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    Hello! My name on this forum is Tezia, although that is not my real name. It is actually part of my first middle name with the first three letters missing. I had begun to identify as an Agnostic in October 2013, although I could consider myself a closeted Agnostic since no one else knows. I feel that being an Agnostic is a more honest position for me since I would disagree with the statement 'there is no God'. <br /><br />I am taking a break from college but in the mean time I am doing lots of reading and writing and I hope to be a published author someday.

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  1. I've only worked in one place (I'm a young adult btw) at age 19. It was Dominoes Pizza. Worst mistake ever. But what made this point so significant is that around this period in my life, I was on the fence about theism in general. I guess after praying to make things better and only ending up taken advantage of by the managers and eventually being fired I guess that's what killed the last bit of my interest in Christianity and theism.
  2. Oh yeah I remember reading one of Strobel's works as a Christian. It's funny now because now I'm on the other side of this whole thing. I never got through it because it was so wordy, and I was a bit irritated by how he wrote things.
  3. I'm a person of color, so people are unlikely to suspect me of even being an atheist. This one time though,someone thought I was Buddhist. Anyway, I have problems when chatting with other people of color, since 'god' and 'letting god take control of things' comes up at some point in the conversation. Adding to that I live in the south as well. Usually I just say 'I don't really believe that' and then the conversation ends a short time later when I don't say anything else.
  4. Over here in my area we recently had something called "hip hop hope". Basically it is also a VBS but with a hip hop twist. Really don't think hip hop and Christianity were ever meant to go together.
  5. Oh no she is a definite Jesus freak. She always sounds super passionate every time she talks about Jesus or god. I like how y'all are tearing her up lol. I am too nice so I haven't told her she IS religious. And going back to what Redneck said. Either sounds bad, bit the pretending to be Christian is even worse. That is one main thing that drew me away. If no one will take it serious, then why should I?
  6. While I am clearly not religious, I don't have an issue with illegal immigrants. Maybe not send the children away, but if any illegals are allowed to stay and they and their relatives benefit, at least do away with naturalization. Now, about the tape. Funny, I visited a recruiters office years ago and they always had it on a Christian station, yet they were a**as. Another example. I worked at a place and one of the old managers had it on the Christian station all the time, yet she was a corrupt manager. I find it is best to just steer clear of people like that. It is unfortunate Christ
  7. Ah yes I remember that series. I was around 6-8 when it normally came on and would watch it then. Don't remember a full episode, just bits and pieces. This one would be a childhood show to me and I would only watch it out of nostalgia, nothing more. Funny enough I don't really recall ever thinking of Christianity or God as I watched this, but I also didn't fully understand the concepts of Christianity then.
  8. Lol that's what I've been thinking all along. Also, I did use to go to a church like the one described in the post above this one. Many people in that church also proclaimed not to be religious and funny enough, their pastor said that religion is one of the worst things invented. He also made some claim that Christianity is not about a religion, yet obviously you were encouraged to fast, pray, read the bible among other things. Smh. But, Christianity, no matter how liberal may be, is meaningless lol.
  9. Yes exactly. Now that you mention she always says that.
  10. This is the best possible title I could come up with. Allow me to explain. I have this friend who claims she is "not religious" every time I tell her I'm not religious. Yet it is clear she can still be considered a Christian. She's a huge Jesus freak, goes to church, meets with her church friends in little groups, prays and reads the bible. Each time I hear her claim to be religious, I am thinking "bullish*t" in the back of my mind. Her claim is vaguely reminiscent of the thing of trying to seem cool? Perhaps Christians and the other religious folk realize that religion is not cool and try to
  11. Thanks guys. And thanks for the responses
  12. Yup. It kinda is a cult. She also became verbally abusive when I declined to go to church. Kept insulting me and everything. She does have a documented illness but it is clear the religion is only making it worse. A few times she has threatened to boot me. But, one day I will take her at her word and leave her. Then disown her. I am actually looking at a few options. One, and the one I am likely to do, is by staying in state but going to another city, preferably a large one with a good bus system since I cannot afford a car, and transfer colleges. I am aware that I will incur debt, but I liter
  13. Yes, good point. It's been said and proven in scientific studies that smarter people are less likely to be religious. After all, what kind of thinking does it take to simply believe in a book that cannot be proven true.
  14. I am still emotionally reeling from the awful experience I had with my mother this morning. So, for the umpteenth time, my emotionally disturbed mother had been trying to get to me. I found out myself that the sole purpose of her arguing is to get a reaction out of me, which hasn't happened thus far. But even then, I also have just come to realize that she is just an emotional leech. Anyhow, my main point that I want to talk about is militant relatives. I am not talking about groups like the Westboro Baptist church, but sometimes, you just have people that take Christianity to the extreme
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