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  1. Thanks! This was a fantastic suggestion. I just found a local meeting of atheists/agnostics/humanists on Saturday... at the same time my husband teaches his bible study at the church, lol! If I didn't know better I'd think there'd been divine intervention.
  2. My next door neighbor is a 400 member Cowboy Church which I currently have a dispute with about impounding the run off from a huge arena they just built in violation of county ordinances and without proper permits... So I probably won't be making any friends on my street, lol!
  3. Prayer was like a pacifier for me when I was hurt, upset, angry. Even after I knew that no one was listening I still continued to pray. So I did a couple of biofeedback sessions and learned how to get in to a relaxed state without talking to an invisible friend. It helped me tremendously, although now that I'm not constantly worried about how I am disappointing a god I am a lot more relaxed and seldom need it.
  4. Best idea yet! I haven't tried it... but there is this hot barista where I get my coffee in the morning
  5. Church doesn't actually have any hold on me. I have not attended in 7 or so years and will never go back. And it's not that I'm surprised to be shunned, actually I'm happy about that part because without it I'd have people harassing me to come to 'friends day' or some other such shit. OTOH these are the people that have known me since I was a kid, the ones I went out to dinner with, played board and card games with, went to their weddings, baby showers, graduations, and funerals. And while in my perfect world there is another group of people that would babysit for me when I got called in for an extra shift with no notice, or come to see me in the hospital, or clean and cook for my family when my husband had health issues I needed to be elsewhere to manage, that are not religious... well, there just isn't. I've moved several times over my lifetime and there was always another group, just waiting with open arms to replace those that were far away. Now I can't seem to find a friend in my own town. No matter what hooey religion is full of, my hat is off to them for building community and they get an extra gold star for jerking the rug out if you question anything. Bowling leagues and birding are sure to be taken over by the religious here... and that is exactly the issue... there is no place that people in Texas do not feel like it's ok to want to put you on their prayer chain when you have a cold, if they don't want to just lay hands on you right there and claim your healing in Jesus name. I don't know anything about Elks, I thought Eagles were a 70's band, so maybe there are some possibilities there, thanks. The Masons are creepy AF with all their bizarre rituals. I'm not looking to turn in one set of crazy in for another but again I appreciate you tossing an idea my way. .
  6. I am hoping someone here can relate and might even have some answers. Some background. I am 50+. I broke free of fundamentalist christianity more than five years ago after a lifetime of being everything from somewhat religious to over the top preachy christian wackadoodle. I was even involved in ministry for a minute... I am still married to a believer who does not accept my deconversion and hopes that with the right hocus pocus I will be brought back into the fold. The problem is that I am having trouble developing a life away from religion/church, which has always been at the epicenter of my friendships. I've found that making new friends at this age is not as effortless as it was in my youth when any roomie, neighbor, or coworker was a potential friend. It is also not helping that I live in the buckle of the bible belt, where nearly everyone is religious, most are christian, and 'I go to this or that church' is often the thing people share right after their name. It's also a disadvantage that I am an ex-christian, because unlike the garden variety heathen or those of another faith I am unlikely to be won or proselytized. In other words it's not that I don't know what I'm missing and what a great deal salvation is... While I am not advertising my deconversion with T-shirt and bumper stickers, I am also no longer interested in religious discussion and will either try to politely steer a conversation in another direction or quietly excuse myself.. Further complications are that I live a more rural/agrarian lifestyle, although I do work 'in town' so have some human contact, I just seem to be missing connection. I've thought about something like a UU church but I am not even particularly spiritual anymore. I tried joining a women's travel and adventure group but found the facebook events page loaded with prayer requests and disproportionately large number of the membership evangelize at events. Homesteader and farming groups- super religious. I've joked that even our local bars are full of christians. So... for those of you who have moved away from church attendance, etc., were you able to maintain old relationships on new terms? Find new friends? Learn to deal with being alone more? I'd love some suggestions. TIA
  7. I could not wait to get rid of all the religious books. Sneaking the dozen or so bibles out of the house without my spouse noticing was another matter. Japanese tattoos are freaking awesome... I mean if you get bored and want a more permanent change...
  8. Right there with you. I'd also like to have the $100,000+ in tithes and offerings I gave over the years back...
  9. It's on a lot of forums. I belong to homesteding, farming, and livestock related forums... there are prayer requests for cows! I just pass them by if it's in the title. If it goes south (? North ?) once I'm involved in the thread, I try to ignore it... If it is about someone I honestly care about I just say 'thinking of you' or 'holding you in my heart' or something nice but not prayerful. It does get annoying when a the homesteader forum seems to morph into the christian homesteader forum... but I can always hang out here until it dies down.
