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    Houston, TX
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    videogames, anime, japanese :3, cross stitch, learning new things ^_^
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    i'm a nigerian ex-christian who's constantly in conflict with the beliefs of her friends & family /: hopefully one day they'll all see the *true* light.

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    knowledge is my god ^_^
  1. Can I hug you? Seriously, I am sitting here with dried up tears and snot running down my nose DESPERATE to hug you. The amount of emotion and compassion your video series (which I just sat for the last two hours or so and watched straight through) has squeezed out of me is just unreal. I just want to hug you and say thank you so much for making these videos. I'm an ex-Christian, and have been so secretly only for a few years. When I think about it though, I feel like I never really was one, I only participated because of my environment, & my friends and family. But your video touched me on
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