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  1. Boring Songs: Bored To Death by Coconut Records (Theme song to the awesome show "Bored to Death".) Bored In The USA by Father John Misty I'm Bored by Death Angel Bored by Deftones So Bored by Wavves I'm Bored by Iggy Pop Not that these songs are boring listens or anything. They just share a theme...
  2. During my hiatus I've begun to regularly consume a certain herb of questionable legal status. I was sitting in the storage area underneath my residence, smoking a bowl in the dimly lit area with only my new puppy for company. I had some chill EDM tunes playing on my phone. It was a quiet night on the plains, a little chilly in the unheated underbelly of a relic. Wrapped in my jacket, preparing for lift off... I realized how insignificant humanity is. Now I can't turn that realization off. We think that we are so freakin' special, each and every one of us this wonderfully unique creation. They tell us that in church, they tell us that in school, and those of us that grew up during the era of the self-esteem cult can never escape it. Until one day when we reach terminal velocity and crash through the ceilings of our own minds. Blast through the lowest orbit like a SpaceX rocket and smash the expectations of this boring Earthbound existence of all mortal beings. Picture it! This world all a dream! What we see isn't real and what we feel is all lies! We are led around by our desires and we deny it. I saw it and now I'm sick. Mentally unwound. Oh, sure...it all seems so glorious to pull at the strings of the carefully woven tapestry that attaches us to the realities that we know. But let me tell you, it's not so much fun as it is sobering. Once you really realize how fragile it all is and how much of life is thinly veiled bullshit controlled by faraway string-pullers, it kills you. In some deep way that I can't touch, I'm already dead. Just like Jesus. I can't understand why people follow a dead guy. A murder victim. Isn't there someone out there who's alive, who survived? 2000 years and we're still talking about a guy who died and supposedly came back to life only to ascend to a plane of existence that we can't verify yet we trust? I don't think that people throughout time were idiots or anything. Just that they were forced to pledge alligience to a dead guy to avoid their own deaths. Coerced belief never lasts. I think there's a genetic component to belief resistance that takes awhile to be bred out. Early adapters build persuasive but exclusive cults with elaborate traditions that only those that are born into the faith can understand. I've always found Judaism to be an interesting case because only Jewish women can give birth to Jewish children, even sons. If you read the OT, you see that is what is behind the subjugation of women and why the OT guys were so hung up on virgins, purity, idols, etc. I suppose that's why I don't understand the fascination that some people have with being Jewish like Jesus. You can't technically become Jewish. You have to be born Jewish. Female converts to Judaism can have Jewish children, but stopping short of conversion means that you aren't Jewish and therefore, your children aren't Jewish either. Yet they want to claim that they are "truly Jewish" and all that. Of course, I've always been technically minded. That is why faith is such an issue for me. It's not that I can't entertain fantastical ideas, it's that I can usually find faults with said fantasties. Whatever gets you through the day, I guess, but I'd rather explore my own depths than seek an intimate relationship with a dead guy. This is the first part of a rambling rant that I wrote in my "relaxation time" journal recently. I thought that maybe this would resonate with some people in the ex-c community. No idea why my mind turned to faith. I don't focus too much on my lack of belief or whatever these days...
  3. The non-uniqueness of the Jesus character was a major factor in why I left my faith. I happened to see the first Zeitgeist film around the same time that I began attending my former church. That film is quite critical of Christianity and the Jesus story in particular. From Wiki: As a believer, I really struggled to wrap my mind around Jesus being a living, breathing human being who lived 2,000ish years ago and died for all of our sins on a cross. I just couldn't believe that he is or ever was real. Where's the evidence, besides the stories in this one holy book? If he were really real and did the things he did and said the things he said, surely there would be a record somewhere about him during his lifetime. Even if there was a Jesus, isn't it a bit suspect that so much of his 'truth' neatly lines up with the stories told about saviors from previously existing mythologies? Isn't it strange that so much of the OT seems to be related to or lifted from Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek/Roman mythologies and spiritual practices? The church I was baptized in was very OT focused. They were into 'Jewish roots' and encouraged in depth study of the Word using concordances, interlinears and Hebrew/Koine/English dictionaries. Any time I would mention that maybe this stuff isn't historically accurate or was similar to stories/characters from other faiths, they would deny it. Or tell me that I wasn't approaching my studies from the right angle. Maybe you're having doubts? My personal favorite was the 'blame it on Satan's influence' routine. No matter what I said or what I showed people, they would always find a reason for Jesus. They'd make Christianity 'work', no matter how broken it was. It's not just Jesus that is suspect, the entire Christian faith is quite deserving of the skepticism that is thrown its way these days, imho. It's all myth sold as history dressed up as faith. The only truth found therein is the table of contents that lists the page numbers and chapter names. The rest of what is between the covers is about as true as the storybooks I read as a kid and about as deserving of awe as the collection of Greek myths I studied in World History courses. I must confess, I don't see why the Christian mythos can't just be mythos. Why does it have to be absolute truth? I think that those who insist upon Christianity being literally true are doing serious harm to their future existence.
