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    Ancient civilizations, computer games like droid assault, robotek, and biotek. I am also interested in Petite Asian women and Greenlanders.
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    Not much to say about me. I am still a christian, I guess, but I haven't been going to church for years although I would still like to and would like to find out the views of ex-christians here.

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    Jesus and Greenland

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  1. But if you read the dialogue, private lye is saying that we should not blame anyone or anything else for evil, for with good comes evil, and evil; good.
  2. Pvt. Lye expresses my opinion near the end of this dialogue; PVT. NIELSENHooray! This war is almost over! The Germans have surrendered, and Europe is liberated.PVT. LYEBut we have one enemy left to defeat. That is Imperialist Japan.PVT. NIELSENYes, I am aware of that. I am just celebrating our current progress.PVT. LYEAnd we will need to continue that progress.PVT. NIELSENNot a problem, since we have an powerful ally on our side; the Americans.PVT. LYEDo you believe in the devil, Nielsen?PVT. NIELSENPfft! What kind of question is that, Lye?PVT. LYEA legitimate one. Do you believe i
  3. I am going to be either the next Plato or the Lucian of samosata. Plus I have a background in sociology and philosophy. You have already read some of my dialogues. I believe that we are all governed by a celestial screenplay that outlines each individuals life and dictates what that person is to say and how to say it. Only a few select can see it and I am one of them. That is all there is to know about me. Oh, and when I ask someone here something, I expect an answer promptly, because I can decide what warrants a response from you.
  4. But one atheist came up with the idea, and I thought that that person was the perfect atheist, like George Carlin.
  5. We are getting sidetracked here. Just saying that why aren't ex-christians saying things like "if your god does not l8ke the way I live, let him tell me, not you", more often?
  6. But the book of psalms that those who love violence he hates. Also the fifth chapter of galatianscsays violence is a work of the flesh.
  7. But the bible says that it is appointed into someone once to die, and then the judgment.
  8. You should not have moved my dialogue to the lions den. I was not preaching on there. Just trying to be the next Lucian or Plato. Either one.
  9. A few atheists have the same sentiment I do.
  10. What did you think of my dialogue? The soldier and the Mennonite.
  11. But when people do that, it is often because it's for your own good. Also, there are times when all the good things that you have in your life was because of them.
  12. PVT. SMITH Here you go, Yoder. YODER Ahhh, fresh water. Thank you, young man. PVT. SMITH Call me, ‘Private Smith’. YODER Fine, then, Private Smith. PVT. SMITH You know something Yoder, I really admire you. YODER Oh? PVT. SMITH Yes, the way you stand up to our NCO’s. When they give you military commands, you flat out refuse. That takes guts. You are braver than we are. If anyone of us had done that, we would have had what you have right now (Field Punishment Number 1) or worse, death by firing squad. YODER That is becaus
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