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    Reading everything, enjoying retirement with my husband in our little house in the woods, loving my three adult children.
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    I'm in my 60s, a wife, mother, and now, ex-christian. I was raised Roman Catholic and then became a full-blown born-again Christian. In the past year, I started my de-conversion and it has been a very bumpy ride.

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  1. When talking with a church member about why I left (after finding out all the contradictions in the Bible) she told me that I have an inquiring mind and then later in the conversation, she said that Satan is alive and well on planet earth.....duh?
  2. Thanks, Ellinas. I am trying an e-book sample of the book. The reviews on Amazon were pretty good. Let's see if my old brain can wrap around it. Hee, hee!!
  3. Does anyone know any books or any other information about our part in the universe? I've been seeing some comments on the internet about how we as humans are a part of the universe that sounds interesting. I thought maybe someone here may know more. Thanks!
  4. I've been going through a difficult time lately. I thought I was pretty well through with my deconversion but I'm not, really. Please bear with me as I ramble, and, if you can't, that's ok. I've been thinking alot about how I grew up as a catholic with school and all its trappings. I looked at my relationship with my parents and realized something huge....as an only child, which, I think, my parents weren't quite thrilled with having,at first. A honeymoon baby, so to speak. In other words, not planned. They really didn't know how to parent, and I don't blame them. Who, really, knows how
  5. Margee has helped me through the most difficult period of my life and she did it with great knowledge and compassion. I couldn't have made it without you, Sweetie!
  6. What a fantasy world I used to live in. And many people are still there. Sad.
  7. There was not just one moment, but several. Almost 2 years ago, it started with my husband questioning what our pastor preached about god having to kill certain people in the old testament. I started questioning why my "unsaved" children would go to hell for not believing in jesus. I started thinking about how all of us are different in so many ways. How could we all become like cookie-cutter beings, blindly following one set of thoughts and rules. The kicker was the scripture that has jesus saying you must hate your family members to be worthy of him....BS!! There were many other links
  8. So true! I've been there and, looking back, I was one of them. Thankfully, not anymore.
  9. One thing I kept thinking was how easily the weekly regimentation of Catholic ritual could quickly and easily brainwash someone, even if not much emotion was invested in it. I am one of those misfortunates who grew up in the 50s and was indoctrinated at an early age by catholicism. In our little community, the culture was mostly catholic and there was no way of getting around that. I continued on with 12 years of catholic education which has taken its toll on me. Deconversion has been difficult but very freeing at times. I'm thankful for ex-c and the people here who have helped me.
  10. I've been reading the blog and find it very good. Thanks for sharing it.
  11. Well said, bro. You are making a positive out of a very big negative and I applaud you. Humanism makes sense to me, too. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.
  12. Sometimes silence can be the best response. The words of her email sounded so phoney. Like she was parroting some false teacher.
  13. Thank you, sweetie, I knew you'd show up and help me see through all this mess. I will remember the Genesis story and how ridiculous it all is. And to think that a world wide religion is based on all this nonsense! Thanks for helping me, once again, to truly see. Sending lots of hugs!!
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