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  1. I am so sick of this. Joe, you repeatedly show yourself to be just as clueless as other people have said you are. You really think that we just like sinning? I've got some news for you. Nearly all of us once believed as strongly as you do now. One day we realized we didn't anymore, there are more stories in the Testimonies section than you could ever hope to read. One part of losing our beliefs is realizing that this is all there is, there is no magical paradise in the sky that we will go someday. One other thing we realize, everyone that we love who has passed awa
  2. I must admit that I was trying to push his buttons there at the end of my engagement with him. Once anyone tries to defend the perpetrator of genocide, my hackles tend to go up, even if that genocide is fictional. He was kind enough to give me what I wanted though. I might have been the target of more of his attempted insults in one tirade than anyone else in this entire thread. I was extremely glad to help him show everyone his character. I was just a little disappointed though. There in the early middle part of this thread, for a few glorious minutes, we seemed to
  3. This? This is your refutation? Because I actually took your advice and reread what you wrote less hastily, and everything else in your post is simply an attempt at mocking me, so this must be what you meant by refutation. Are you seriously unable to see that the quoted paragraph is simply a sugarcoated restatement of what I said about a human sacrifice. That the supposed sacrifice was willing does not change what it was. And you think slapped me around. Excuse me while I laugh myself to sleep.
  4. No, I don't believe that god exists. Here's the deal though, I DID believe it, until I was 28 years old. I believed it with every bit of certainty that you believe it now. I didn't just read about god, as you so flippantly dismissed. My K-12 education happened in a christian school, classes about the bible and other sources of christian theology every single day, along with classes that dealt with other religions, admittedly those tended to be a bit biased. You accused me of not having an original thought, well you may be right. That f---ing book has been around for
  5. And back to our convo. First, I wasn't calling YOU an amateur, that would be an ad hominem, which I usually try to avoid when dealing with people. I was saying your little word game in this one instance was amateur. Next, what in hell does "the metric of quality" even mean? Are you really unable to take a look outside of yourself and see that neither you nor anybody else is the ultimate goal of the universe? Because here is a news flash for you, the universe has no goal, no highest level of achievement. If the universe could be concerned about things, than it would
  6. Oh, I know. I was the first person to wade into this particular swamp.
  7. If you and Weezer don't mind, I will throw in my 2 cents. The US didn't kill 99.99+% of the Japaneses people when we dropped 2 unimaginably terrible weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I agree with you that the decision was made to save lives on both sides and it likely accomplished that goal. We could debate on whether or not it was the right decision elsewhere. However, if one believes in god and that god is all-powerful and all-knowing, then he knew what was going to happen when he created humans. He could have, in his infinite power and knowledge, found another wa
  8. Amateur wordplay at best. Yes, it is great to be me. I have an amazing wife and 2 incredible kids. We aren’t rich, but are better off than most people, financially speaking. That being said, using obviously different meanings of the word great and hoping nobody notices is lazy. I never said I would rather be one of those things I mentioned. I said they are greater. There is a big difference between those two ideas. Let me ask you, by what metric are you, I, or any living thing greater than a supernova? Let me clarify here, I mean biological life forms h
  9. To make a blanket statement that life is greater than non-life seems to me to be nothing more than arrogance on the part of the living. I don’t understand how one could simply make that claim when there are such things as hurricanes, volcanoes, gamma ray bursts, or super-massive black holes. I’m sure you would agree with me that none of those things are alive, and I would not classify myself or any other living thing that we know of as greater than them.
  10. I’m in agreement with Wertbag here, greatness would need to be defined in this specific context. For example, oxygen+hydrogen+a little gamma radiation makes water. What would be the greatest thing in that combination, or are they all equal in greatness? My guess is that you are leading us to some kind of a “first cause” argument, but I’m happy to admit that guess could be wrong. Either way, I will pop the popcorn and watch you getting wherever it is you’re going.
  11. You came here to start this thread. You insulted what we do here saying that it isn’t productive. You proceeded to engage in the same behavior that you accused us of. You made sweeping and unfounded generalizations about us. I pointed out that you said that having a conversation in this forum wouldn’t accomplish anything. You haven’t addressed that. Seriously, did you simply misspeak? If so, then I am happy to let it go. Or did you mean that it was pointless and unproductive until you came along? Instead of responding to my direct query, you
  12. They fought like warrior poets. They fought like Scotsmen, and won their freedom. (Emphasis obviously mine.) Still perplexed here. You expressed your certainty in the futility of engaging with us, or me personally. So I ask again, if it is futile, why are you wasting your time? Is there possibly something that you know that none of the other believers that ventured into this forum didn’t? Please, regale us with your wisdom. My guess is that you haven’t anything more to say than any other theist says.
  13. Not looking to have any of my needs met. Just pointing out the very obvious projection. The fact that some of what you said in your OP may be correct* doesn’t change that you are accusing us of the very type of behavior that you are engaging in. In regards to your little swipe at my username, thanks for that, a bit of a laugh is good everyday. First of all, that name was simply chosen because Braveheart was on TV when I made my account here. Secondly, despite what you might see in movies, warriors don’t act as individuals, the entire group works together to achieve their objec
  14. Think about what you wrote here. Take all the time you need. The rest of your post is also a little confusing for one reason. If nothing gets accomplished in forums like this, then what exactly are you trying to do here? If this is such an exercise in futility, then why don’t you treat our “mental masturbation” as the physical sort and leave the practitioners in peace?
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