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    I am an ex- christian (went through a most insane thrift which caused me multiple problems which I've learnt to deal with). Something with christianity never clicked me and examination made me distance from christianity. I wanted to come here to examine mainly topics related to christian theology, but another area of interest to me is the paranoia and confirmation bias that the most zealous christians have.

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  1. I know, and these occult shenanigans typically seem like just that; people having various beliefs, and fooling around, some displaying bad characteristics, some not. This would not even matter if these were not accused of systematic ritual murder and various criminal activity. I do not really believe that there are a mass of human sacrifices in all world governments each year, or that there are super-organized satanic families doing all kinds of wonky stuff in daycare centers; however it bothers me that there are a few "Illuminati defectors" and the like. Not in the thousands or ev
  2. Man, that sounds tough. I do wonder sometimes how these connections are made: for example, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are often accused of atleast semi-deliberate occultism, magick and satanism in their writings. A "prominent ex-occultist" (John Todd) even said that Tolkien was required reading in "witchcraft religion" initiation (which is possibly not Wicca, but some sort of mish-mash of every non-christian philosophy and religion - he implicated almost everyone in his master conspiracy theory). This seems to boil down to 1) Lewis and Tolkien were not your typical fundamen
  3. A questionnaire for y'all: Did you believe in an occult conspiracy back when you believed? Why, what arguments were given? With occult conspiracy, I mean the sort, where organized pagans/witches/etc. are trying to take over the world, are massively organized (lead by Satan through spiritual contact) and funded, which commit heinous dark rituals hidden from plain sight and generally try to destroy Christianity (and often all other forms of religion too aside from Satanism/Luciferianism). This was the sort of the thing that drew me instantly in to Christianity
  4. while some Christian members here seem to be either d-bags or parroting tools, I dont think it's good to bring UP these members on some sort of public pedestal. TRUE this is the Den but to me this maybe a bit too much. My 2 cents .
  5. Whats the point with freedom of choice (and subsequently getting mad at people using it) IF man is supposed to be perfect and upright? This seems like an arbitrary drama. What were the Adam and Eve's choices or possibilities, what use is this free will for? Is it mainly only evil except when you choose between eating apples or oranges for breakfast? How can man be perfect and upright and yet sin ? In the initial state. How is the fall even possible with these starting factors? IF that was meant to be then by extension arent we doing things the right way?
  6. One thing. While it is not clearly established whether or not those essays deal with biased or selective quoting of sources. In my webtrips quite many famous people have admitted to wrestling with spirits. Morrison, Williams, MJ at least. Then there are quotes where these people talk positively of Satan or even admit to selling their souls to Satan. (some of these tongue in cheek and some directed to some generic cultural idea of the devil, akin to poetically saying "i dont give a shit imma only care for myself". Others, Ive no clue.) While some of these theories are far-fetched and some o
  7. What are you advocating? None of this is coming through my thick skull.
  8. It's work, it requires trying anyway (even when they hide it under the promise of mystical miracles and power) so does it matter whether Jesus or your friends help you with getting OUT of homosexuality? Just a question regarding this logic, not any suggestion that homosexuality needs curing. (on the flipside i think gays are just hurting themselves trying to get their equal marriage proposition to am institution that condemns homosexuality outright. I think they should devise some alternative to gay marriage and rather take issue with intolerance against gays as an attitude.)
  9. Ill just leave a couple of thoughts here. These wicked spirits or whatever dont really leave even when youre under Jesus' blood. Just take a look at some former christians testimonies. So what happens next? Anti-gay therapy, or a "rehabilitation" process. Now thats trying. Even IF it is explained as prayer and fasting and holy reproof it still is trying. If they convert into fully believing xtians, why are they mot cured of homosexuality? OR why are they mot instantly healed by prayer proving God's power? ofc antigay therapy seems more Like a pressurized social club than some sort of
  10. Take a look at the comments. Some fundie just totally flipped. Some of his logic seems good, but much of it hinges on some key assertions and lumping of all non-christians into a "tribe" of hard atheists. Someone invite him over to the lions' den!
  11. This is all just a jumbled mess. Todd seems to think that the Illuminati and Rothschilds is at the top of everything, yet another dude Alberto Rivera says it's the Vatican controlling jesuits controlling all secret societies and through them governments. Todd never acknowledges Vatican nor the Vatican version of the NWO according to conspiracy theorists. It's messy. Later on these dudes (including Jack Chick) link the theories together saying Vatican controls the Illuminati through the Jesuits. The proof? Adam Weishaupt was a jesuit supposedly, yet he despised the jesuits. He also despised eso
  12. Yeah, this is maddeningly annoying. I cant believe Ive let myself be duped by a delusional "revelator"... this John Todd. I wonder where got all his material from, but I think he mostly just found tidbits of info around here and there, then altered or mixed them or even got confused with them. He lashed out against things that fundies have hated byadding his own interpretations or lies to them and lashed out against anyone or anything that wasnt deemed to be christian enough. For example this broken cross thing. The peace symbol is an inverted cross where the bars of the cross have been br
  13. Yeah, its probably not good to follow this illuminati shit anymore. It's done me more harm than anything over the years... and I just dont see how it could be true, atleast in such a massive scale. I also came across a few damning things and waters muddying stuff. -Reading papeers from san antonio circa 1971 and googling I cant find a single reference to a local celebrity witch called Lance Collins. I can however find two articles concerning John Todd from 1972 october, where he has already apparently made his testimony and rallied youth into a campaign against satan. There are some discre
  14. Okay I checked up on Christianity Today's article and compared it to the newspaper account... there isn't a direct contradiction - Todd met Ken Long late in 1972 who I think was a preacher based in Phoenix and Todd went on preaching trips. It is entirely possible one of his trips was in San Antonio, or that he even preached/testified of his own accord somewhere, since he has been involved in Jesus name only -theology and storefront preavhing since 1968. I dont remember the names of the churches mentioned in the 1972 SA Express article nor if he even mentioned the Illuminati. Just some "occult
  15. Well, I cant find anything on this John Todd character after years of sporadic research. The believers resort to apologetics when something doesnt match up to facts or is unprovable: "if you know what Dissociative Identity Disorder is, and how it relates to mind control and ritual abuse, then you'd know why John behaved erratically, contradicted himself and lied on occasion. He has multiple personas in him, few of which are satanic and few which are christian. So he gets tremendous anxiety when he tries to to speak out about "them"." (Paraphrasing the incoherent Illuminati researcher Fritz Spr
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