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    completely cured of that now, thanks.

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  1. Ironhorse, What is your answer to the first question? If you believe the bible, then god was a spectator. Having all the power in the universe to stop the torture, yet he instead chose to record the events so he could hand out even more torture in the end. He watched the people - his people - be tortured, crying out for his help. Many of them died without losing faith in his mercy. Yet he did nothing to stop the evil. He had his minions watch with tied hands, recording everything, so that one day, when everyone's dead, he could give out more torture sentences. What a good guy! Worshipping him must make you feel so special! Where was man? Well atleast some of them were organizing a resistance.
  2. Angry face; long grey beard; bushy eyebrows; smiting finger pointed ready to aim.
  3. Salvation comes in little white packages

    1. Roz


      And when you open it, surprise! It has bird flu!

    2. khdetw


      And is communicated to mankind by a dude playing a Fender Stratocaster.


  4. How can you accept Jesus correctly if you are a vessel of wrath made for destruction?
  5. That was amazing to read. The idea that I would have ever considered the christian god to be loving makes me cringe!!! How is it possible I allowed myself to be duped into believing this self destructive garbage is impossible for my mind to make sense of. I can totally relate to what has been said here about the deep regret that a person must face when they realise they have sabotaged their own life for a lie. I can especially relate to the anger felt about having sacrificed many opportunities to live my best life all for a god that hated me. What a fool I had been! It makes me despise christianity; how it is taught to unsuspecting children who trust adults to tell them the truth and to look out for their wellbeing. To me, there is nothing redeeming about christianity. I know how much it has damaged me as a person, especially as a woman. I just want to spit on the cross. I want to piss all over the altar and tell the holy ghost to go fuck himself. As vulgar as it is, its the way I feel. My anger has intensified recently after I mistakenly thought I was over it. I love to blaspheme his name and laugh at the stupidity of Yahweh's laws. It makes me feel a bit better to blow a bit of steam in his direction despise it all being imaginary. Fuck you Jesus, you stupid shit!
  6. Haha, Margee, is that Julia Louise-Dreyfus and Ronald McDonald knocking boots there?
  7. xtify


    Before RFIDs were even out there, loudmouth christians were claiming it was the barcodes that were the mark of the beast. Well, if that were true, then we are several decades into the tribulation now and life has never been better, really. Of course, it was all scare tactics back then and nothing more. Same goes for the fearmongering of today. The best way for religion to gain converts is to scare naive people into submission. All the RFID hype about being forced to take the mark doesn't really follow the book of Revelation anyway. There isn't supposed to be any forcing of the mark. People take it because they worship the antichrist and give him their lives. They don't do it against their will, as far as I remember. So your friends are scaring you about things that aren't even predicted in the bible. Your friends should stop drinking koolaid together.
  8. I bolded that sentence because you hit the nail right on the head. BTW, for more verses about biblegod's real view of women: http://ffrf.org/component/k2/item/18512-why-women-need-freedom-from-religion Thanks Freethinker! Here's a list from the article you cited of the biblical impression of women: I kinda like the term "haughty". It's like christianese for "hottie"... like "she's a haughty"...
  9. Haha, yeah Leo. Demons were always messing with the electronics. And don't forget, there's no such thing as a coincidence when you are a christian. If your church sound system crashed, it was the debil. The debil was responsible for the most mundane inconveniences. Televangelists like Joyce Meyers say the stupidest things about demons. I seem to recall her saying that the debil would make her itchy when she was praying. How can anyone take this seriously? It's like, "there's a spiritual war between billions and billions of angels and demons"... but the most they can do is make you itch during prayer. Yeah, itch... something that will likely happen anyway. What a waste of the debil's minions.
  10. Thanks Leo. I really appreciate that. Of course, you don't have to be sorry to me, but I can understand the regret from being involved in these types of things. As a christian, I believed in demons and the power of jesus name to make them flee. It is all like a bad nightmare now. As for my experience, thankfully, I didn't have the Catholic version of exorcism. It was just the typical Pentecostal group laying of hands kind where they keep you restrained inside a circle of believers, everyone closes their eyes while the pastor smacks your forehead and holds up the bible and shouts a bunch of christianese while people say, "yes lord, amen" and "shundalalalamahalalabala" over and over again for an hour or so. Afterwards, they expect you to be "healed" of your demons and act like a little prissy. I tried to make them happy and be good after, but I was inclined towards certain behaviours, just couldn't help myself. Pentecostals are demon obsessed. Some even try to cast demons out of inanimate objects. Your car didn't start this morning? Just cast those demons out of that chevy, get in and let jesus take the wheel.
  11. I was married off as a late teen to a guy that I didn't love. My parents gave me an ultimatum: either marry the boy or get shunned and burn in hell. It lasted a year or so until he started wearing my clothing and dating other men. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, hahah.
  12. Don't worry about us ladies Roz, I'm pretty sure Double A's is after you!
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