  10. Glad to know that liberal use of that little drop down that includes 'I don't want to see this post' and 'Do not show me posts from this member in the future' is serving me well.
  11. I had an absent father. I think the complete lack of a father figure in my life made it nearly impossible for me to picture god as a daddy. I was constantly told by my pastor that this was how I needed to come to understand god... in a personal way... but I simply lacked the ability to relate. I always saw god as more of the wizard behind the curtain... An angry wizard. This lack really upset my husband, my pastor, my christian friends and anyone else in that world I confessed it to. I always thought maybe that is why god did not hear my prayers... Nice to know that those who did 'get' the daddy thing didn't have any better results.
  12. I had two feet cut off my hair two months ago. It is still waist length, so very long by most standards. Someone at work just reminded me that if I'm going to cut my hair it is OK to get a hair-STYLE so I've been looking at pictures and trying to decide.This is not an area where I want to have huge regrets even though others say it is only hair and will grow back. Still the length now only really allows for a smaller bun and not wearing it down. Maybe I didn't mention that all married women were required to wear their hair 'up' (not flowing like a harlot). Very matronly looking unless one spends a lot of time arranging an updo. Not practical for those who work. I also bought scrub pants for work and threw out my scrub skirts. I bought myself a simple wedding band and a pair of small diamond stud earrings.I think I look more normal already No make up yet.... I've got to get out and have someone apply it and advise. I have not worn it since I was a kid and I am not sure that what I did then would work on my now middle-aged face. I am thinking frosty blue eye-shadow and cat-tail eyeliner is probably not going to be in style anymore, lol! I just keep reminding myself that I was normal once and I will be again. BTW that hair did go to Locks of Love, the hairdresser asked if that would be OK and I thought it was nice.
  13. Fortunately my oldest (now 36, 35, 34 and 33 years old) four children were only raised in your garden variety Baptist church and broke away as they went to college and graduate school. My oldest son has a doctorate level education, the next two have masters degrees and none of them really have much to do with church. The last of the older kids married a Catholic and they go to mass on occasion and to the church bizarre, etc. but they are not rabid about it. My baby is 10 years younger (now 23) than the youngest of the four stair-steps. It was he who was raised in the cult. We chose to send him to University although the church pressured us to send him to our denominations bible college. After three years away from church (he went to University as a second semester sophomore thanks to dual credits from high school honors and AP tests) he seems to have gotten away from the worst of it. He does not visit church when he is home and even though the town where he now lives and works has a church from our denomination he does not attend it. I think he's been trying to figure out how to tell us that he is done with all that but hasn't found a way since during his upbringing it was the most important thing to us, that is that he be a fully immersed Oneness Pentecostal.. One of the reasons that I am not sure if I should share with the kids about my loss of faith is that I am afraid it will shatter my husband to realize that his entire family is 'lost'... His faith demands that he be the leader and a 'failure' of this magnitude (in his eyes) may be more than he can bear right now. I am sure that is much of what has also held our sons back. D is experiencing some health problems and may not ever be able to return to his job from medical leave... Devastating news for a very strong and healthy (till now) 57 year old man. I am picturing that among the kids there will be much back slapping and rejoicing ae they all celebrate my deconversion and share that they always knew mom was too smart to be overtaken by the bullshit forever.. Tonight D and I had quite a row about it all. He thinks I've lost my faith and he is by turns angry, sullen, over nice and back again. Breathing in and out and moving forward one tiny baby step at a time... it's all I can do.
  14. I think at this point I am mostly just writing to clear my head so if this is not the right place to do that please just say. Since I have no one to talk to reading this board is all I've got. I am trying to get up the nerve to 'come out' to my kids and am really, really hoping that they will feel OK to share where they are at (which I think is pretty over religion)... We've never allowed them to share and I think they have just pulled back from trying. I did notice they quit bringing the grandkids to spend Saturday nights when we insisted that they go to church with us on Sunday but since we stopped going the grands are back for weekends... and now I get it. After the Ah-ha moment we were in church another year. Our youngest son was a senior at the church school and headed to TAMU partially on scholarship from the church so we didn't want to blow that for him. That year, listening to preaching while not being hypnotized or whatever it is that happens to one with all that praise music... was eye opening. What insanity, what better reason to run screaming from religion than hearing the bible expounded. OPs pride themselves in preaching the OT... why had I never noticed how horrific and disgusting it was before... Many times I couldn't even sit through it, I had to go hide in the bathroom, queasy.I thought once we got out D would mellow and drift back into some more normal religious experience... but it was not to be. Instead he began studying conspiracy sites on the internet and became fascinated with the signs that these are the last days. He has gone round the bend far as I can tell...
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