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  1. this not the optimal situation to be in, but it is very honorable though that you're still trying to be productive and not using you past as an excuse to not be. if i may re-iterate what merryG said, find a SECULAR counsoler
  2. this was what i thought to be irrefutable evidence that he exists. "wow, look at those people shaking on the ground, he has to be real!" when you start thinking of something that is supernatural... you'll start treating it as such. as discovered by some scientist/philosopher that escapes me. i bring up this topic because i cannot find a way to fully debunk this phenomenon. anyone have insight on this?
  3. a bunch of people, especially young ones "sexually sin" all of the time. i could go to almost any christian and say "i have felt moved by god to tell you that even though you're struggling, he's got your back" and chances are... they'll find some meaning in it.
  4. are WE more powerful than god? that WE can intervene when god acts? could WE domesticate god?
  5. i had the same problem... i still struggle with it at times... i have trouble spelling also. in all seriousness, after i broke free from christianity is that i reevaluated EVERYTHING, including my morals, and what situations i think would seem morally acceptable to be assertive. do not beat yourself up after you come across a situation where you should have been more assertive. BE PROUD THAT YOU FIGURED OUT, that you made the mistake. you are now A BETTER PERSON because you learned from that mistake! (and that doesn't even have to apply to this issue). for instance, if one of your "buddies" is trying to borrow stuff, than politely decline their request. "i respect you, but i must politely decline your request." is actually what i would say. it may seem odd. but it was a first step for me. i hope this helps.
  6. let me finish ...once you make it all fall into place"
  7. i had not even thought of that. something i'll mention if this comes up again... hopefully not
  8. Do you think this is possible? :-) i changed MY mind... it's unlikely, but definitely possible
  9. every now and again, religion and my rejection to believe in any of it comes up. so far, just with my great-grandmother, and her daughter - my grandmother. every time i corner them on something, they almost always switch to talking about how i used to believe or what god's done for them or my great grandmother's near death experience. the last time this happened, my great grandmother claimed that it was god that came and got my great grandfather when he passed away. that god waited until it was time for my great grandfather to go, and then he took a deep breath, and that was it. during her near death experience, my great grandmother said she saw HER mother. her mother was saying "go back, go back" but my great grandmother did not want to, but her mother kept saying "go back." my great grandmother actually had tore and artery open and her blood pressure was deadly low, and she said it was when the paramedic or doctor patched her up and her blood pressure shot back up to normal, was when my great grandmother decided to come back. my grandmother (not great grandmother), admitted to me that about the first 10 years of her marriage, she was still looking for other men... she had married my grandfather just because. it was then during an intercessory prayer session, that god revealed to her that satan had been lying to her. she had, in fact married who she was supposed to, but satan lied to her. another time my (still awesome but not great) grandmother said i used to love the lord and be on fire for him. maybe that guilt trip would have worked 5 years ago. and THIS is what they turn to when they do not have an answer, THIS is what comes up once i refute the "god of the gaps" arguement and have exploited holes in christian morality, and have pointed out flaws in the bible.they believe that THIS is irrefutable evidence that he exists. I dread the day when I do refute this nani... you were unconscious and the only working part of you was a few brain cells, and it wasn't until the doctor opened up your hood and hotwired you did you come back to, what happened during your hullicinarion had nothing to do with what was happening in the rest of the world. and if god wanted to take grandpa, why did he let get in such horrible condition? he had to get around on a wheelchair. and he had to carry around an oxygen tank. if god could come and take him, than couldnt he also made he last few months more pleasant? was satan lying to you? or do you like to think satan was lying to you? did you just want a reason to think you married the right person afterall? isn't it better knowing that you married the right person BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT IT THROUGH rather than from some other outside supernatural entity telling you? why didn't god simply tell you from the beginning you married the right person? if you let me explain... i can tell why i believed in god back then, and not now. but to do that i'd have to tell you the real reason why everytime someone has "fallen out." or "the holy spirit moved" it was all simulated in your mind. i dread the day when i get them to figure out that god is just a simulation people run in their minds. maybe i wont though... just wanted get this rant off my chest.
