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    Hiking, jogging, helping other people, and music.
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    I am an ex-Christian... And also an ex-preacher. I am fairly young (under 30) but have been questioning my faith for quite some time. My family are all pretty hardcore fundamental Christians, and even buy into the "young earth" form of creationism, which I find absolutely crazy. It has been a strange and hard journey though, and I am still unable to completely reveal my own personal beliefs due to the extreme backlash and ostracization that would follow.

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  1. I guess the church likes to keep people dumbed down and closed minded in order to easier manipulate them... No wonder Christians are compared to sheep... They are herded and controlled by anyone they let have authority over them, and they dare not question it for fear of being cast outside of the flock
  2. This article is really spot on! Probably the biggest issues I had in my deconversion were that the bible was supposedly error free, and of course threat of eternal damnation for even questioning anything. It's pitiful and downright scary how much fear Christians put into an innocent, young child in order to program and brainwash them. I was lucky in that I was able to eventually come to my senses... It's a shame so many more dont even give in to the possibility of possibly being wrong, or for that matter thinking outside the box.
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