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  1. Boring Songs: Bored To Death by Coconut Records (Theme song to the awesome show "Bored to Death".) Bored In The USA by Father John Misty I'm Bored by Death Angel Bored by Deftones So Bored by Wavves I'm Bored by Iggy Pop Not that these songs are boring listens or anything. They just share a theme...
  2. During my hiatus I've begun to regularly consume a certain herb of questionable legal status. I was sitting in the storage area underneath my residence, smoking a bowl in the dimly lit area with only my new puppy for company. I had some chill EDM tunes playing on my phone. It was a quiet night on the plains, a little chilly in the unheated underbelly of a relic. Wrapped in my jacket, preparing for lift off... I realized how insignificant humanity is. Now I can't turn that realization off. We think that we are so freakin' special, each and every one of us this wonderfully unique creation. T
  3. Crunchyroll is a streaming service. Kinda like Netflix, but they only do anime and Asian drama series, mostly. I use it sometimes. I like other sites for streaming anime better though.
  4. Showed up in my recommendations. Sometimes I like to watch old commercials. Makes me feel closer to my inner child, I guess.
  5. Excellent piece of work. The OT has a lot of weird nonsense in it. Most mainline Christians never study the OT beyond Genesis, Exodus and Isaiah with the exceptions being in the form of devotional blurbs. The few sects that do study the OT (such as my former church) are Yahweh defenders and shameful apologists who justify all of the evil atrocities found therein with simplistic notions of 'lessons learned the hard way' and 'tough love' and so on.
  6. I have a migraine. There are many things that cause migraines. Mine is likely caused by stress.
  7. I'm voting for Demon Sheep this election cycle.
  8. I tried to take a nap earlier but I kept thinking about this documentary I watched last week. It was about China, filmed before they became all modernized. It was kinda beautiful in a way. It had this weird music in the background too. Now I want to re-watch it but I don't think I have the patience for it. It's one of those dry artsy documentaries.
  9. Tasty noodles are my life. Seriously. These are my cheat treats. I love hot noodle soup. This is the superior Ramen. Uber Ramen. Some variations: Chicken-y Noodles Noodles with Floating Soft-boiled Eggs Noodles with Floating Fried Eggs Mushroom Explosion Noodles Veggie Noodle Soup Kimchi Noodle Soup Tuna Noodle Soup Frittata SHIN RAMYUN IS LOVE. SHIN RAMYUN IS LIFE. ALL HAIL SHIN RAMYUN.
  10. Well, I kinda found a life. Not really. I just got distracted.
  11. wheeeee. one boring post an hour 'til I hit 1,000+ posts. Or get a life. whichever happens first.
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