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  1. There has been some great discussion in this thread, but there is something that I think has been lurking just under the surface the entire time and it relates to the above quoted paragraphs specifically. I haven't been very active for the last few years here, but I would like to share something that I have noticed happening in the Lion's Den, both during the time that I was more active and over the last few years when I was mostly lurking here. This impasse that you talk about frequently seems to have a really simple cause. Warning: I am about to generalize, which is something that I usually try to avoid, but I think is warranted in this case. There is one thing that religious people seem to have a very hard time doing that skeptics usually don't and that is saying three simple words: "I don't know". Christians, and occasionally believers of other varieties, come here to discuss their faith all the time. We like to ask them questions to get them to explain their beliefs, problems that we perceive with those beliefs, and whether they can offer any good evidence to convince us to share their beliefs. Occasionally, those questions get very uncomfortable, for reasons that most or all of us can understand, since there was a good chance that we found ourselves in a similar position when we were believers. There don't seem to be good answers, and for a good answer not to be readily available feels like a failure on the part of the believer, one who should be " always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;" (1 Peter 3:15). What happens is the believer in question finds themselves in a position of not being able to give an answer that sounds satisfying even to them, so they evade, attack a strawman, or they engage in blatant logical fallacies even as they (occasionally) accuse us of the same behavior. The simple fact is, saying "I don't know" is often the only intellectually honest answer and I have seen that answer avoided at all costs by believers. They seem to think that saying that is a far larger defeat, the conceding of far more ground in a debate than it really is. This is were we get in impasse, if more believers were willing to admit ignorance on questions that they genuinely don't have answers to, it would lead to far more meaningful discussions when we would then be able to move on to other matters.
  2. Except it didn’t. They only made conditions that would have been present on the early earth. The chemical reactions happened on their own. To what LF said earlier, you are right. Even if abiogenesis is ever achieved, all we will have discovered is A way that it can happen. We don’t know if there are multiple possibilities, and if there are, we likely won’t know which of those possibilities actually occurred.
  3. This is about a week old, so some may have already seen it. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/10/chemists-find-recipe-may-have-jump-started-life-earth As this layperson understands it, this is a giant leap forward in the effort to confirm abiogenesis. I haven't been around much lately, but if I remember correctly, I think that The Redneck Professor is a biochemist. Maybe he or someone else with similar qualifications can clarify exactly how significant this discovery is.
  4. This won’t work on all christians that try those loopholes, because they all believe in their own versions of christianity, but it can be helpful. If they are the type that would claim that “we have morality because god wrote his moral code in our hearts” or something similar, then you can tell them that you are perfectly qualified to judge god because you are doing so according to his own standard.
  5. A senior in high school asks his crush to the prom and she says "yes". The young man wants to make it a memorable night, so he goes to rent a limo. The line at the rental agency is really long, but he patiently waits and eventually is able to secure a very nice ride for the special night. Later he heads to the florist to get a corsage for his date. There are many other eager young men there, but he waits his turn and finally gets the perfect floral arrangement for the young woman. He then goes to rent a tuxedo, and because it is prom season, he waits and waits as many other suitors get fitted for the special night before it is his turn. Finally, the big night arrives. The young couple are having a great time. At around 10 o'clock she tells him that she is thirsty, so being the gentleman he is, he goes to the refreshment table to get her some punch and there is no punchline.
  6. You may be right, but if christianity never existed, than islam would not have existed. Let's keep playing this game, it's fun.
  7. Doubting Thomas, the only rational character in the entire gospel narrative. The one who wouldn't just accept someone's story that jesus had magically come back. He needed proof and, put in the same situation, so would any sane person. If you are going to be compared to a biblical figure, this is the one you should want. That is about as common a story as any here. Many of us started on the road to deconversion by trying to make our relationship with god better. Crazy how often that endeavor leads to the opposite result. Then again, maybe it isn't so crazy. Doing any sort of in depth study of the bible shows it to be the outlandish collection of myths that it really is. Keeping track of how your prayers are supposedly answered yields results that are eerily similar to random chance. If you stay honest with yourself you start to realize that maybe there really isn't much to the faith thing. Remember one thing as you begin this journey. You don't owe the christians anything when they start to criticize you, try to win you back or even debate you. You don't need to explain yourself or defend your position, unless you want to. If they aren't happy letting you live your life on your terms, then they have no business intruding into your life. Welcome to Ex-c Hulk.
  8. Hmmm..... I read my bible everyday and lived as best as I could according to its priciples; but I still ended up becoming an atheist. Does that mean the devil came back and deceived me even after all that bible study? Perhaps satan is stronger than god's word. God's word is satan's favorite tool.
  9. The greatest religious experiance I ever had was the moment I realized that I was no longer religious

