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  1. Don't do it! Don’t do the Twitter! Seriously, Twitter makes almost everybody it touches snarkier and addicted to outrage. It’ll make you want to take a shower every time you log off.
  2. Yeah, it’s much easier to have un-Christian views about things like this now that I myself am un-Christian. Goodbye Cognitive Dissonance...
  3. Obviously I disagree with him, but I disagree with firing him because of his statements. If expressing more-or-less traditional Christian teaching is grounds for firing, what other unpopular views justify it? In a religious culture, would it be OK to fire a guy for making strong atheistic comments? Way too many thin skins these days.
  4. He probably credits the church and the counseling for helping save his marriage. And maybe they did. So he’s emotionally invested in it. Emotion often trumps reason, with each of us at one time or another.
  5. If you have a fear of Hell and you want to destroy your faith, then praying to that god doesn’t seem like a good idea. When I stopped believing in that god, for a while I still was inclined to pray sometimes when under stress. I decided to direct those prayers to Jupiter instead. I felt the same feeling of relief after praying, like I had shared my troubles. Of course I had no belief that Jupiter existed. But it showed that it was the act of praying that helped, not any divine response. Before long, I lost any remaining desire to pray and instead I now try to meditate regularly instead. You might want to try this too. I think it’s really important for somebody with your fears to make a clean and utter break with Christianity. I hope my suggestions help you, my friend. I’d love to see you enjoy the peace that I have experienced since deconverting.
  6. Do you pray to a specific deity that you believe exists, or do you just find it helpful to pray?
  7. Well of course Christian apologists will say this points to there being a design process for us being here. If we're the only ones, they'll say "Isn't it awesome that God created an entire universe just for us!". If the universe turns out to be teeming with intelligent life, it will be "Why would God create all these galaxies and planets and only populate one world with beings to worship him?". @SeaJay, I'm glad you're still coming by here and I'm glad it's been helpful to you. Sounds like you're not free of the fear yet though, and I'm sorry to hear that. Tell us, does Christianity still play a role in your life? Do you ever attend church, or pray, or read the Bible, or read Christian apologetics? Doing any of those things, even occasionally, is going to hinder somebody in your situation from escaping the fear. The Bible says as much? The same Bible that says there was day and night before the sun was created? The same Bible that says a woman was created from a man's rib? I wouldn't say the writers of Genesis and other scriptures knew whether there was or was not life on other planets. Or that they understood the concept of "planet".
  8. TABA


    Hi Jerry - and welcome to our community! Congratulations on being willing to question things and to follow through to the logical conclusion. Congratulation also on the things you've gained, despite having to stay in the closet. But you can be yourself here with us - we get you - and so I'm glad you found us. I hope to hear more from you! TABA
  9. Yeah, I don’t think this is the best section for a post like this, since this section doesn’t lend itself to back-and-forth discussion. I’d say “Rants and Replies” might be the best fit. But you raise a very valid concern, though I doubt most people have thought much about this. On the one hand anybody with a phone can record and “broadcast” their own messages, for better or for worse. On the other hand, that “broadcasting” is at the mercy of private companies. And those companies have tighter restrictions on what may be said than does American free-speech law. I listened to a very good Joe Rogan podcast about this just the other day. Joe’s guests were journalist and political commentator Tim Pool, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and one of Jack’s senior managers (Vijaya Gadde) who basically heads the department that decides who gets banned or suspended from Twitter. It was 2+ hours of very worthwhile back-and-forth. Tim Pool is very critical of Twitter’s tendency to ban people on the right but to be more tolerant of leftists. He thinks that, since Twitter has a virtual monopoly in their market, and since Twitter restricts speech that would be protected in the public sphere by American law, Twitter is setting itself up to be regulated so as to enforce compliance with the First Amendment. Jack’s response, which I believe was sincere, is that he wants to provide a platform for the largest possible number of people. That totally makes sense for a private business that ultimately is in it to make money. But I really wish that Joe and Tim had highlighted a major problem with that outlook, a problem I would illustrate as follows: Suppose 10% of the population has views that are politically “Purple”. Suppose 30% are politically “Yellow” and they are strongly opposed to the Purples. If the Yellows tell Twitter “We’re boycotting you if you provide a platform for problematic Purple views, which we consider to be Hate Speech”, what’s Jack going to do? He’s going to sigh and give in to the Yellows and ban the Purples in line with his mission of providing a platform for as many people as possible. It sounds like a noble goal, doesn’t it, until you think about the consequences. Minorities get excluded, shut out. That’s bad for any society in the long run. I don’t know whether old-fashioned Public Access Broadcasting is ever going to be revived because the technology has changed so much, but I hope that monopolies like Twitter and YouTube are compelled to allow free-speech in line with the First Amendment if they’re going to do business in the United States.
  10. TABA


    I listen. I tell them I’m sorry they’re going through such a rough time. I tell them I wish them the best. I offer help if I can. But I don’t pray so I’m not going to offer that. Hi pk420! I hope you’ll introduce yourself...
  11. Evidently he is....
  12. If a terrorist yells “Jesus Saves!” I’d be inclined to call it Radical Christian Terrorism. If he yells “Allahu Akhbar!” I’d be inclined to call it Radical Islamic Terrorism.
  13. I don’t think that rash labeling is an effective antidote to rash labeling.
  14. I haven’t seen anything about the killer being a Christian. Did I miss something?