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    I am an ex-Christian... And also an ex-preacher. I am fairly young (under 30) but have been questioning my faith for quite some time. My family are all pretty hardcore fundamental Christians, and even buy into the "young earth" form of creationism, which I find absolutely crazy. It has been a strange and hard journey though, and I am still unable to completely reveal my own personal beliefs due to the extreme backlash and ostracization that would follow.

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Sadly, your story is one I've seen a few times... people always amaze me at how hurtful they can be (unintentional or otherwise) when someone close to us passes. That's one thing that even when I was a christian I never understood... like how someone who was continually condemned all their life for their choices suddenly become a saint when they die. And then some preacher decides to get up and use the whole situation as one big guilt trip? No thanks... I'd rather someone show real concern and actually do something, like bring you a meat tray or cut some widow's grass for them. That shows you care infinitely more than the empty words most people and christians use.
  2. jobear, as long as they aren't constantly preaching at you I would just let it go. Is it right, of course not... but sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles-especially at a company that small. If you do decide to do something about it, please have some sort of backup plan lined up. I'd hate to see you lose your livelyhood over something like an email signature. I personally like the ideas posted above, about putting a signature of your own in... one that portrays your values in a fairly neutral way. That way, not only would you be taking a little bit of control of the situation but if something ever did come out of this, you could potentionally have some sort of legal ground to stand on should it possibly go that far (I can't see that happening though... but as crazy as some people are you never know). On another note, the whole christian privilege thing is pretty crazy... Those wonderful people that constantly preach not to judge are some of the worst hypocrites that ever walked the earth! I've intentionally visited churches dressed in pretty pitiful clothing to see how they'd react, and quite frankly it's disgusting. You are condemned, looked down upon, nobody wants to shake your hand or even talk or sit near you! So much for brotherly love! Just one of the many things that played a part in my de-conversion to atheism. I couldn't even imagine how they would treat an openly gay visitor. Simply sad.
  3. Well crap, ignore the horrible spelling of that last post... sleep deprivation is a b#$ch
  4. I'm really sorry to hear all of this... I don't know how some people can sleep at night. I know it's hard, but try to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. Use this as an opportunity to really rediscover yourself, what you are, what your morals are. You're already making big progres with just coming out as a non-thesit! You are truly free and can be hopeful for the future! All of the problems you have been through in the past were things you dealt with by yourself, not with the help of any god... so you can get through the hard times now :-) Keep your head up! And even though I'm new here, the shear amount of support I have recieved has been awesome! Hope things start looking brighter for you :-)
  5. Welcome to the site! I'm new here myself, and I don't have nearly the story you do. But I'm glad you found this site, I've been watching it for a little while myself, and I feel so much better knowing i can actually be myself here without the religious backlash that I might get anywhere else. I'm really sorry to hear about your story... It's very sad that you had to go through all that. But you have discovered truths for yourself that most people only dream of, and will never reach because of their own indoctrination. Congratulations on your freedom! :-)
  6. I guess the church likes to keep people dumbed down and closed minded in order to easier manipulate them... No wonder Christians are compared to sheep... They are herded and controlled by anyone they let have authority over them, and they dare not question it for fear of being cast outside of the flock
  7. This article is really spot on! Probably the biggest issues I had in my deconversion were that the bible was supposedly error free, and of course threat of eternal damnation for even questioning anything. It's pitiful and downright scary how much fear Christians put into an innocent, young child in order to program and brainwash them. I was lucky in that I was able to eventually come to my senses... It's a shame so many more dont even give in to the possibility of possibly being wrong, or for that matter thinking outside the box.
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