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    Life, art, poetry, people, traveling, science, whatever. Finding likeminded people.
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    Hm...at the moment I am 36 years old and out of christianity for about 6 years. It was a huge step for me, radical though, the detoxing as I call it was a process and is still going on. At the moment I came to the conclusion, that I will always be different to people who grew up atheist and thats why I am here :-). I live in Switzerland in a small and cute village. While I work an undemanding job, I am getting my so called maturity paper in case I decide to go to university. Thats a result of my christian upbringing that tought me not to know myself...so I still wonder what I might become when I grow up. I don't consider myself an atheist and am open to spirituality, though I only follow whats on my heart. No weird believes, no gurus no spiritual leaders etc.

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    None I could name
  1. Loneliness is knocking on my door all the weekend...not so cool. So far I managed not to open the door though...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. directionless


      Good luck with the p :)

    3. moanareina


      Haha, thanks, arrived today, finally...and that's been the turning point so far :-).

    4. offtheromanroad


      How are you now, moanareina?

  2. I have weird neighbors. Just was at the laundry room doing laundry and they walk in, look at me as if I was an alien and leave without saying a word...how about hi, how are you?

    1. FlowerDemon


      people are strange.

    2. yunea


      That's one reason why I keep pet snails. They stare at you so weird all the time, people's similar stares don't seem quite so bothersome anymore. :P Seriously though, I wonder how even a friendly smile seems too much to ask for sometimes.

    3. moanareina


      Maybe they don't learn this up north because winter is dark and no one sees much there...haha...my neighbors are all Finns.

  3. I wonder if there is bi-polar ADD...

    1. florduh


      If not, some enterprising psychologist will surely invent it!

    2. moanareina


      Actually just did some google research and found that it is a common combo...

    3. Deidre


      yea, it seems like it could exist together.

  4. Whew...after having a clear mind while on my p, I just went running because I felt like...for the first time in my entire life I fucking wanted to run and it was no struggle and no fight...yes white little things can work miracles...I don't care what you think about Ritalin. If that's what it does to me I just fucking don't care.

    1. FreeThinkerNZ


      I think Ritalin is awesome, and I want some! I am so glad it helps you.

    2. yunea


      I know people who do extremely well on stimulants compared to living without them. I'm really glad it's helped you too!

  5. Ain't no one telling me stimulants are no anti depressants...and also pushing my sex drive...

    1. OpenHeart


      Ha! I am on a medication for hair loss with similar side effects. Feel better, look better, elevated libido... Please sir, may I have some more? :)

    2. moanareina


      For hair loss? Lol, never heard of. Cool it works that way!

      And yes it's really a great side effect...

  6. Today I was taking another walk...new habit I try to install...and I had to overthink some things...and I was like: I somehow would love to get the chance to try my luck as a graphic designer...really? YES. After all those years...maybe the evil pill is working.

  7. Somehow it's a stay in bed day...too bad I have to get to work...

  8. I run better on stimulants...it seems.

  9. So excited to see the number one German punk band of my youth tonight! Die Toten Hosen...just always rocked...still make great sound with good lyrics. Even if it rains all night...nothing can beat that :-D

    1. moanareina


      Sorry, I don't get what you want to say here. What is it that gives you anxiety? Excitement?

  10. That moment when you went through crisis for about two months and then you feel as if there is a swich and you feel almost well again...is confusing.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deidre


      what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. or so they say lol :)

    3. moanareina


      Well they say though I think they lie. Because I am strong and then get into crisis to be back at strong but not really stronger and it's always kinda fragile...thanks for the cheering though, I appreciate that :-)

    4. Deidre
  11. I think hell is the automated thought system that keeps you stuck in your mind and mostly past or fear of the future. It is what religion has got me in and it is not that easy to get out but it is possible and my responsibility.

    1. sdelsolray


      Keep working at it. Hell is a fiction.

    2. moanareina


      Yeah...I kinda get stuck on the borderline...hehe. But I am out at least for now.

  12. I guess my story is a confused mystery that will remained uncovered and I just need to learn to accept that...and therefore have not much of a story except the parts I know from my own memory...sigh.

  13. Sometimes to take oneself for real means to not take someone else for real AT ALL. As sad as it sounds...

  14. Monster me just threw out and blocked someone out of FB...and it feels so much better than expected. Just yeah, I don't need to give me all the crazies.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bdp


      I've blocked family on FB - no hesitation or guilt.

    3. moanareina


      Thanks guys. And yes it's family. And I thought I would feel bad about it but I feel free instead.

    4. EyesOpened


      Sometimes family can be more harmful than strangers. Sad but True.

  15. I do feel like I am a giant monster... :-(

    1. TrueFreedom


      Sorry you're feeling down. *hugs*

    2. moanareina
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