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  1. I play Magic: The Gathering, a trading card game. I was at a tournament last friday with some friends I play with a lot. In conversation, I hear about a guy who made it far in a large tournament at a convention. And it turned out he had been cheating. My first reaction to it made me feel kinda off... worse than I should have felt. I realized that during my indoctrinated upbringing, breaking social rules like lying, cheating, gossiping, or otherwise doing anything frowned upon had more than negative consequences... they infringed on devinly inspired law. The angels in heaven shutter at your actions. This led to me worrying about other's decisions too much becuase they did not realize the supernatural repercussions! Can anyone relate?
  2. Welcome to the other side RL. All the phycological freedom and oeace of mind for you to indulge in. I recommend watching this. It's worth it! edit- i also recommend watching this short video
  3. One that is commanding, degrading, humiliating, judgmental... and worst... nonexistent, is psychologically unhealthy to grow up with the of in your head. You are unable to see the tyranny for what is because it knows your thoughts and will shame you for thinking of or thinking about anything that it does not like. Its captives are tricked into falling under it's iron fist. Tricked into it by promises of love, well-being, and a pleasurable afterlife by a somewhat admittedly congenial community. But none of these people realize the psychological torture they are under. They are unable to understand the torture because they are too afraid to try. They are unable to understand that it IS torture, because they are physiologically bounded by a warped sense of purpose and community. The entity the community worships is perfect and never at fault, only the captives are. The community ensures that it's slaves know in their heads that they are the lucky ones for being a slaves to the entity because if it weren't for being enslaved, they would have no purpose for existing and also be punished for eternity. Society is nonexistent to these slaves. Since you 1) have been forced to abide by all of the entity's wishes, which includes everything about everything about being alive, and 2) it frowns upon not being happy about being a slave, and 3) knows everything you will do. "Society" is no more than the sum of people who should be following the rules. They have no sense of culture or tradition... or love and friendship. The only thing that needs to be happening always is sucking the entity's dick. I am 21. I am still trying to unravel the bulls__t from my head after more than a year of renouncing religion. I have grown up with the habit of being judgmental of MY OWN THOUGHTS, it will give you a headache. One thing that has helped is to just remind myself and repeat to myself in my head... "I am safe in my own mind." P.S. yes line that was inspired by the spongebob quote.
  4. (21M)I was the first atheist I ever knew, and north texas isn't the best place to be an atheist. Ultimately me caring about whether or not the religion made sense and added up is what led me to discover it is all man-made. Having been out of the bs for a bit over a year now, I am still trying to make sense of life. Maybe it's just because I'm young and hormonal. I have been to atheist groups, I go when I can occasionally but it still sucks that we're so few and far between in this redneck territory. certainly the best part of breaking free from christianity is that i feel no guilt when admiring a pretty girl. i guess i feel a bit better after venting a bit
  5. It was late at night, in the wee morning hours. That I realized that I was an atheist. That next morning, when I wome up, my heart was beating rapidly and cold sweat drenched me. I looked outside at the sunrise. I realized I no longer looked at Creation, but at pure nature. I knew that there was no such thing as divine intervention. The grass I saw on the ground had to fight for it's survival, the birds and trees had to fight to get to the stage they are now today. It was a liberating and terrifying feeling of no longer being under the weight of arbitrary rules. But I'm glad I made it. can't wait for what another year has in store for me
  6. this was what lead to my deconversion being set in stone. i recommend it to EVERYONE who is or was affiliated with christianity https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA0C3C1D163BE880A
  7. For me, i found out that i could be genuinely respected by my peers and that i could have a good reputation without religion attached to it. and that life is much more enjoyable with the giant invisible daycare worker there to regulate every aspect of my life.
  8. I have a girlfriend now, she is not an atheist, but she is also not religious - exactly what I was raised to NOT associate with. I do not care though, I love her! She knows I'm an atheist and she knows that I despise religion and how at times I can go on and on about the how corrupt christianity is and she is cool with it! I may have found a keeper. I can't wait to tell my folks she isn't religious so I can tell them how much I do not care. (Don't get me wrong, I love them lots.)
  9. 13 - we have no idea why it is more important to believe than it is whether or not it is actually true. So just stick to making christianity look good and if something does not make sense just let God fill in the gaps.
