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  1. I'm off for school today if anyone wants to talk I'll be in the chat area!

  2. Even being an atheist I still find I struggle with spiritual topics. Although, I personally find a naturalistic world view comprehensive (meaning no souls) it bears little comfort. However, I still cling to it. I'm not Richard Dawkins so I suggest finding a spiritual path that fits you. So long as you harm no one else of course. If you find it in a belief in souls so be it.
  3. Holy Shit school and things are eating me alive.-meh.

  4. I just read all of the replies, lol you guys. I know the majority do not however I have sat through a sermon on keeping food laws and such. (I fell asleep.)
  5. I'm curious, what commands did you keep. Or didn't keep for that matter.
  6. Hello! Sorry I haven't been on. Exams nearly killed me and likewise my family. @.@

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    2. AriTheApostate


      Nope. I do not smoke :D

    3. Burny


      Well, I'm sure it'll be worth it when you get all A's... :)

    4. xliar


      Damn glad to hear it Ata cause quiting is an SOB and I hope you got A's too, you know, smoking A's

  7. First off hugs to everyone! You guys are awesome. Second of all, I want to apologize for not getting to this sooner I was under the weather and I had mid-terms that took up a lot of time. Actually, yes, this is an actual concern for me considering the church I'm affiliated with supports gay-therapy. Typically, if you come out as gay/queer/some other families, of the evangelical streak, will at the very least try and get the youth to "pray the gay away." I should disclose I do live with my mother who isn't very kind about the gay-issue. She's nice to the gays but not so much about le
  8. First off, welcome! I'm glad you're here and out of Christianity! Second of thank you for sharing your testimony it was very well written. Third off, echoing what Professor said give yourself time to heal. Leaving is often a healing process and more often than not we can't just leave.
  9. Hi there! Nice Sayaka! ouo/

  10. [Warning-Queerness, homophobia, bipobia ahead.] I haven't done much on here for a very long time and when I am on here I don't say much. So, this calls for an ill-conceived miniature closeted-queer rant at one a.m. It doesn't help that I've been needlessly numb and uselessly depressed. So, yeah I'm one of those dirty, slutty, HIV spreading, cheating, just-confused, presumed-to-want-a-threesome bisexual, doesn't REALLY exist bisexual. My god I hate being bisexual. Literally, everyone despises us. Straight people can't "deal" with us(a given) and neither can the LG community. Don't b
  11. Mid-terms are going to be the end of me.

  12. It talks about all of man kind carrying the weight of the fall but, it does cast the jewish people as outsiders in quiet a few places.
  13. Good on you! It is good to be free!
  14. I'm having a strange night... Strange emotions concerning a strange religion.

  15. You know storm, I somewhat understand how you feel even when I was believer. I had a sense of hopelessness when my mother was in the hospital with heart pains and when a very, very close family member was struck with a bipolar disorder. The helplessness is crushing. My sincerest sympathies are with you.
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