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  1. Thank you all for your warm welcomes and replies! It is just difficult because, with Christianity, you take so many things for granted... yes, there is a soul; yes, there is a heaven and a hell; yes, there are angels and demons; yes, there is a God. And now that we're ex-Christians, we have to take a step back and think... is there? Personally, it's hard for me to make the jump from "yes, there is a soul because Christianity says so," to "if Christianity is wrong, there must not be a soul." Christianity was not the only religion or philosophy to include remarks on the soul. We have to look
  2. How do I feel when people are upset or sad? -- above all, awkward as hell. I have one friend in particular with whom I parted ways for almost two years. When we came back into each other's lives, she was living in a church house with five other girls, and I had become an atheist. We had always been good Christian friends - good to talk about theological issues with, not just "hey let's go sing about Jesus together and pray for each other every day." She cried when I told her. She's been reasonably respectful of my decisions. But in her faith, she has determined that "the only true hea
  3. I'm also very sorry to hear about your relative. But to be honest, there's still a lot that we don't know about the human body and mind. There are medical cases that seem to get better for no discernible reason other than the power of prayer. Does that mean that there's really a God? -- no, that's extremely unlikely. But a little bit of faith and well-wishing can go a long way. I found this USNews article just from a quick Google search on the matter. It's from a news source, not a medicine source, so take it with a grain of salt. But here's one relevant quote from it: "In recent year
  4. Hey guys. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum or not. I've been an ex-Christian for about two years. I'm (mostly) past all of the anger, and past that automatic urge to pray in thanks or sorrow. Here's the problem I'm having, and I'm sorry if it's been addressed already. For all of its faults, Christianity gives a very comprehensive world-view about souls, the meaning of this life, the hope of the next life... every theological and philosophical loose end is closed up. To be perfectly honest, I'm finding myself pretty lost and depressed without these answers. (Not that I wa
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