolution for offences. It takes away from the offender responsibilty for their actions. From my own personal experience, part of the reason I turned to the church was because I was d
  3. When I made my decision to leave christianity, I went through something similar. I felt lost because I had given so much of myself to christianity. When something "bad" would happen, I would give it more power and meaning than it deserved. My indoctrination was telling me that I was going to be punished or something bad was going to happen to me because I left the fold. This was my indoctrination speaking. I told that voice to shut up but it would still whisper things to me(metaphorically). Then, I realized I had to indoctrinate mysef with reality and eventually my own indoctrination began to
  4. I understand. I was hearing too many things from too many people. I read the bible myself and too many things didn't make sense so I started to study to try and make sense of it all. I did word studies, language studies and then I read commentaries and other books. In the end, I just couldn't find any kind of general concensus. The bible is supposed to be "solid" but all I found was ambiguity and unbalance. Rather than following something that was unreliable. Out of respect, I decided to turn away from all this and look for something that does make sense-reality.
  5. I think Christianity is dangerous and evil. The concept of evil is a biblical doctrine. People groups have used doctrines as an excuse and and a way of sanitizing racism and hatred. I kind of think that more lives were lost through the doctrine of discovery then through terrorism and wars (almost all a result of religious beliefs). The "doctrine of discovery" was a law that stated that if one was not a Christian they could not own land. Armed with this doctrine, the Europeans arrived on this continent and almost annihilated all the aboriginal population-all in the name of Jesus. All over the w
  6. I hear you. there were two things I became aware of in the beginning. The first was racism and then hatred. I couldn't overlook these things. They were sanitized but it was still racism and hatred. It is what it is.
  7. I am curious. What was the last thing or subject you studied in the Bible before you left "the fold"? Did it help to influence your decision to leave. I left the Bible in the "garden". I basically decided, metaphorically speaking, to eat form the tree of life. I find it kind of ironic that the Bible led me out of itself. If you want a better idea of where I am coming from read all of my posts. Thanks for reading this.
  8. I agree with what you say about dream visions. It has been my experience that there are two types of dreams. The first are just images as our minds process information. The second type of dream is where the mind receives wisdom and understanding and then sends that information into the conscious mind through a dream that is powerful in experience so that it will not be forgotten when one wakes. Sometimes the dream is self explanatory and at other times they can be metaphorical and need to be worked out to understand the meaning. Our minds are so amazing!!! our unconscious mind is always runni
  9. Wow, I am amazed I have been so indoctrinated . In my mind 'Ive been trained to believe everything leadership has taught me is biblical . You can tell how much work I have to do myself to untangle my mind from the brainwashing. Even though I have left Religeon physically my mind is still fighting for release. I've read the bible, how did this concept of free will slip by me?
  10. Free will, to me always meant that I had options.One of the biggest reasons for me leaving religeon was this doctrine. What the bible teaches is this: you have free will but if you do not make the right decision you choose the curse instead of the blessings by default. Either way, you are screwed. One thing I have learned through my journey is that I have to be objective in all things that I am putting into my mind. Religeon is very subjective. I made it through. I didn't reject my human intelligence as I tried to be a part of this group. I was never highly suggestable. But, for several years
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