  4. Yeah, Pat has a son. Gordon isn't as much of a jerkass as his dad is, imho. At least not yet.
  5. The Duggars' show had the same producers for its entire run. Crazy. Most of the crew was also the same for most or all of the time they were on air. Some of the guys actually became close friends with the Duggars. I imagine the ties probably run pretty deep and the opportunity to milk the situation for sweet profit is just too tempting for the powers that be. As it has always been, imho. It was never enough for the Duggars to just be insane backwoods hayseed fundies. Noooooo. Jim Bob was a politician in Arkansas and served in the state senate. The family was actually discovered via Jim Bob's political career. The reality show was just a perk of signing on to do TLC specials after he lost his seat in the state legislature. Also, TLC is ridiculous. Seriously, their whole programming lineup is nothing but ridiculous piled on top of ridiculous coated in ridiculous. Since when does TLC have any sort of taste or pride? Never, that's when. We're talking about the same channel that aired Honey Boo Boo along with My 600lb Life, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and Sex Sent Me To The ER. And who could forget all of those shows about Little People? And now giants. Gaaaaah.
  6. Crunchyroll is a streaming service. Kinda like Netflix, but they only do anime and Asian drama series, mostly. I use it sometimes. I like other sites for streaming anime better though.
  7. Showed up in my recommendations. Sometimes I like to watch old commercials. Makes me feel closer to my inner child, I guess.
  8. Excellent piece of work. The OT has a lot of weird nonsense in it. Most mainline Christians never study the OT beyond Genesis, Exodus and Isaiah with the exceptions being in the form of devotional blurbs. The few sects that do study the OT (such as my former church) are Yahweh defenders and shameful apologists who justify all of the evil atrocities found therein with simplistic notions of 'lessons learned the hard way' and 'tough love' and so on.
  9. The Duggars are repugnant people. I don't feel bad for them. Despite their fakeality show bs, Jim Bob is actually a decent business man. Sure, they'll miss the 250k per season and the comped travel across the globe, but they are by no means headed for the poor house. Grandma Duggar owns a lot of property, as do Jim Bob and Michelle. They make a nice bit of income from rentals. They also own at least one cell phone tower in the area near where they live, which also turns a fair bit of income. The car lot was mostly a front business for the older boys to 'play' at, from what I gathered during my days as a forum investigator. The thing that will sting the family is that they are no longer the darlings of their little fundie backwoods crowd. They will no longer be given the same sort of adoration that they were before. Many families will think twice before allowing them to stay at their homes, they won't be invited to speak at every single far-right fundie event, the kids won't be trotted out to screech away on their violins, and there will be no more bankrolled trips to EastJesusNowhere every six months or so to keep things interesting. They were always about appearances and presenting this perfect fundie front to the public and to their many followers and fans. Now that's gone and what's left is the shamefully and pitifully hollow remains of a very broken and fucked up 'family' that covered up some of the grossest abuses imaginable for over a decade. They sold their family and their lifestyle as the epitome of wholesome frosted with pure Jesus and that turned out to be an absolute load of bullshit lies. Their oldest son was a molester and they covered that up. They married him off. They got him a job working for a right wing political group that is actually quite influential in American politics. He was a voice in the public spotlight for the past 4-5 years and they turned a blind eye to the reality that some very substantial dirt may be slung his way! No sympathy. He's scum and they're the pond he floated on.
  10. I don't think you are a bad person for choosing to terminate the pregnancy. It was a high risk situation. Anybody who tries to tell you what you should and shouldn't do with your body, especially within the confines of a relationship such as marriage, is an asshole. Unless you are paying them for their advice and then they are probably a therapist who may still be considered an asshole. Convictions and opinions are fine to have, but one should never hold onto them to the death, imho. Feel better, drop the guilt and perhaps your hubby should look into getting snipped if y'all are serious about not reproducing?
  11. I have a migraine. There are many things that cause migraines. Mine is likely caused by stress.
  12. 1,000th post! This red panda is excited about it and so am I. Finally, someone who shares my enthusiasm for personal mundane internet milestones...