  10. No one will speak up because... well, for a BUNCH of reasons
  11. I am a relaxed guy, I have never been into drama and I usually keep my opinions to myself. My account history tells a different story, but I am not one to vent or rant. But I a bunch of this changed when I discovered that God is man-made and how detrimental and parasitic Christianity is to individuals, societies, governments, education... entire civilizations. My boss, who knows I am an atheist, asked me earlier today if I went to church this morning. I said no. He asked why. I said "I slept straight through it." After a minute I became honest. "Nothing against those who ARE religious, but I am just not really religious." I still have a hard time believing what came out of his mouth. "You think you are an atheist but you are really not." My co-worker immediately laughed it off, I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not. It still kind of pissed me off. Regardless of if he was being for real... it makes me livid that there are parents telling this to their children and pastors spewing it from the pulpit. My fellow atheists and I do not believe in God. I could understand FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE that we don't believe in God... but dismissing the idea altogether is ignorant. Any chance for an atheist to plead his or her case on this subject is most likely going to be dismissed on the grounds that an atheist is speaking at all. Which is morally acceptable from their point of view, and only perpetuates this stereo type as well as others. Which personally makes me angry. It makes sad to see my loved ones buried in it. It makes me sad and angry seeing facebook posts and hearing conversations about how "God's Not Dead" was great and about how God should be in the pledge, and other stupid shit. I want so badly to be able to plead a case. To just be able to explain so much that I have learned about history and philosophy, that it is not what you've learned from the pulpit. Fucking Christianity makes me sick. How dare you brainwashed fucks hijack morality, and self esteem and threaten the fate of hell while making stereo types of your opposition without even giving a pass glance to us atheists, what we're actually like. I am not mad at God, and I can say it until I am blue in the face and there will still be these simplistic dismissive blissful assholes who will still dismiss that proposition without second thought. Only perpetuating my rage.
  12. has ANYONE mentioned the atheist rapper Greydon Square?
  13. today i learned what "entrapment" is. i actually opened a wiki article to learn what it is so... tha k you!
  14. you have a point. it IS not fair to refer to them in this way... not all of them. there are those who will cover their ears to anything opposition has to say and dismiss anything that would dare attack their 'sacred holy religion' while crying persecution and pushing their religion in legislature and wishing that atheists would just shut up about their views. and then... there are those who just simply have not heard any opposition. or have only heard angry hate speeches shown to them by other christians.
  15. we could point this all day until we are blue in the face and there will STILL be these simpletons who push this "we're being mocked so it must be true" bs
  16. If one things for sure, Kenneth Copeland never gets tired of bible study porn. Multiple relatives get up EARLY in the mornings and "study" the bible. No, not "study the bible" i mean " 'study' the bible" let me explain. 2:50 through 4:50 of this episode of BVOV is GENUINELY interesting because I had actually never heard this before... (you can watch the rest I guess but it is mostly just unbacked theology) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yRKqPLNXNeE Now... I immediately researched this and I found different interesting articles. It turns out there is theological disagreement on which day it happened. I still think the whole bible is manmade ideas but it was still interesting to find out. MY POINT: compare that last paragraph, with 4:57 through 5:50... i doubt i am the first to figure this out, but pastors like kenneth have a clever way of covering up contradictions in the bible. instead of calling them contradictions, they're "revelations" (except the blatantly apparent contradictions he'll NEVER bring up on-air) let me give you an example... all 4 gospels disagree about what the soldiers gave to jesus to drink on the cross. Luke says it was vinegar matthew says it was vinegar mixed with gall "glory to god! revelation! it was not just vinegar they gave him" john says it was vinegar and hyssop "glory to god! revelation! it was not just vinegar and gall hyssop too. such deep revelation from the Word." See what I'm getting at here? It's amazing what you can believe if you make the bible out to be a perfect non-contradictory book just by default. p.s. By the way kenny... mark 15:42 ...checkmate.
  17. It makes me sick knowing that my friends and family are buying this garbage. I cannot stand my minority being straw-manned in this way. Around the time the movie was more popular, I was sure to tell my friends that this movie is not a good depiction of atheists. While I just hoped that my family would simply not buy into it. How come there can't be an anti-religious equivalent to this film? One that shows off all the insecurities and loop-holes in Christianitty? How it destroys morality and self esteem? Creates unhealthy and arbitrary standards? Religious sheeple would bust an eye nerve and cry persecution. I have nothing personal against Christians themselves, I am remorseful of their loss. I personally only see brainwashed victims of indoctrination. But Christianity itself... I cannot stand Christianity. Fucking Christianity.
  18. You found 41$ because of god? well then, what about all the people who are starving to death at this very moment?
  19. I am so glad when I hear of someone who can finally see through the BS of all of it. Personally, this is a series of youtube videos I personally advise to both hardcore Christians and deconverting Christians.
  20. When I do listen to richie it's usually in little pieces and quotes.
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