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  1. WarriorPoet

    Huge (I think) News from the World of Biochemistry

    Except it didn’t. They only made conditions that would have been present on the early earth. The chemical reactions happened on their own. To what LF said earlier, you are right. Even if abiogenesis is ever achieved, all we will have discovered is A way that it can happen. We don’t know if there are multiple possibilities, and if there are, we likely won’t know which of those possibilities actually occurred.
  2. This is about a week old, so some may have already seen it. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/10/chemists-find-recipe-may-have-jump-started-life-earth As this layperson understands it, this is a giant leap forward in the effort to confirm abiogenesis. I haven't been around much lately, but if I remember correctly, I think that The Redneck Professor is a biochemist. Maybe he or someone else with similar qualifications can clarify exactly how significant this discovery is.
  3. WarriorPoet

    God cannot be judged by human standards

    This won’t work on all christians that try those loopholes, because they all believe in their own versions of christianity, but it can be helpful. If they are the type that would claim that “we have morality because god wrote his moral code in our hearts” or something similar, then you can tell them that you are perfectly qualified to judge god because you are doing so according to his own standard.
  4. WarriorPoet

    Lame Jokes

    A senior in high school asks his crush to the prom and she says "yes". The young man wants to make it a memorable night, so he goes to rent a limo. The line at the rental agency is really long, but he patiently waits and eventually is able to secure a very nice ride for the special night. Later he heads to the florist to get a corsage for his date. There are many other eager young men there, but he waits his turn and finally gets the perfect floral arrangement for the young woman. He then goes to rent a tuxedo, and because it is prom season, he waits and waits as many other suitors get fitted for the special night before it is his turn. Finally, the big night arrives. The young couple are having a great time. At around 10 o'clock she tells him that she is thirsty, so being the gentleman he is, he goes to the refreshment table to get her some punch and there is no punchline.
  5. WarriorPoet

    Debunking The "israel 1948 Prophecy"?

    It would seem to me that an omniscient god would have known how long a year actually was, so I don't see why his divinely inspired prophecy would rely on a flawed human calendar. Sloppy god. Secondly, even with the assumption of the 360 day lunar calendar, the math still doesn't work when you factor in the corrections that were periodically made to the calendar to account for the inaccuracy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_calendar So what you get if you do the math is a somewhat closer to accurate version of the modern calendar then what Mr. Jeffrey is proposing, and the remaining inaccuracies work out to make the average year longer, not shorter. Even assuming that this extra month was only added every third year, you get (360+360+390)/3=370 days. So the correct adjustment of the number of years would be 2520*370/365.25= 2552 (approx) years, not 2484. Apparently he thinks Israel is going to be reborn this year. All you have here is yet another christian who is ignoring inconvenient facts in an attempt to make his unsubstantiated ideas appear to have some sort of merit.
  6. Moore's law is about to hit its inevitable brick wall, but it has nothing to do with energy concerns. The problem is, there is a physical limit to how small a transistor can be. Once an object gets so small as to be only a few nuclear radii in length, it effectively has zero electrical resistance, which means that it cannot function as a transistor, or a solid state electronic component of any kind. If technology keeps pace with Moore's law, we will hit this wall much sooner than 2040.
  7. I've posted this before, but it bears repeating. Whenever you are having questions like this, remember that from what we know of history, there have been about 2800 gods worshipped by humans in various places and times. When you realize why you don't believe in 2799 of them, you will also realize why you shouldn't believe in the last one. Be well SB.
  8. WarriorPoet

    Divorced Over Religion

    Thank you for the compliment. To be completely honest, I am not trying to save your marriage, that is a job for which I am highly unqualified. I'm just trying to point out how she is not following the words of the founder of her religion. If you can point out to her the complete unfairness in her religion's view of marriage, she might start to ask herself some questions which just may lead to her joining you in deconversion.
  9. WarriorPoet

    Divorced Over Religion

    Per the words of Jesus, which theoretically should be important to your wife if she is a fundy, she has no right to divorce you. Matt 19:8 Jesus says that infidelity is the only acceptable reason for divorce, and only if it was the woman who was unfaithful. Nothing in the words of Jesus or the law of Moses permits a woman to initiate a divorce against her husband. Before you say it, I agree that this outlook is blatantly sexist, but if your wife wants to be fundamentalist, then she should follow all of the fundamentals.
  10. WarriorPoet

    Another Way To Really Piss Christians Off

    Whenever a christian says "the fool has said in his heart that there is no god", simply reply, "and the wise say it out loud".
  11. WarriorPoet

    Noah's Ark Park Destroyed In A Flood!

    If the stories I've seen are accurate, the park may very well soon be destroyed by a lack of a flood of paying customers. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/07/07/scenes-from-ark-encounters-opening-day-inside-the-ark/
  12. WarriorPoet

    "satan Had Insight!"

    Those christian apologists are certainly worshiping a weak god, a god that couldn't prevent one of his own creations from screwing with his divine plan.
  13. WarriorPoet

    So Frustrated!

    Is there a UU church near you? They might be willing to help you out. You could also contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Their entire reason for existence is to fight violations of church/state separation. http://ffrf.org/about/contact/ The ACLU might also take interest in your situation, can't hurt to try to get their help.
  14. WarriorPoet

    Help Put My Mind At Ease?

    I think this might be the passage you are looking for. Why should you not be concerned? Because this doesn't really say anything. Of course the collective knowledge of the human race is going to increase over time, that's just what we do. This prophecy, like most, is so vague that it can be interpreted to mean many different things. There is a good reason for this, when prophecies are specific, the tend to be very wrong. One of the most common examples is Ezekiel's prophecy about the city of Tyre. He said it would be destroyed forever. (Ezekiel 26). Just one problem with that though. https://www.google.com/search?q=tyre+satellite+picture&sa=X&biw=1525&bih=734&tbm=isch&imgil=_pWhs7g-Y8yF1M%253A%253B-omEP2wkaxd4hM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.gettyimages.com%25252Fdetail%25252Fnews-photo%25252Fthis-is-a-satellite-image-featuring-an-overview-of-tyre-news-photo%25252F71517736&source=iu&pf=m&fir=_pWhs7g-Y8yF1M%253A%252C-omEP2wkaxd4hM%252C_&usg=__mcN7fYQ9ZyF1NrzuO-m6cd_fPbA%3D&dpr=0.9&ved=0ahUKEwjT18L-087NAhVBSiYKHbW3B6IQyjcINw&ei=fX10V5OlEMGUmQG1756QCg#imgrc=_pWhs7g-Y8yF1M%3A That is a modern satellite image of Tyre and as far as I know, it was never destroyed, not even temporarily. A lot of the prophecies in the book of Daniel share a quality with many of the others that are found in the old testament. They read like the ravings of someone that had too many mushrooms, and this one is no exception.
  15. WarriorPoet

    No Filter

    If they went after your family member for being lgbt, they are the dick, not you. I usually don't speak about religion with the religious unless they bring it up. If they open up the door on that subject it becomes fair game, and I can safely proceed without any feelings of guilt about hurting their feelings. They're the ones that broached the subject. There isn't really an "overboard" in this case, especially if the christian in question is of the hell-believing variety.