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  1. First post I see when I logged in this morning: Cannot sleep....this song keeps bidding me to come and sup with Christ. "What wondrous love is this , oh my soul, oh my soul....what wondrous love is this......" I keep on praying and repenting....enjoying the quiet solitude while all are in bed right now! Why did God choose to reveal Himself to me?! Oh my God... how precious you are to me!!! Wow...just wow. I think this person needs their head examined. Seriously...I will never understand the obsession with god that causes people to post things like this.
  2. And today people will die in car wrecks caused by the snow, but at least her kids are having fun. Gawd is soooooooo good. Yes! Exactly. I wish I had the nerve to comment with a response like that to many of these posts.
  3. Two more good ones today: So excited! God answered my kids' prayers for snow! and Psalms 116:2 Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath. This verse makes me picture God as a Good Daddy who is bending down with his arms wrapping around me to hear what his daughter is praying to him. Ugh, all these posts can be so annoying, yet amusing at the same time.
  4. Yikes! My fundie friends are out in full force today! This afternoon I have the following: I don't want to sound silly but if you could pray...our two labs have gone missing. Whatever the Lord's will is in this I pray, but if He may bless us with finding them , that would be ...well... a blessing. about five minutes later: A blessing!!!!! My daughter and I were praying and the phone rang....they are found! Thank you!!
  5. Today I have a quote from a relative: Trust Him, child of God: He is leading you by a right way to the celestial city of habitation; and as from the terrace of eternity you review the path by which you came from the morning-land of childhood, you will confess that He has done all things well.” [F B. Meyer] As I've said before in another thread... I'm sure the parents of a child raped and murdered or one who died from cancer will get to heaven and suddenly say Oh! there really was a good reason! Thank you Lord for allowing my child to suffer and die. This all makes sense now. I guess I should just trust that when He created my son in my womb and gave him two wedge shaped vertebrae causing scoliosis so that he'd have to endure countless surgeries throughout his childhood, He really did have a good reason that I will understand as I look back over my life in heaven. Right. Such BS!
  6. Hi! Welcome to Ex-C! I don't have kids (God didn't give me those) so I can't answer from the parent perspective, but I did want to comment on the "knit me together in my mother's womb" crap. I have a migraine disorder, and functional MRIs (fMRIs) show that migraineur's brains are actually wired differently than non-migraineurs. Therefore, God made me like this. He destined (chose!!!) for me to suffer intensely my whole life and to have my faith hammered from me violently through intractable pain. Seriously, this Bible verse was the end of me. Christianity broke my brain. It makes no sense except to teenagers and people in their early-20s--before life really hits the fan and we see how there is no one in the driver's seat. You are on a good path. Life gets better. I found the questioning period to be the hardest, and now that I accept that God is not real, life makes way more sense and my cognitive dissonance is gone. Find peace, friend! Positivist, I'm sorry about your migraines, I've had a migraine once in my life and since then I've felt so bad for people who have to suffer such excruciating pain on a regular basis. Hopefully science and medicine will continue to make advancements in treating them. Just for laughs, I've had these silly thoughts about a conversation between God and Jesus when they were in the process of creating my son in my womb. Jesus: Father, we've got some more babies to work on. Here's one that's ready for his spine and organs to be formed. Should we make him normal and healthy? God: Nah lets spice things up with this one. Let's give him a couple wedge shaped vertebrae and lets wire his heart a little differently..nothing too serious though for this one. Maybe turn his liver around and give him an extra spleen. Oh and just for kicks let us make one kidney small and put his intestines off to one side. Jesus: Are you sure? You know this will make his mother stop believing in us. You don't want to have to send her to hell do you? God: Eh...she should know it's all part of our perfect plan. Jesus: Ok...uh...what's that plan again? God: Stop asking questions and get to work on that extra spleen! It's just as laughable to think that a loving father/creator would purposely give his child a brain wired for migraines. As a parent I feel horrible when my kids are sick with something as minor as a cold and sore throat and want to to everything I can to alleviate their pain. I would never purposely inflict pain of any kind on them. I'm just glad we have people who work so hard in science and medicine to treat the endless list of things that go wrong with these bodies of ours. Thanks for your input and encouragement!
  7. "I just love my children so much. They're my world and I hope I don't screw them up." Hi grayvioletta, I can totally relate! I'm a mom of a 3 year old little boy and 1 year old little girl...my biggest issue with my new disbelief is what am I going to teach my children? How am I going to handle my relatives that want to indoctrinate them? I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I wouldn't be raising my children as Christians. Just wanted to let you know there's someone else here in the same boat. Someone recommended a podcast to me in my extimony post-- thethinkingatheist dot com podcast called Secular Parenting with Dale McGowan I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but will soon, I thought i'd pass the info on to you as well.
