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    I am a former fanatical Christian, raised by a delusional Pentecostal, and a Full Gosepel conspiracy theorist.

    I love life, people, but I come first? Yes, yes I do.

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  1. Elohim is just a puppet. The real God is Yachma, the 5-headed Dragon from Elkhman.
  2. The Bible is not truly ambiguous. It's just really stupid when you read it for what it is and there are many contradictions.
  3. Well, I'm in Texas, so.... Ask them if they believe in Jesus as their savior, that's what I did. Most said "no". I won't make up a percentage, but not many actually said they did.
  4. Stupid to believe everything you read on the internet. How the hell did wikipedia come up with this lie? When I was a christian, I spent a great fucking deal of my time witnessing to people. The amount of people who were not christians was far greater than those who were.
  5. Just another stupid thing some christians say. "look into your heart" "the lord is there in your times of need"
  6. No, but I'll probably give them a try a year from now, once I'm ready. I'm a bit prideful when it comes to such things. However, there are many things I need to work on, so I'll have to ease on the pride if I intend to find success and happiness in life.
  7. Honestly, if someone was to look at you objectively, do you think they would think as poorly of you as you do? In my experience, that is rarely the case. I think you have a lot less to fear than you think you do. Until we know of his past, I would bet on that. When I was seeing a counselor, she encouraged me NOT to tell people of my past.
  8. I see. I no longer have any friends....the way I am make it impossible to have friends. I would only drive people away if they knew the real me. I'm not saying this just for dynamic effect, I'm being very serious. it is what it is. to me it's not about having life anymore, it's about keeping my sanity as much as I can. that is all I can do now. my once normal brother has been effected by deadly mental issues, it does not spare you if you get it. me and him are in another realm of messed up brains, though I could it least put some kind of show on unlike my poor brother who was once normal. no
  9. Me: Why do some animals engage in homosexual activities? Christian: The devil possess them. Me: The devil cares about what some dolphins are doing somewhere in the middle of the ocean?
  10. When I was at my worst, I turned to music to heal.
  11. There is a video games called "Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen" that deals with the idea of eternity. It's really fun and incredibly depressing. Give it a try.
  12. Yeah, I used to have "spiritual experiences", as well. I heard voices, crying, saw doors close by themselves, had visions of things that would happen in the future (some of them did happen), spoke in tongues, prophecied, and have had droves of people (mostly strangers) from all walks of life tell me that I had a big destiny in the future. A woman who had cancer was "healed" after my mother prayed in a service. I don't think most people in my shoes would ever deconvert, because I've had too many "spiritual experiences", but I chalk all of those things to coincidence, delusions, and hallucin
  13. The biggest struggle for me, is know that nothing I do will change the world. People will be who they are, regardless. All of these mind movies play in my head of horrible things that go on the in the world, and I can do nothing about it. Sometimes I play video games to cope, but that's not working, anymore. It's hard talking to people sometimes, because it all sounds like chickens clucking to me. It's not just christians stuck in their own delusion, it's everyone, even us. I look at the world and the universe like one giant mud pile. Everything is just going past me, and nothing makes me
  14. Yeah, I constantly obsess over how fucked up the world is, as well. I mean I consider myself a "bad" person, but I adhere to a stricter moral code than almost everyone alive. So, you can see why I think the world is fucked up. It's hard to stop thinking about it, and I have never beaten it. However, I can't give up hope. Sometimes I think that if I step over to the "dark" side of morality like everyone else that I'll no longer care, but I'm more likely to vomit.
  15. First person I ever heard use that phrase was Rod Parsley. "PolITicaLly CORRECT!!" I don't like the phrase.
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