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  1. Did you mean presumption of innocence? Another observation I had: a Supreme Court hearing is not a trial, yet people were acting as if this one was. So what is a Senate "hearing" anyway? The Senators are supposed to simply ask the nominee some questions and then vote based on those answers. If they don't like the answers, they vote no for confirmation. It isn't complicated. Ford made an accusation that was utterly unprovable even within a trial setting.
  2. Blood

    Jesus-free and loving it

    Why didn't God mention "hell" in the Old Testament? Seems like that was a serious omission. I love how Christians never examine basic questions like this. Besides, it is your "soul" which would be in hell, i.e., a ghost. You can only feel heat if you have a body. You don't have a body in hell. The whole thing is so fucking stupid.
  3. Blood

    Jesus-free and loving it

    Love the Plato analogy. You're very brave. I imagine a lot of people feel the same way as you, but will never have the courage to admit it to their circle, because social interaction is just so much easier by going along with the hive. This is especially true in the Southern/Midwestern part of the USA, which includes Texas.
  4. Kavanaugh's high school yearbook, dripping with extremely crude sexual innuendo and alcohol references ("100 Keg club"), sure doesn't jibe with the choirboy persona he desperately wants us to believe. If he would just admit that yeah, I got drunk a lot in high school and was pretty loose sexually, then he would have more credibility. But he cannot do that, because he thinks owning up to past bad behavior would be tantamount to an admission of guilt with Ford. So he has to put on a fake choirboy routine and hope the Fox News zombies are gullible enough to believe his charade. Call me naive, but I didn't know that Catholic High schools were non-stop parties and drunken orgies. That sure wasn't my high school experience, but then again I went to an underfunded public school, not an "elite" prep school run by and for oligarchs. No surprise that our "leaders" are educated in such a place. Kavanaugh baldly lied about what the sexual references meant. He lied about what the other people in the house have said. He lied about what "Renate Alumnius" meant. He lied about a lot of small things. That leads me to believe he would lie about bigger things. He wouldn't agree to a FBI investigation. That's very suspicious. And what a transparently lame defense strategy by the GOP. Don't criticize the woman -- that would look bad -- instead attack the Democrats for bringing in the woman to testify.
  5. Blood

    Jordan Peterson-Why I don't go to Church

    The right wingers are desperate to find anyone who sounds intelligent to validate their worldview. That's why they empty their pockets for geezers like Peterson, Stefan Molyneaux, and Dinesh D'Souza. Because otherwise all they got are octogenarians, baptist preachers, Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, and so on.
  6. I hope you're right. I tend to be pessimistic about these things. Why are there so many "mega-churches" if Christianity is dying?
  7. You wouldn't notice any change if you lived in the South. Any political advertisement from the Republican side must include the candidate's religious affiliation, and how he plans to implement his "faith" once in office. There are vast amounts of school children attending private Christian schools now, which, at best, teach "both sides" of the evolution "debate," and so on.
  8. Just about all the gods of the ancient world were thought of as dead but mystically alive. If that weren't the case, there would be no reason for prayers. The Osiris dying-and-reviving with the vegetation was only one archetype. The religious cults operated in a similar fashion to Christianity and Islam today.
  9. Good point. There was no religion called "paganism." The term itself was just a cultural slur, like calling someone a "dago" or "wetback." As Nietzsche pointed out, it's amazing in retrospect that Europeans were willing to dump their traditional religions en masse in favor of this bizarre cult from the middle east. Some of it was forced conversion and intimidation (as you said), but most of it was done willingly. A lot of it was accomplished through literacy, Europeans being illiterate for the most part. If you are illiterate and a man with beard appears with this book that purports to explain the history of the world, and how your soul can be saved, that can be intimidating.
  10. I don't have any research, either. I just think it's unfair to assume that the person starts off as a pedophile and joins the priesthood for that reason. I'm not denying that it could happen, and probably does happen, but I think the scenario I postulated -- the pathology develops over time from the self-denial of being a priest -- is the more likely cause in most cases. Since nobody, apparently, is going to actually do research on the priests themselves, we're not going to have any research to help us understand why this happened. The other aspect of this is changing views toward homosexuality, and the idea that sexual attraction to the opposite sex is "normal" and therefore attraction to the same sex is abnormal. Some of these men may be attracted to the priesthood because they are gay -- not pedophiles -- but the pathology develops over time from the starting point of denying one's homosexuality. Of course, one of the most common anti-gay slurs is that acceptance of homosexuality is a slippery slope toward acceptance of pedophilia. In the specific case of the priesthood, there could possibly be a link there.
  11. I think it's more complicated than that. I assume that many of these people came from hardcore Catholic families, where the priest is held in the highest esteem. As a teenager, your hardcore Catholic family is encouraging you to become a priest and make your family proud. It all sounds very meaningful and important until you turn 16 and sexual hormones start kicking in. You learn (not necessarily from your parents) that these urges are sinful and by suppressing them, you overcome frail human temptations and thereby "draw closer to Christ." You begin to look at yourself as that rare human who is somehow able to rise above "sins of the flesh" and other "worldly" ideas. It solidifies your decision to become a priest. Society and politicians look up to religious authorities -- why wouldn't you want that position and power? But after a few years, your sexual repression starts to develop into a pathology. It all goes downhill from there. As far as I know, nobody's done any in-depth interviews with any of the accused priests in any of these cases. I guess that's to prevent the writer/interviewer from appearing sympathetic to the priest, but I'd really like to know how these pathologies develop in the priest's mind. They're far removed from reality by being immersed in the "faith" to begin with, so it isn't really much of a stretch to develop multiple mental problems and dangerous pathologies from that basic situation.
  12. “It’s only gotten worse over the years because regular people would much rather have actual experiences in the real world than be cooped up in a rectory insisting that they’re married to God or whatever. We’d bet that if we relaxed the rules, reformed the power dynamics, and allowed priests to marry and have sex, we wouldn’t be overrun by monsters who can’t function in normal society, but we’re not going to do that, so it’s just going to be a bunch of freaks and deviants from here on out. Honestly, the way the Church currently operates is pretty much designed to appeal only to sick fucks who know they’ll get away with moral atrocities, if you think about it.” If the Pope were an honest man, he'd just insert this Onion text in his next "encyclical." Of course, he's as much of a deviant as the rest of them.
  13. Blood

    Canceled Dinner Engagement

    i'd go, drink lots of wine, and make constant obnoxious references to "the greatest miracle in the Bible" ... Jesus turning water into wine!
  14. Blood


    Undoubtedly the celibate monks who wrote this pizzle were pro-slavery. That's why the Great Man doesn't condemn it. Lucian of Samosata observed at the time that Christianity was popular among slaves, women, and children, i.e. gullible or illiterate people. Nothing has changed.
  15. Blood


    Primitive, simplistic and superstitious is the natural state of mankind.