  8. amateur-- Thank you for that perspective, those are some things I hadn't really considered. I definitely want to instill gratitude in them and expose them to people and parts of the world that don't have it as good as we do here. And you're right, I guess I shouldn't fear them being exposed to church and religion...my main thing is I don't want them so indoctrinated that they aren't able to decide for themselves. Thanks for your thoughts!
  9. Hi xliar, welcome. In a way I do feel swindled, yes. But I guess I just look at it as I'm only hurting myself if I allowed myself to get bitter and angry. Life is too short, and anger will only weigh us down and be a drag on our forward motion! Hope you can find some support here as well! Let us know your story when you get a chance.
  10. Thanks so much to all of you for the warm welcome and encouragement! It feels good to finally be able to "talk" to people about this, even if it is strangers on a web forum. I really appreciate all the the input. As far as starting to tell others in my life, I plan to take it very slow. I do believe my husband needs to know at some point because it feels a like living a lie when you don't share something like that with your spouse. Also he too will probably start to wonder when I don't start teaching the kids to pray at bedtime and that kind of thing. I plan for this to be a very slow process though and just to continue to gradually let him in on the questions I've been having over the past 3 years. I can definitely understand how shocking it could be for a spouse to learn something like that suddenly. As far as where he stands, yes we haven't been to church in several years, but I think its just that he doesn't really put God at the top of his priority list and is indifferent to having a personal relationship. Presented with the question of whether or not God exists, I believe he would defend God's existence. When I've talked to him about the issues with why God would allow things like the issues with my son, he's pretty indifferent about that too. Like I said, he's just not really the thinking and questioning type. The status with going to church is not likely to change anytime soon, if ever...he's a pilot and is away most weekends. I don't believe if that ever changes he will really initiate going to church again....we've been invited to attend his brother's church at Christmas and Easter the last two years and he had no interest going. As far as my family, and in laws, I really can't picture myself letting them in on this anytime soon, it will probably wait until they start to wonder about why we aren't taking them to church...right now I've just kind of used the excuse that its really hard to go on my own with two very young children who get cranky and need a nap right around the time the service starts. But my mom commented a couple months ago that at some point I will have to start taking them on my own even though my husband isn't able to go. And she has already talked about wanting to buy them kids for truth materials and take them to the creation museum when they are older. And she's talked about the fact that Awana's starts at age 3 so I could start taking my son to that soon. So I know the shit will hit the fan at some point! Margee--Your post brought tears to my eyes! I"m so sorry about your sister. I can relate to your feelings on your pregnancies and miscarriages as well. I had two miscarriages myself, forgot to mention that. Another thing I've always questioned is infertility. My brother and sister in law are unable to have children of their own...they've been praying about it for years. I've always wondered why they continue to say things like God is good all the time...(one of the most annoying statements in my opinion) in reference to their infertility. Thank you so much for your kind words! Ellwood-- Thanks so much for the info on the parenting podcast, I will definitely check it out. To the rest of you thanks again so much for all the advice and encouragement, looking forward to learning more!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new here although I've been a browser for a few months. I just wanted to introduce myself and I'm hoping to get some support with a few issues. As my title states, I never in a million years would have imagined I'd be where I am today with my beliefs, but here I am. Like many of you, I was raised in a Christian home..Fundamental Baptist to be exact and indoctrinated from a very early age. I was sent to Christian school and then to Christian college at a very extreme fundamentalist college. Although raised in this environment I was still somewhat normal. My brother, who is now a Baptist preacher was quite thoroughly brainwashed and has always kind of considered me a rebel even though I've lived a very nice Christian life...just for things like listening to "worldly" music, having an occasional drink....that kind of thing. I met my husband there, but he's not the overly religious type and we never really talk about God all that much. I'm now in my early thirties and I never questioned God a day in my life and the possibility that God doesn't exist never entered my mind until about 3 years ago. Over the past 3 years my faith has slowly been disintegrating beginning on the day my son was born. He was born with scoliosis and several other birth defects to include a minor, non life threatening heart defect, transverse liver, intestines on one side of his body, one kidney smaller than the other, and an accessory spleen. None of these defects are life threatening and he's otherwise a perfectly normal, healthy little boy. Looking around the children's hospital when we are there for his spine appointments, I realize how good we have it compared to other families....things can always be much much worse. But it was my son's defects that started my thinking. I got to thinking about the Bible verses that Christians use to emphasize how much God loves us and how he creates each one of us and is intimately involved with each of his