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  1. My hand's had plenty of exercise anyway. No problem.Good. Aside from that I just find it unrelentingly odd....that I'm asked questions I already answered as if I never been asked that question before. Like a new fresh piece of meet on a the street. Like im a new hooker on the block.
  2. I'm not posting it again period. I have two full blown threads answering the why and the 100questions that followed. Either click my name and find the thread or Dont get your answers. I'm not walking anybodys hand. Its already written TWICE each thread with over 200replies. Yea..stop being lazy
  3. You never answered the question posed in this thread in those earlier threads. Did u follow my instructions? I created an entire thread addressing the why. When in first signed up and AGAIN when 4 months after when I was asked again Click on my lick find my thread andet the prrof be in the pudding. Non laziness will get you your answer Its in my posts click on my name find content...NOW ROFL Really?? Lol
  4. Give me an example on how to sufficiently answer a why without infinite regress. Why do like that girl Because she is amazing Why is she amazing Because I love her personality Why do you love her personality? Because...... You see... Its that same thing y'all doing. And I answered a million of thr infinite regress in two bull bowon forums I'm not doing it again Copy and paste link or read it for yourselves. I would copy and paste but can't on cell
  5. You guys can't be serious right? I have two full blown out threads on why I became a Christian. Forgive m for being on my cell I can't copy and paste or retype the entire thing again. When I say I believe x then you say why do you believe x and I say I believe x because of a different x and you say why do you believe that different x and I say because of another x and you say why do you believe another x and they cycle continues. Dont yall get it??? Lol all my answered will end in a why. Hence my answer cannot be a short sentence Its full blown out story which I boosted MANY times here even have a bull blown thread on it hahaha really? I even went in detail when I was an atheist and what made me change to WHY I believe. I answered the why many times different times and different ones ways phrases and saying to get it thru halls head but even when I posted then why then with a big 1000 word paragraph y'all still didn't care. I'm not repeating it. If you want to know in detail why simply click on my name and find my content and posts and I have I think actually TWO threads on why I believe because Yea its the most common question atheist ask. Because I'm on my cell i can't copy and paste the link that I responded to your WHY'S many times I aight afraid of no WHY I started a whole thread about why's and y'all got mad at me for it. I ask any why everyday of my life ROFL u guys are hilarious
  6. Its because y'all Dont believe in sin is the reason you cannot accept a reason to believe. Hence One will not change a flat tire if you Dont think it needs to be changed
  7. Not particularly. I'd like you to answer my question though... I did answer. How do y'all extrapolate... I believe because I believe from my.response. I said we believe because Jesus died for our sins. Its that simple. As instated before someone will not go to a doctor if they think they are perfectly healthy. As long as we all think there is nothing wrong then we will not seek help we think we Dont need it. Or as a we have transgress Gods law and as we all know Ignorance of the law does not excuse us of it.....you heard that before. None of this is new. Its basic
  8. I heard they lost the contract to their studio so wasn't sure if they still doing shows or not
  9. Do u guys want me to go on the atheist experience?
  10. Dang u guys Dont play when it comes to disrespect. I hope that I have no offended anyone during my time here. I try to be respectful in disagreements as much as I can In the mean time have you guys heard about the guy who got his penis ripped off and the doctors authorized an 8inch Biotic Replacement?
  11. One should not become Christian because its promised roses One should not become Christian because it feels good because trust me it doesnt always One should not become Christian for heaveny or earthy rewards You Dont become Christian because you fear hell You Dont become Christian because you can win or lose arguments with intellectual debates about the origin of the universe or any other argument These are foundational to Christianity
  12. That's a very salient point. But it does leave one asking the question which I posed to Thumby in my initial post in this thread, and which she noticeably declined to answer properly: why believe at all? I concede that the doctrine of hell, in and of itself, is neither an argument for or against the veracity of a particular religion. But this leaves us asking why we should believe in the first place. Seeing how as Thumby has apparently buggered off again, would you care to weigh in here? Why believe? Come on that's an easy one. It's not an accepted answered but its foundational. Many people believe for many reasons true but it can be narrowed down to Because we believe Jesus died for our sins and believe we are a sinner. Without believing at least that part one would Never become Christian for the right reasons. We have to believe we are sick before we seek treatment. So we have to believe we sin before we even want to believe in Jesus If we Dont believe in sin at all then we will never believe If we believe in sin but Dont think we do it. Then we will never believe Sin is a unfalsifiable concept so science will never believe it but I was just answering ur question sorry can't go in detail on a cell
  13. Looks like that list of 100 off-limits subjects applies to A1, as well as Thumbelina. Lol Nothing is off limits with me I've talked about hell many times in the past rape slavery I could leave no stone unturned. I'm not afraid of any topic in the bible. I only responded briefly Cuz I haven't been on Ina. awhile and I just caught the tale end of this thread so I have no clue what was covered or not lol
  14. Some religions Dont even believe in hell..yet you still Dont believe in them. So hell isn't the issue
  15. There is no defense for hell. I'm just a messenger. Just like a military officer would be a messager if your son died. I Dont make the rules. Just because we Dont like something doesn't change anything Call me when science can stop humans from.dying and help us become Immortal
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