  13. I'm voting for Demon Sheep this election cycle.
  14. TL;DR: Make sure they never encounter reality in any way, shape or fashion.
  15. I tried to take a nap earlier but I kept thinking about this documentary I watched last week. It was about China, filmed before they became all modernized. It was kinda beautiful in a way. It had this weird music in the background too. Now I want to re-watch it but I don't think I have the patience for it. It's one of those dry artsy documentaries.
  16. Tasty noodles are my life. Seriously. These are my cheat treats. I love hot noodle soup. This is the superior Ramen. Uber Ramen. Some variations: Chicken-y Noodles Noodles with Floating Soft-boiled Eggs Noodles with Floating Fried Eggs Mushroom Explosion Noodles Veggie Noodle Soup Kimchi Noodle Soup Tuna Noodle Soup Frittata SHIN RAMYUN IS LOVE. SHIN RAMYUN IS LIFE. ALL HAIL SHIN RAMYUN.
  17. Well, I kinda found a life. Not really. I just got distracted.
  18. wheeeee. one boring post an hour 'til I hit 1,000+ posts. Or get a life. whichever happens first.
  19. In my experience, most people only want shallow surface level 'friendships' these days. Facebook and email will do just fine for that sort of thing. Why bother having lunch or coffee or going to a show or whatever? Don't know how many times I've made plans with old friends and even family members to be blown off at the last minute because the other party is 'busy' or 'would rather stay in today'. Urrrrrgh. Nowadays, I don't bother making plans. I just go somewhere and if someone wants to meet up, cool. If not, I'll just do what I want anyway. I don't have social media, haven't since 2009. Too much fucking work to be interesting. And I don't have kids so I don't have anything to post 800 pictures of each day. What I miss most about the time before internet is long conversations with friends. In high school, no one had cell phones and most of us were still on dial up at home. We would meet at the library to do homework and would call each other on home phones when we were bored. A few years later, everyone had cell phones and Facebook and the world was completely different. Like no one wanted to go out and do anything anymore. Just stay in, watch movies, get stoned, so on. Social circles atrophied. I was glad at first, but over time, it's gotten lonely. I used to try with my friends but it's just not worth it. Even those who supposedly shun social media will be texting the whole time you are talking or Instagramming photos of their lunch or some shit.
  20. Most girls seems to have nice handwriting. I've been told that mine looks pretty cool. Your exgf's sounds attractive. It was, just like her. Haaaaaaaa. Can't believe it's been almost a year since we were serious already. Hot damn. Anywaaaaay.... I'm chewing gum. Juicy Fruit to be exact. Not a fan but someone left it in the shopping cart that I used at the store. Finders keepers, blah blah blah. Also, I find the Coneheads State Farm commercial to be annoying and outdated. Like, does anyone under 25 even know about that movie? The only reason I remember it now is because of "Kodachrome" at the beginning with the montage of their daughter growing up.
  21. 'God Loves Uganda' is a good film if you can stomach Scott Lively's special brand hate-filled bullshit against the LGBT community. 'Kidnapped for Christ' is an excellent film. Think 'Jesus Camp' on steroids...lots and lots of steroids and set in a foreign country. Plus all of the 'campers' are there because their insane fundie parents are trying to 'repair' them. Some kids are gay; others have mental health issues and some of them are just there because their parents can't handle them rebelling against their Christian upbringings. Sad and very fucked up, but the film is pretty great. 'Hard As Nails' is really good, but is hard to find. It is focused on Catholicism and the supposed rise of the Catholic youth group movement. It's ~10 years old and features one of the creepiest Christ-tards I've ever seen as the main focal character of the film. If you can find it, definitely watch it. 'Friends of God' is a decent film. It was posted on Youtube some time ago, but I have no idea if it is still available. This one is older too, filmed while Bush II was still in office. It's a lot like 'Jesus Camp' in style, nothing fancy. One of it's focal characters is a pre-fall-from-grace Ted Haggard. Very interesting indeed. They also have a chat with Ken Ham back when he was a just a kook asking kiddies if their grandmothers looked like chimps... Can't think of any others offhand.
  22. Google within Google while Googling = Googleception.
  23. This message was written by hand. My handwriting leaves a lot to be desired. Do serial killers really have bad handwriting? I found my exgf's handwriting very attractive. Her script was microscopic and incredibly neat. She dotted her i's with x's and drew little birds in the margins. Kind of wish I had made a font of it.
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