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    Reading nonfiction and speculative fiction, writing songs and my epic novel about a fantasy cult, and living life.
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    I deconverted on 2 November, 2013, from around ten years of belief throughout my entire adolescence. I was raised in a christian family and thus believed because I thought it was true. When I found better evidence, my beliefs' basis on truth kind of backfired.

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  1. It's been 5 years and I'm still mad. I do not think i will ever not be mad. Everything in the media, even secular media, tells us you can't ever be happy or move on until you let it go. I think that's a half-truth at best. I think we will always be angry because it is unjust, and good people are unhappy about injustice. Even if you're not good, it is right and a sign of health in your self esteem to say that it wasn't okay to be treated this way. To exploit a vulnerable fellow human and mess with someone's head is not okay, ever. If that is something that happened to you then I thi
  2. So you had to make a judgment here by leaning on your own understanding?
  3. I don't think that's weakness, Rachel. Anyone would want that.
  4. Wow, Nature, that's intense--does he also refuse to go to the doctor as a result? Another strategy might be to research why it is "unbiblical".
  5. Hmm, that's interesting. The Secret came out around the time this mentality seemed to take off in my church. I wonder if there were any christian responses to this book that were published a year or so later.
  6. Sounds like prime Rifftrax material.
  7. CBT is enormously helpful, not foolproof but still really really good. After just one session of learning how to do it I got enormous benefits and i highly recommend it to anyone else dealing with anxiety My psych and I are actually looking into whether I have PTSD from all of this, which is categorised as an anxiety disorder too. Yay. I envy you your lessened fear, for me realising i was going to die and that was likely that meant that instead of having an eternity to live, I just get another 75 years or thereabouts. And yeah, after enough bad conversations I had to ad
  8. Oh my god, that's amazing! Google is giving me nothing unfortunately, just misspellings of Norman's name.
  9. Hardest part... do i have to choose just one? The anxiety I live with, caused by being raised to fear. The inability to trust insitutions or commit to something bigger than myself. Not knowing who I am or what I want anymore. Every month realising a new layer of how fucked up my childhood was as a result of religion and my parents combined. Fearing death including a newfound fear of flying. Realising how controlled and unhappy my family is because of this cancerous religion. Going from being the golden girl of the family to being the black sheep. Reconnecting with an old Christian
  10. Focus on Jesus, not on people? "He's dead, sweetie, he's not doing much these days..." But I get what you mean. I don't have a good answer for you, @Bookworm . It was my refrain right up until I left. I just want you to know I hear you.
  11. Hey Lost, Wow, I have a lot to say about this. First of all, I know the fear. It's the fear that when you ignore those impulses to go back, to pray, to praise god, that you are 'hardening your heart' and will have only yourself to blame on judgement day. In some sense, you are hardening your heart. You have to, because being in the cult so long has meant people have stomped on it until it is goopy mush. But this doesn't mean you are sinful. What you have to remember is that Christianity operates on its own internal logic. By simply thinking "I'm
  12. Does this mean any 2018 converts don't actually have their conversions kick in until next year?
  13. So woah, i forgot to refresh the page before posting that last comment and a whole lot happened in the meantime! Considering you can make the Bible say whatever you want, unless end has specifically stated somewhere that they are a biblical literalist, we might have to give them this one.
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