  10. "d'aw that's just the old testament, god would never do that now" - is what i imagine any christian replying with
  11. i've thought about it too. but then i realize... i would throw away my chance to change the world. im 20, i live with my family still. and it's incredibly infuriating. but i hang in there, this is my only chance to change the world, and it'll be hard to do it while dead.
  12. when i hear "agnostic" i think of someone who has made the informed decision that it's possible for a god to not exist, and also that it's possible that a god may exist, but it may not be the christian god. (this may not file under you though) what a christian hears, is someone who is so close to getting it right, and that god is calling them but they're denying it. (for the most part)
  13. i dont think my family is going to hell. i think getting laid is a possibility (i actually thought it was pre-destined by god i was going to stay single). i see life as so much more beautiful now.
  14. thank you, all. I appreciate your advice. i believe we can be just as close friends even if he were still a christian, or any other religion for that matter. we haven't talked about it since that one time we texted. but if he goes through with it, than i'm glad he's doing something he wants... until i see a reason it harms him or me or someone else. or tries to shove it in my face... but i doubt that. he had caught me off guard, i've never known anyone of any other religion... i'd never known any atheists until, ME! we're still best friends and the only thing i could see changing that is death.
  15. I'm 20 and he's 19, we're both males, we first became friends in children's church, but after being friends for 10 years, we both left christianity at almost about the same time together. it was when I first realized that we had grown up to be adults. but that's a different story. he's now been talking to me about buddhism, i've told him the word religion leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, but if it's thing, go for it. and i'll even have his back. but i do not know how to feel about it. i am not sure if he's really going all the way through with it but he's given me the message it's sonething he's interested in. he does NOT know though that, while I can't tell him what to do (nor do i want to)... i feel uneasy about his curiousity. and i feel bad for having that feeling because i want to be able to truthfully tell him i'll support him. should i tell him? how? does anyone else have something to advise?
  16. when i was a christian in my teen years, i would feel so guilty when i after i looked at a girl that way. i think back and i laugh. seriously, the sexism here is unbelievable
  17. i am open to what anyone has to say, and if it's to help me than i appreciate it, even if it is something i might not like... unlike some people.
  18. multiple times now... i have found myself wanting to post something that would test my fundy friends and family. something along the lines of "If God is spaceless, timeless, and immaterial... than couldn't he also just not exist?" has anyone ever done something like this? posted something like this to their facebook or twitter feed? curious.
  19. moving out is on my plate too. i brought up some questions to my hardcore fundy grandmother i knew she did not like. i was later told by my non-christian grandfather "i dont want to hear about you not believing in god, i dont care what you believe, but you arent going to chamge her mind, don't bring it up." i felt bad on the drive home i realized "did he just tell me she can say whatever she wants but i can't?" im glad im not the only one going through this. i wish for good fortune in your near future too.
  20. i consider myself an atheist. but my family would not say that about me. i feel that they believe i am doubting, and skeptical, but they do not realize how far i am taking this. i have asked questions and made arguements against God. long story short, my family wants to set me up a time to go to the pastor's house and talk about this. i hope one day, by my efforts, i can cleanse my family of this filth called religion. i am very fortunate to get to live this life , i want to nale it better for myself and those around me. wish me luck!
  21. i agree. religion is a parasite that must be extinguished. fortunately, when the right to torture or kill those who don't believe was revoked, the extinction of religion became inevitable.
  22. i just keep asking. until she does. As long as she continues to refuse, you have a good reason not to accept any more of her requests to watch xian propaganda. a very valid point. i'll definenitely remember this
  23. i was asked by my grandmother to watch "god's not dead" and i went because she asked, and on condition that she watch Evid3nc3's series. i hated it. the biggest reason of all was that it reminded me of... me. i remember being the only christian in a class full of non believers. i remember trying to be the christian influence in a secular world. i wish this feeling to go back into the bullshit would go away. i know it is not real. Occom's razor is preventing me from believing yet this "spirit man" thing that i have let guide the majority of my life continues to keep trying to shove occom's razor out of the way. has anyone dealt with this? and physically... what is in reality this "spirit man" i've felt my whole life? why wont it go away?
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