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  1. Yeah I had trouble today. Seems to be easier with certain browsers. Try using this address: https://new.exchristian.net/
  2. Hi Margee, and hugs to you too! Your doctor makes a lot of sense. This has been an anxious time for my wife too: as luck would have it, she had surgery on her foot the second week of March, with a recovery time of several weeks at least. So when all this coronavirus stuff hit the fan, she was already feeling pretty vulnerable. She is prone to anxiety, though in recent years she has been doing much better and managed to come off the medication through weight-loss and exercise. But anyway, being confined to the couch and feeling helpless when all this started to blow up, as well as not being able to get out and exercise, has made it that much harder for her. There are few more helpless feelings than being the husband when your wife starts to get consumed by anxiety! Your first instinct is to tell her why her fears are unreasonable, but of course that's precisely what DOESN'T help! It's tough. At least in the last couple of days the healing has progressed - and even having spring sunshine streaming in the windows has made a difference. Anyway, more hugs to you Margee, and to all who experience anxiety! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I hope you and Mrs Geezer stay healthy and safe!
  4. Some informative reading for your isolation... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_and_crescent
  5. I honestly did know this off the top of my head... Because Venus orbits between the Earth and the Sun, we see phases, just like we see phases of the Moon. When Venus is on the same side of the Sun as the Earth, its day side is mostly facing away from us, so we only see a crescent Venus, or maybe a quarter-phase. When Venus is in the furthest part of its orbit from us, it's on the other side of the Sun, so we see its sunlit side, a "full Venus". Venus is very reflective because it is completely covered in clouds. So a distant "full" Venus is brighter than a nearby "crescent" Venus.
  6. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (one of the very best in the world) has now made its amazing Digital Concert Hall available free for 30 days. https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/home
  7. Oh man, I’m so sorry! I hope it’s some consolation that he’s no longer suffering.
  8. SJS, I wonder if you’re aware that the concept of Hell as most Christians know it today did not exist in the Old Testament. It evolved as Christianity emerged and only reached its final form with the publication of Dante’s “Inferno” in the Middle Ages. Here’s a new video from the great Bart Ehrman on the topics of Heaven and Hell:
  9. Also, here’s a timely reminder: boost your immune system the fun way...
  10. It remains to be seen how his ideas get translated into reality. Just the stock market plunge alone is likely to lead to a recession. Hopefully I’m wrong, or it will be brief and mild at least. Josh, I hope the best for your particular business and livelihood!
  11. I posted this to my Facebook page yesterday: If we’re going to prevent tens of thousands of deaths in this country from this virus, we’ll have to get serious. Meaning no spectators at indoor sporting events, all the way from big-time to grade school. Staying out of theaters, concerts and maybe even restaurants. The “social distancing” we’re starting to hear about. Some of these measures will probably cause a recession. But it’s a choice we have to make. The economy will come back, the dead won’t. Some people responded with “it’s just a hoax to make money for Big Pharma” but most responses were positive. It looks like many countries are belatedly taking this seriously.
  12. But I think most of us did when we were Christians. I did.
  13. Same here. It takes a while to make the mental shift from hating atheism to accepting and even embracing it.
  14. I really don’t think you’re offending anybody. We’re not easily offended people here (unlike most of the population in 2020, it seems). Also, keep in mind that all of us here, even the most hard-core atheists, used to be Christians. Lingering fear and guilt is a thing sometimes. We’re not entirely rational creatures, as Mr Spock would remind us. But I think that as we see more and more people growing up without having ever believed in god, fear of Hell will become much less common.
  15. I just think you have a somewhat more restrictive definition of “atheist” than most of us here do. That’s OK, there’s no Atheist Vatican to enforce conformity. And at the end of the day any word only has the meaning a majority of people give to it. Personally I consider an atheist to be anybody who has thought about the god claims and rejected them. I would even say that somebody whose belief in any deity is somewhere below 50% is an atheist. But that’s just me.
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