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    west Texas oil fields
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    art, music, golf, antique restorations[cars-trucks-furniture-etc.] pet rescue success stories.
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    gave myself permission to question my faith and beliefs 8 or 9 years ago. Still have a lot of stress and anger. I dread the stress and fear it will cause some relationships when I finally, completely come out

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    spirits maybe

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  1. Saw a giant billboard on facebook last night; IF ALL YOU HAVE IS GOD THEN YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED and then a request for some amens with plenty of pisshead compliance.
  2. yea wearing the flag, carrying the cross, and probably hiding a gun
  3. I saw 2 bumper stickers on a pick-up the other day, first one had an image of a gun and read"COME AND TAKE IT'! The other simply stated "LIBERTY OR DEATH'. I wanted to say hey stupid, you're in America, the gun is legal and we happen to be free. If you're such a tuff mother fucker go to some country where that aint true and run your mouth off,,,dumb ass.
  4. I know this guy who recently lost his wife to cancer. It was as ugly as it gets. Hopeless, painful, and the suffering seemed endless. He confided to a mutual friend on facebook that just before she passed he had been praying for relief. Praying real hard, and although god's answer wasn't quite what he had hoped, he was thankful none the less. What kind of a man watches his wife suffer and die for over a year and thinks that god came through for him? I wanted to say to him if god had a loving hand in this matter, what took him so fucking long? When it comes to faith, they may have mountains of the shit, but they will settle for so little.
  5. Don't you just love it when a Christian interrupts a conversation about something unfortunate in the news and proclaims "This was never a problem until they took prayer out of school"!
  6. Don't know much about the Episcopal church, sounds different, but I know all about these overly motivated southern baptist down here in the good ol bible belt. You seem to be navigating it well. Good luck with the boys and welcome Chez to X-C
  7. reminded me of an image I saw recently of a very delapidated Pontiac Silverdome for some reason,,,flailing rags maybe. Good poem.
  8. window tinting should be illegal for goodlooking chics, unless they've been washed in the blood

  9. I'm with you Am,, 3 1/2 sounds a lot better than 3 5/8. Hey, go kick some ass on that paper work and taxes brave lady! And good luck on the happy house hunting,,,may be fun
  10. maybe instead of that low paying job, start teaching French in the comfort of your new home. How's that for a great idea? oooh lala and yippy ka ya. I hope things went well today Am.
  11. All good ideas,,,in fact, maybe the shorter comute would equal enough savings to pass up a low paying job and take on some extra fun shit, gardening, learn French, etc.
  12. Sounds like the devil is a great big pussy. Headaches, collapsing, fleeing, he even faints? I thought that sombitch had some balls,,juevos mucho!
  13. I don't have much advice but I have a lot of admiration for you. My hat's off Z.
  14. I watch very little TV period. As a christian I watched zero christian TV. Since becoming an atheist I have caught myself sneaking a peak now and then. It's not an emotionaly healthy thing for me to do.
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