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  1. Blood


    Primitive, simplistic and superstitious is the natural state of mankind.
  2. Molyneaux can always move to Washington, DC, and get rich grifting the conservative circles there. Especially since he's become a Trump sycophant. Hell, Trump would probably give Molyneaux a cabinet-level position right now.
  3. But Stefan, I thought under a libertarian utopia that the private owner class gets to do whatever it wants, which would include deleting some French-Canadian douchebag's video channel for any reason they choose. Did I misunderstand your "philosophy"? Go start your own video network. It's the free enterprise system you always whine about, remember?
  4. Yeah they succeeded in getting a lot of shitty conversations started. I still need evidence that Molyneux has even read The Bell Curve, much less any other book on IQ.
  5. But not for any logical reason like, say, decades of child molestation or anything like that. They believe the RCC to be Satanic because of some obscure Bible verses. Derp.
  6. Did you catch this part? "The report is unlikely to lead to new criminal charges or civil lawsuits under the current law because the statute of limitations has expired. Only two of the cases in the report so far have led to criminal charges." Over a period of 70 years, a large group of insane men raped, tortured, and mentally and physically abused children. With a couple of minor exceptions, they were not held accountable or punished in any way. Some are still living comfortably today. Let that sink in. A black guy stealing a pack of cigarettes is going to treated way more harshly by the law than these monsters. And why go back only 70 years? Are we to believe similar crimes against humanity weren't occurring prior to 1948? Remember how, whenever there's an Islamic terrorist attack, the right-wingers complain that other Muslims don't condemn the attacks? So where are all the good Christians condemning their fellow Christians?
  7. The general drift of his channel is that "the Left" is destroying "western civilization" and if we don't heed the warning of prophets like himself, the West will soon become a Stalinist hellhole. I think it's fair to call that a doomsday perspective. It's a bit novel because it's a secular doomsday rather than the usual Christian one, but the underlying message is basically the same as the fundamentalists. Their panacea is the Bible. I don't know what Stefan's is -- the free market? Deportation for all non-whites? Enforced Ayn Rand Re-Education Camps?
  8. Not seeing much nuance there. Haiti does have a free market. I'm amazed that anyone thinks a doomsday prophet like Molyneaux is an objective philosopher and that only his critics are the emotional ones. I've yet to see any evidence that he's aware of IQ arguments beyond what he superficially cribbed from Murray. Hundreds of books exist on the subject but he only cares about the one that comports with his prejudices.
  9. The Pakman video was informative and covers a lot of ground. Too much to absorb and comment on. However, at a certain point Pakman pointed out how "race" itself was a nebulous concept that's indefensible as a biological reality. He could have added that the IQ test as a barometer of intelligence is also subjective and has often been questioned by those within the behavioral sciences. I don't recall any such nuance from Molyneaux that you've ascribed to him. The blunt message of "Shithole Countries" was that Haiti is a "shithole" because blacks as a race are stupid genetically. That's the take-away. Perhaps in one of his 5,000 other videos he introduces a mild qualifier to that position.
  10. Judging by that interview with Charles Murray, it sounds like Molyneaux got all of his IQ testing knowledge from reading The Bell Curve, or perhaps just watching Murray videos. Does he ever cite any other data or research regarding IQ? Does he ever engage with research from qualified psychologists that refute Murray's data or approach? Because a philosopher would do that.
  11. Thanks for the video. I didn't realize that Molyneaux's insistence that "black people" as a race score the lowest on IQ tests was not just limited to the "Shithole Countries" video, but is also prominently featured in the Dave Rubin interview (where it isn't challenged). Sad. Is this a regular theme of his? He sure seems to have a blind faith in IQ tests, unlike say, climate science, of which he's highly skeptical. He's highly selective in what he chooses to be skeptical about. Molyneaux's convinced you he's some objective philosopher who just wants "the facts" and has no emotional investment in any issue? I guess skilled con-men have that ability. His entire channel is emotional fear-mongering. He's emotionally invested in some future utopian ideal where government doesn't exist. He's emotionally invested in the vague concept of "western culture" and 19th century ideas about nationalism, as if they were eternally true and unchanging. He doesn't align himself with white nationalism? His Charlottesville video blamed the victims and pretended that the guys marching around with Nazi flags and guns were innocent civil war historians there to protest the removal of a statue. He didn't condemn them. That's not the same as joining them, but it's a long way from being unsympathetic. And why wouldn't a future libertarian oasis involve the creation of a white "ethno-state"? Molyneaux's entire ethos would be incomprehensible without the idea of the self-appointed inheritors of "western culture" having the absolute authority to decide who gets to participate in that culture. Why would such a group allow "low IQ" people from non-European countries like Africa to participate?
  12. Molyneaux and Southern's post-mortum video. Telling omission in this exchange: Southern: There were people out there protesting today holding signs saying, "No to White Supremacists," "No to Fascists." We're not white supremacists or fascists. Molyneaux: I'd say no to fascists, too. I'm with you there. (Laughter)
  13. Blood

    The Dead Rise!

    You really have to be insane to believe that any translation of the Bible is "liberal" in any way. Fundamentalism rots minds.
  14. That sounds broadly reasonable.