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  1. That seems like a very interesting book. Doesn't hurt that I share my last name with the author as well!
  2. People here definately do judge you for not being atheistic (which is kind of silly, but better than if it were the other way around). I agree on your thoughts about agnosticism. What you wrote is kind of how I feel still. I'm really hoping that there is a "real God", one that is truly loving. One that doesn't care about petty things we believe in or do, or even if we believe in the God itself. Sadly, it seems the more I learn about the world the less this seems plausible. But hey, who knows, maybe we'll find the real God one day, because it could and most probably would be a very different being than the one described in the bible. If we take away the characteristics that the bible forces you to believe in about God, maybe there is some Godlike force/spirit/being "out there". Not sure. That would be an interesting thing to discuss, and I am sure some of you here might feel that something like that kind of God might exist. Im very sure that living here did help alot. Also that my father accepts my rejection of the faith has probably helped immensely, it must be a real struggle for people with more fundamentalist families. Like I said, tips on things to consume on the subjects of religion, philosophy, life, science and really anything that has to do with being an ex-christian would be very much appreciated! Otherwise, I'm looking forward to contributing to the forum. Thanks guys for the warm welcome!
  3. Hello all! Thought I would introduce myself here. I'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden. My father is an american and very christian. My mother is Swedish and not a believer. My father is a great guy and a person I look up to and have looked up to all of my life. Naturally I adopted his beliefs at a young age. I believed in the whole shebang (including the craziest shit like: evolution is false, homosexuality is a sin, people who don't believe in Jesus will burn in hell for all of eternity). Now since Sweden is one of the least religious countries in the world none of these beliefs are particularly encouraged. So the only thing that made me hold on to my faith was my dad and my american family (my uncle and his wife and kids are nuts for jesus for instance). So living in a society where you are constantly reminded of more "rational" ideas than christianity has probably helped my deconversion alot (I don't even know what I would be today if I grew up with my family in the states). Still I clung on to my beliefs until I was around 17-18 years of age. What actually tipped the scale was that I started getting really in to stand up comedy. I remember watching Bill Hicks' special "Revelations" laughing so hard at his bit about talking to a christian about dinosaurs. Gradually I became more of an agnostic, which I guess is some kind of convenient way of letting go of the faith, because I dared not say that for sure there is no God. You know, the fear of the devil tricking me and hell and all of that crap (from what I've read on these forums many people go through that during their deconversion). Today I really am all about evidence, knowledge and questioning things. And I feel that I am only at the beginning of my path to find out what I really "believe". I found this site randomly and I'm happy I did. You seem like a lot that are very well read and full of interesting thoughts and ideas. Ever since I deconverted I love to devour books about most things, without the restraints to new ideas and philosophy that christianity puts on you. Once I deconverted I found the freedom of just letting thoughts flow and ideas to come into my mind amazingly refreshing. I know that many of you have done alot of research during your deconversion about religion, life and science and so on. Any cool books, sites, videos, documentaries or anything else you want to recommend would be deeply appreciated. Looking forward to being an active member of the boards! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrZcztxRquo
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