creation. You know the ones... "You have knit me together in my mother's womb" I am fearfully and wonderfully made" etc... I thought if these verses are true that would mean that God purposely created my son with these defects. Why would he do that? What am I going to tell my son when he asks me why God made him this way? I began to wonder and research about everything that can go wrong with the reproductive process. Miscarriages, conjoined twins, birth defects, genetic diseases, sexual disorders, the list goes on and on. I finally came to the conclusion that these Bible verses are wrong and God is not involved in the process, its all just biology and nature at work. Nature is indifferent to the mistakes that occur. From that point on I questioned everything. If the Bible was wrong about this, what else is it wrong about? I also began noticing every case of human suffering that crossed my path. The 1 year old from my hometown dying of cancer despite an entire town and thousands of people praying for him....my neighbor's little boy with downs syndrome, the starving children throughout the world, the people killed in the tornadoes last summer, the child kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered reported on the evening news. That's when I realized the Bible is also wrong about prayer. I remember seeing a friend's post on Facebook asking for prayer to find her keys and wallet and praising the Lord that he allowed her to find it. That made me angry. Why would anyone think God would intervene in something as trivial as finding a lost wallet when at the very same time a child is being raped and murdered and he does nothing to intervene. With all of these questions on my mind, I began reading anything I could get my hands on. I wanted to be fair and try to get both sides, so I also read sites such as Answers in Genesis but every "answer" given by apologists such as Ken Ham made no logical sense to me at all. This has been a process over the past 3 years and I think I'm finally to the point of coming to terms with the fact that I no longer believe God exists at all. For a while I hung on to the idea of the possibility that a God could exist, although not the God of the Bible...and was somewhere between a deist and agnostic, but now the idea of a God that created us and the laws of the universe and just left us to suffer doesn't sit well with me either. When I look at everything in this earth, I see unregulated natural processes that are indifferent to human suffering. If a god that created all this does exist I wouldn't care to worship him. I've done a little reading on evolution and the history of Christianity and the myths of Jesus and the bible, but I plan to do much more. I went through a very short lived feeling of devastation at one point. The feeling that everything you've been taught your entire life is a lie is not a good feeling. It didn't last long however, because I now have a renewed sense of beauty and purpose in life. In Christianity you are taught that you're a horrible sinner that deserves hell, and your entire purpose is to glorify and worship the god who saved you from this fate and everything you do in this life should be with eternity in mind. I now know that I have one life to live and I want to enjoy every good moment of it. Now I like to look at suffering as the price we must pay to get to live this life...some have it much harder than others and I would like to do my part to alleviate or lesson human suffering in whatever way I am able to in my little corner of the world....even if it's something as simple as bringing a meal to and chatting with a lonely person who's lost a family member or visiting someone who's sick to lift their spirits....not because God wants me to do these things, but as a fellow human being who would want to be treated with the same level of compassion. None of my family knows yet....I plan to let it out to my husband first and gradually....he does know the issues I started having with god after my son's birth...I just haven't gone into great detail yet. I think he'll take it ok. Although he was raised as a Christian as well, he's never been the overly religious type, and we haven't been to church in several years mainly because he works weekends. I don't see him deconverting himself though because he's not really the thinker type and I don't see him questioning things as I've done. I don't have any plans to try to deconvert any of my family, as I believe you have to be a thinker to get out of religion's hold and one has to come to that point on their own...the majority never will. I know full well how non believers are viewed by christians, and that upsets me, but I really have no bitterness or hard feelings toward christianity and I believe my parents tried to raise me in what they sincerely believe to be the truth out of love. I would love nothing more than to let my mother live out her life believing that she did her job well raising her children to love God and that we're both going to heaven. This is not very realistic however, because although we live long distance from my parents, they are very involved as grandparents with my two young children and it will eventually come out that we aren't going to church and that I'm not indoctrinating them.....which brings me to the main issue I could use some advice on.... How do those of you that are parents handle the issues with relatives trying to indoctrinate your children? I am open to my children learning both sides and I want to teach them the parts of the Bible that I find good and useful such as the Golden Rule. But I want to raise them to be logical and free thinkers and decide for themselves what they believe when they are old enough. I know its going to become an issue with my parents and my in laws at some point. Any advice is welcome. Well that's about it. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and comment. Looking forward to getting to know some of you and learning more! Suz
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