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  1. The concept of romantic love IS that it will be perfect and will last forever. But it's been proven that it only lasts a few years at the most and is far from perfect. Remember romantic love and infatuation although they tend to be equated, are not the same thing. Romantic love is an invention of the post-Dark Ages era. But the high rate of divorces and the fact that there is the act of being unfaithful (including mental sexual fantasy) in every single couple, then the concept of romantic love is a fallacy. That is my opinion.
  2. I understand there has been a massive response against Valentine's Day and it has lost a lot of support since many people have realized just how stupid is to think that one day of the year is dedicated to love, but the tradition is still there and there are many followers of that day, like for example on Friday I went to Wal-mart to buy some snacks and it took me about 40 minutes to drive back home when Wal-mart is just one mile from where I am. And you see the people with the balloons, flowers and all that crap, but you don't see many doing that in other times of the year, perhaps only on the
  3. This topic reunites some of the issues I have discussed in previous threads but in this case I want to begin with a statement that I have come to think as the general conclusions I have on humanity itself: It looks like most of humans are in an unavoidable need to believe something even if it just made-up from scratch. What I mean is that if we analyze the behavior of humans through history, there is nothing that could tell me I am wrong in thinking that humans are pretty much delusional and make up fantasies during all their lives in order to give their lives some meaning. As children, we
  4. This idiot clown (De Jesus Miranda) is from my home island. A shame to all of us.
  5. A comedian known in my home island of Puerto Rico has recently died. He was 51 years old, he died of pneumonia. Lots of people reunited to pray for his recuperation, since was basically doing fine until last week. Yet, he died. It is not the best time to go to them and tell them that prayer failed again. But even if some do tell them, there are going to be some excuses to make up for the fact that no being answered any prayer of recuperation.
  6. The history on how I stopped believing in the romantic form of love is kind of similar to what happened to my belief in religion. A lot of people tell me I am wrong and come with the same babbling that "she has not arrived, wait until you fall in love, etc.". I am almost 31, never had a girlfriend, most of the time I wanted one I was still expecting this Christian expectation of the girlfriend (your summarized it very well) and almost at the same time, I stopped believing both in religion and romantic love. Apostate explained well the similarities of both religion and romantic love. To me,
  7. Now if there was a proof that a deity exists I would thank him/her/it that I never had one. In reality I don't want any kind of girlfriend (or boyfriend, I am not gay) anymore. Just like I don't believe in religion I don't believe in romantic love, although I respect those who do. My point is that now that I have opened my eyes I can easily recognize that Christian people in their majority are the worse kind of people to marry. Their hypocrisy, falsehood, arrogance... Just don't stop to amaze me.
  8. Now that most of us are not Christians anymore, do you think that the teachings of Christianity you learned before deconverting play a role on how you are now, in terms of moral principles and values? Some Christians believe that non-Christianity, especially atheism, is a "freedom" these people feel to do immoral things, like promiscuity, chosen homosexuality, drugs, and so forth. I have read some saying atheists are just "angry" with God and that we all believe in God at the end. They fail to answer the basic questions that deconvert not only the Christian who questions the religi
  9. That's very sad... But at the same time you have recognized that these people cannot be trusted. The sole fact that he asked you such a highly disrespectful question especially in front of your children proves nothing more than he is just another fake Christian, and who knows if eventually he comes to his senses and realize what a big mistake he did, but you should not return with him, with all due respect. I say this for experience, most Christians cannot be trusted. These people are indoctrinated and controlled by fear. But in their true selves, they doubt, they know there is someth
  10. Yes, that's right I said AWAKENING. Not change. While there is a change, more than that there is the feeling of opening your eyes from a nightmare... or maybe not so harsh as a nightmare but a bad dream. I have been said in different forums (it's sad that fu...ing Facebook still has blocked from posting on pages) that I will soon re-encounter God and that he will use me for his glory... Others of course have judged me that my relationship with Jesus never happened... maybe they are right, or should I say they are actually right- except for one thing, did they give me the proof that the
  11. Hi people. I have been out for a while since I was in vacation, but I am back. (I am not a members who is here all the time anyway) While I was in Puerto Rico (a very Christian country) and being surrounded by Christians everywhere including my mother, with who I had several conversations although trying to keep her away from thinking I was an atheist since I am not atheist but agnostic), I have to say that my agnosticism today is stronger. There are just so many things that are wrong with this religion stuff, including their ways of detecting a god, if exists... I just come to the
  12. Let me explain about my rant: The governor of my home island Puerto Rico signed yesterday a law that hurts the teachers' retirement plan, and teachers in PR are paid a misery compared to what is paid in the rest of the United States. That happened yesterday, Christmas Eve. Today, he posted in his Facebook a message of blessings for all people for Christmas. As expected, most teachers and a lot of people are commenting very angrily. Yet, there are the Christians saying that today is not a day for that, that they remember that today it is commemorated the birth and rise of Jesus... O
  13. I am not angry at the concept of God. As an agnostic, I don't dare to say God (the concept) does not exist. Now, to say that the Christian, or Muslim or any religious God exists is another thing. Think about the wide Universe- if there is life outside Earth it's very unlikely they will be Christian. My main problem with the Christian God concept is that it is, at the end, exclusive for a group of people. Even Christians don't agree among themselves on how He works. Protestants have an arrogant security that "you can only get to heaven by grace". They being sure of that over the fact that there
  14. I was not here for the last weeks so I am unaware of the situation on Christians here coming to "attack" us Ex-Christians. I must say, at this point of time my dislike for Christians in general is very strong, and while Facebook and other platforms may decide to ban me from commenting on pages for religion reasons even when I do it with the utmost respect, asking questions instead of offending them, I may not be as gentle here if they come and attack my position with foul language. You see my problem with Christians (and especially Protestants, since Catholics are mostly secular and tradit
  15. I just can't describe how much I am disliking these people. Not all, of course, but so many of them... it's sickening. The intolerance these people have for those who don't agree with them is disturbing. If we say anything we don't agree with them they just take it personal and they feel they have been raped or something, but they feel they need to push their garbage into us. I saw a post on Facebook in which a young man confesses his homosexuality to his parents, since I am blocked from freaking commening on Facebook pages I decided to give my rant here. Some "Christians" continue
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