    1. MerryG


      You almost left me speechless with that comment, WarriorPoet. But yeah ... The universe opens ... the true magnificence of reality strikes ...

    2. NeverAgainV
  10. Philosophy is easy for an atheist. Did you make somebody's life better today? Yes: good job. No: Do better tomorrow

    1. moanareina


      Or, did you make your life better today? Yes, cool because without knowing you might have made the life of someone else better today too...No? WTF are you waiting for?

  11. You're right that you are entitled to dignity as a human being. That is an absolute. Where it gets tricky is balancing that against what you feel for your family, friends and yourself. I have still not come out to my family after being an atheist for well over 5 years. I have my reasons, some would say that they are good reasons, some would say they're not. I don't think there is any sort of "one-size-fits-all" formula for this type of thing. You need to figure out the best way to proceed with your own situation. There are also practical issues to consider. I looked at your profile and saw that you are a college student, which indicates that you may be at least somewhat financially dependent on your family, or possibly still living with them. In these cases it can be extremely important to avoid making waves, especially waves as big as this could end up being. If you do tell them, or they find out some other way, don't feel too intimidated if they try to debate or counsel you, or whatever else they call it. Even if you find yourself losing in such a debate, that is no reason to change your mind. You will probably also notice that the tactics that are used on someone who the church is losing are often based on nothing more than fear and attempts to make you feel inadequate. This won't always be the case, but those are very common tactics used by the church and its followers. At the end of the day, the only person you are accountable to is you. As long as you are not breaking any laws, nobody can tell you how to live or what to believe. In any case, I'm glad that you're off the fence. That is the most uncomfortable position to be in.
  12. Welcome Angstrom. This sounds really familiar to me. I have always had an innate curiosity that didn't reach its full potential until I left christianity. It was always there, just subdued. After leaving, I started gobbling up as much information as I could get my hands on. Information regarding things like evolution and cosmology that I had missed out on being raised with a somewhat literal belief in the bible. I was reading so much so fast that there was no way that I could effectively process all of the information that I was getting. As such, I was forgetting nearly everything that I was trying to learn. I started to worry that I was developing memory problems and had a small crisis when I thought this was maybe a sign from god trying to get my attention, but that passed relatively quickly. (I haven't posted a testimony here myself yet, but I will say that I was fortunate that my deconversion was far less painful than most people here. This was one of very few doubts I had. I had actually forgotten about it until reading your post here.) My best advice to you would be to be patient. Don't try to do to much at once. I truly understand your curiosity, but I think you really need to slow down. Study one topic at a time. Make sure that you try to understand the information instead of simply memorizing it. Quiz yourself the the following day about the new things that you learned, if necessary go over the parts that you had trouble with again. It might feel a little slow and frustrating, but I'm sure that this will help. I don't often post in this section. I very rarely feel that I have the proper experience or encouraging words for the new members. I posted this because what you wrote is very similar to something that I experienced.
  13. Ah yes, threats of god raining havoc on your life. Stay classy xians.
  14. Ugh, this is a topic of much frustration, I never know how to refer to anyone. When I was really young in school, learning about Martin Luther King, I thought the appropriate word to refer to african-americans was the spanish word for black. Then when I got older, I found that term was offensive, and I was now supposed to say "black". Fast forward a few more years, I found out that was now offensive and the proper term is african-american. Another issue I've had is the word lesbian. I know that it is a correct word to use, but to this day it feels like an offensive term when I use it. I used to say "gay woman" but then I found out that that term is offensive to some lesbians, so I am stuck saying a word that feels to me like a pejorative instead of a term that feels better to me but can be offensive to the people it refers to. I agree with Ravenstar, let's all be terrans.
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