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  1. Boy (9) shoots sister (13) during argument

    Right, I must have overlooked that. Now if only we could print our own nukes...
  2. Are You A Nazi?

  3. Boy (9) shoots sister (13) during argument

    Well, according to some, he'll soon be able to just print his own, which is apparently a good thing for reasons that escape me.
  4. "The Problem of Morality" ?

    Nothing really to argue with here. The only thing I'll say is that Nazism, like religious moral systems, was not designed to stand up to outside criticism. These are not things that are supposed to be consistent. They're just demagoguery. They are meant to be convincing only to those who want to believe them. Outside criticism is usually simply dismissed by demagogues. So, looking for hypocrisy and inconsistencies may be helpful to us on the outside, but it is very rarely either helpful or convincing to those on the inside.
  5. "The Problem of Morality" ?

    Right, but that is not what the Nazis would have argued. They were not concerned with whether or not someone else might see themselves as superior to them. Their system asserted that they were the privileged race, and that others were inferior. Specifically, it asserted that Jews were basically sub human, and should be exterminated. These are specific claims. So if we are to evaluate naziism on it's own terms, then we must conclude that the holocaust was justified. To say that the nazis would not have wanted to be treated as they treated the Jews is specifically not to evaluate their morality on their terms. It is to impose one of our guiding moral principles on them--essentially, to try to hold them to the golden rule. This is not what you suggested we should do, and it illustrates why I think your statement regarding evaluating others morals on their terms is incorrect.
  6. Boring Post Thread

    Can we get post numbers back? And also, a better eye roll emoji?
  7. "The Problem of Morality" ?

    I think this is a very important point, and it is not unique to the theory of evolution. All science is concerned with how things are, not with how they should be. This can lead one to question whether anything should be any way in particular. Personally, I think that all statements about how things ought to be are, ultimately, subjective. I'm not sure I agree, though, that the way to evaluate someone's morality is on their own terms. By that view, we would be unable to condemn the holocaust.
  8. In your honest opinion

    Well yeah. They were being inspired by God, after all.
  9. God's Free Pass

    Because he's God.
  10. More Examples of Male Privledge

    TS, I have very little to argue with from the post quoted above. Good points all. I'm also with @Daffodil regarding trying not to polarize things any more than necessary. And I'm aware that I'll probably take a lot of backlash for what I'm about to say. That's fine. I can take it. I just want to say that I'm honestly not trying to over polarize things, just trying to keep the conversation going. So. As you guys probably know, I'm Canadian. Here, when a woman has a child, she is entitled to one year of Employment Insurance. That is, she may take a year off of work, and the government will pay her 55% (I might be slightly off on this number, but if it's not exactly this, it's pretty close) of her salary up to a certain maximum over the course of that year. She can also choose to spread the payments out over 18 months if she chooses, but in this case she will not be paid any additional money, she will just receive smaller payments over a longer period of time. This is parental leave, not maternity leave, so a father can claim it as well, but only one parent per family can take this leave. Now. I am not trying to say that Canada in general is better than America. I get that we are a very different countries in many ways, and that what works here might not work there. I'm also not trying to say that what we have here is a perfect system. It isn't. There are lots of ways that it could be improved. But. What we have is a better system than what America currently has going on. It just is. Yes, this, and our many other social services mean that our taxes are significantly higher than those of our American friends. But so are our average incomes, and our general standards of living. I'm not talking about the 1% here, I'm talking about everyone else. These are just facts. And this is not unique to Canada. Most of the rest of the developed world has socialised healthcare, some form of parental leave, and various other social programs which America largely lacks. America is relatively alone here. And here's the thing: I don't currently have kids. My wife and I both have relatively well-paying jobs. So we've been supporting these kinds of social systems for a few years. We will probably benefit from them as well over the next few, but even if we didn't, I wouldn't begrudge a single penny that I have paid in taxes which go towards these kinds of programs. This is because I want to live in the kind of society which has these programs. There is a price that has to be paid, but the benefits clearly outweigh the cost in my opinion. This is very similar to what I argued about the gun control a while back. What I don't understand is this: if America is in need of being made great again, then wouldn't it behove America to take a look around the world at what is working in other countries which currently don't need to be made great again, and see if there might be something there? Maybe? Is that too Bernie Sanders for you all? Again, though, I'm admittedly a Canadian, so maybe my opinion doesn't count. I'm also a millennial, and a liberal. Maybe that's three strikes. I'm also a white male though, FWIW. Just saying.
  11. More Examples of Male Privledge

    Some good points here. I would say, though, that it's probably more correct to argue that the traditional role of the parent needs to be filled by someone, rather than that it needs to be filled by a woman. Not that you actually argued the latter, of course. It's true that women have traditionally held the role of primary caregiver, and it's true that, at least for a time, there are good, biological reasons for this. Once that time had passed, though, I don't see that it makes much of a difference which parent functions as the primary caregiver, or even if it is taken in turns. What leads to problems is when neither parent has sufficient contact with the child. One aspect of a level playing field, in my opinion, would be that choosing to stay home as a parent would be viewed as respectable regardless of the gender of the person staying home. And of course, we should also recognize that there are lots of reasons which might lead to neither parent being able to stay home. In these cases, a team parenting effort is necessary.
  12. My apologies

    Glad it's back under control now. Take care!