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  1. Thanks! This was a fantastic suggestion. I just found a local meeting of atheists/agnostics/humanists on Saturday... at the same time my husband teaches his bible study at the church, lol! If I didn't know better I'd think there'd been divine intervention.
  2. My next door neighbor is a 400 member Cowboy Church which I currently have a dispute with about impounding the run off from a huge arena they just built in violation of county ordinances and without proper permits... So I probably won't be making any friends on my street, lol!
  3. Prayer was like a pacifier for me when I was hurt, upset, angry. Even after I knew that no one was listening I still continued to pray. So I did a couple of biofeedback sessions and learned how to get in to a relaxed state without talking to an invisible friend. It helped me tremendously, although now that I'm not constantly worried about how I am disappointing a god I am a lot more relaxed and seldom need it.
  4. Best idea yet! I haven't tried it... but there is this hot barista where I get my coffee in the morning
  5. Church doesn't actually have any hold on me. I have not attended in 7 or so years and will never go back. And it's not that I'm surprised to be shunned, actually I'm happy about that part because without it I'd have people harassing me to come to 'friends day' or some other such shit. OTOH these are the people that have known me since I was a kid, the ones I went out to dinner with, played board and card games with, went to their weddings, baby showers, graduations, and funerals. And while in my perfect world there is another group of people that would babysit for me when I got ca
  6. I am hoping someone here can relate and might even have some answers. Some background. I am 50+. I broke free of fundamentalist christianity more than five years ago after a lifetime of being everything from somewhat religious to over the top preachy christian wackadoodle. I was even involved in ministry for a minute... I am still married to a believer who does not accept my deconversion and hopes that with the right hocus pocus I will be brought back into the fold. The problem is that I am having trouble developing a life away from religion/church, which has always b
  7. I could not wait to get rid of all the religious books. Sneaking the dozen or so bibles out of the house without my spouse noticing was another matter. Japanese tattoos are freaking awesome... I mean if you get bored and want a more permanent change...
  8. Right there with you. I'd also like to have the $100,000+ in tithes and offerings I gave over the years back...
  9. It's on a lot of forums. I belong to homesteding, farming, and livestock related forums... there are prayer requests for cows! I just pass them by if it's in the title. If it goes south (? North ?) once I'm involved in the thread, I try to ignore it... If it is about someone I honestly care about I just say 'thinking of you' or 'holding you in my heart' or something nice but not prayerful. It does get annoying when a the homesteader forum seems to morph into the christian homesteader forum... but I can always hang out here until it dies down.
  10. Yuck. At the last wedding I went to the misogynistic asshole pastor spent a full 45 minutes discussing a woman's proper role as subservient to her husband and her sad state of being the 'weaker vessel'. Thought I'd vomit. I leaned over to hubs and reminded him that he better not get any ideas. The woman behind me heard and broke out in a fit of laughter that could be heard all over the church. At least that got the blowhard preacher to move on to the vows. I'm glad you were able to take away something good.
  11. I would do more than buy it... I'd give you 10% of my income plus love offerings! FOREVER!
  12. Glad to know that liberal use of that little drop down that includes 'I don't want to see this post' and 'Do not show me posts from this member in the future' is serving me well.
  13. Suffering severe cognitive dissonance does not seem to be a reason for some people to break away from the addictive aspects of religion. No matter how bad having it in their lives is, not having it seems worse to them. It's like crack. Just be glad it didn't add you to the numbers of those destroyed by it.
  14. Just ask them if you can keep your job at the blood bank if you convert... It messes with their heads.
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