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  1. I haven't posted here in a long time. Last month was two years out of the church, which is crazy in and of itself. I officially left at age 24, now 26, and I've come a long way since I left. At first I was scared, confused, not sure of who I was or why I left. Now I am back in school (got accepted into University) and putting my life together. I'm not nearly as emotionally down as I was back then, and I feel much more "myself." I was a born again, tongue praying, charismatic christian from age 15 to 24, and I was obsessed. I moved to Colorado Springs, CO to attend New Life Church a
  2. My totally non empirical and potentially offensive opinion is that "liberal" christians, muslims, jews, whatever religion, aren't in the religion for logical reasons but rather for emotional / cultural reasons. After all, if the bible is true, shouldn't you take it seriously and follow it literally? I never understood the propensity to cherry pick bits and pieces out whenever something sounds good. In a way, liberal christians seem to be determining their own truth as opposed to taking the bible at its word, and its with very little logic. That's why sometimes I find them more frus
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Life caught a hold of me and I hadn't been back here in a bit. Still chewing it over. I do like the label secular humanism.
  4. So this is a really complicated and convoluted series of thoughts that I'm attempting to condense, so bear with me. I was a full blown Christian for 9 years. I prayed in tongues (still can), moved to different cities for God (twice), got engaged and then broke off the engagement because God was "testing me." I was on the path to become a pastor, and that was my world. I became a Christian at 15, gave up all my hobbies, and left at age 24. I never officially left. It was more of a slipping out. Of course, my closest friends know, but I still have a lot of former contacts on Facebook and in th
  5. I was a very serious Christian. Serious enough that when my pastor told me to call of my wedding 1 month ahead of time, I did it without questioning. Now four and half years later, I haven't gone on a date since she and I split. I have left the church and find adjusting to dating to be particularly difficult. I had my first date in almost five years scheduled tomorrow, and the girl just backed out on me. This has easily been the most demoralizing issue I've faced. Anyone else deal with stuff like this?
  6. I've really struggled with a huge "spiritual and existential gap" since Ieft the church. Been wondering about the meaninglessness and absurdness of existence. Heavy philosophical questions. There is something really beautiful in this video. Its short. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLKb-G18K00 This really struck me. The idea of nature existing to observe itself… there's something beautiful about it. Not supernatural in anyway… but it strikes a note of wonder in me. "And one remembers how fascinating the most ordinary everyday things are to a child, because they see them al
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Its nice to hear I'm not alone in my feelings. I'll look over that post.
  8. Sorry everyone…. I feel like this is a bit egocentric but I wrote it out in a moment of depression and I want to share it, for my own sake. I became a Christian at age 14. I was a confused, awkward, lonely kid. I had had only one "girlfriend," an I use the term lightly because it only lasted a week. As long as I remember I had always been a romantically minded kid. I remember being 9 to 10 years old and having intense crushes on the one girl, hoping I could be with her. Her face may change through the years but she always had the same smile in my dreams, and the same gentle touch. No ma
  9. I used to write a bit when I was 12 but then I stopped. I think that being in the religion seriously sapped my creativity. I don't write a lot anymore and I don't know how good I am, but once in a while I find it therapeutic. I've posted a few things here. This regards some of my feelings in the midst of my current existential crisis. In particular, I'm very socially aware and climate change is really concerning to me. So this has somewhat to do with that mixed in with the feelings of my own death. I'd welcome some feedback. We are all destined to the same place To be food for
  10. I know a lot of christians do this, but the more intelligent and theologically grounded Christians don't dismiss the old testament. Its not that it is dismissed, its that it had a time and place. When I was in the thick of it, I believed the Old Testament was 100% inspired and word of God. But I didn't believe I had to follow the book of Leviticus. It was the Old Covenant, and in Christ the New Covenant applied. So when people use the logic of Leviticus to point out "hypocrisy," they are missing the point of the New Testament, and it weakens any argument they might have because they
  11. Wow talk about lot of responses. I think maybe some missed my point. Of course, I think the theology is contradictory in a lot of ways and obviously it varies from sect to sect, denomination to denomination, and person to person. What frustrates me, though, is the complete confidence people have when they say "WHY DIDN'T YOU SHAVE YOUR FACE?? YOUR A SINNER!! HYPOCRITE! WHY DO YOU EAT SHRIMP? WHY DO YOU NOT WEAR CERTAIN CLOTHS A CERTAIN WAY? YOU DON'T EVEN BELIEVE!!" Its an EXTREME oversimplification. I remember when I was a Christian, arguments like that would make me dism
  12. I find that I've really started to enjoy listening to arguments against Christianity by skeptical voices. Yet one of the things that really bothers me is when well-meaning secular humanists will go after Christians without really knowing what they are talking about. I'll give you an example. One I hear a lot is when people "refute" anti-gay arguments by asking christians if they eat shellfish or pork. The logic goes, if you eat shellfish or pork, your clearly in violation of the scriptures, so your just as bad as homosexuals. Thats a huge misunderstanding of theology. Christians
  13. She got back to me…. apparently a mistake in her scheduling software. No biggie.
  14. NOTE: I posted this when I was angry and venting. Not the best decision. Dr. Winell got back to me and there was a misunderstanding. Not sure if I can delete this post but if I can I want to. I went ahead and decided to sign up for a free 20 minute consultation with Dr. Marlene Winell. I was hoping to get involved in one of her online groups (http://journeyfree.org). I set up the meeting a few weeks ago, took the time off of work for it, and was ready with both my phone and Skype. Nothing happened. No calls, no skypes, like the email I got said. I want to belie
  15. If you can control someones speech you can control their thoughts. Than you control them.
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