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  1. Hi SeaJay, I’m delighted to hear this! I’m not completely surprised, to be honest. Your decision to finally step away from Christianity once and for all is something you’ve been wanting and needing to do for a long time now, give the misery you went through these past few years. I’m sure you know that it’s not likely to be all plain sailing from here. There will likely be setbacks and rough days as your anxiety kicks in. It may roll over you like that San Francisco fog I told you about. But as sure as anything the sun will rise higher and it WILL burn off. You’ve wisely decided to stay well away from Christianity - and any religion - from now on, and in doing so you’ve gained the upper hand. You’ve taken the hardest step, my friend. Now you’re fully a part of this community that is here for you and others going through this process. You’re among friends who understand you in a way that few others can. I’m glad you’re here, and I’m proud of the courage you’ve shown!
  2. Bummer. As an apostate you don’t have to worry about committing sin anymore - but the law of the land still applies…
  3. Never been to Savannah. It’s on my list though, along with Charleston SC. Have you tried that Woodford Reserve Double Oaked yet?
  4. I’d say the great majority of us here at Ex-C share this outlook. You’re in good company! That’s very typical too. A combination of feeling scared and liberated at the same time. As time goes by the fear diminishes and the feeling of liberation dominates.
  5. First of all, Happy Birthday! I know that just getting to where you could make this post was a painful process. I think you’ll be the better for having done it. There’s no doubt Christianity and other religions make life better for many people, but for somebody with your anxious nature, it’s just toxic. All the rules, the Thou Shalts, Shalt Nots, all the dogma that could be interpreted in various ways , leading to schisms, reformations and religious wars. All the believers who wonder whether they have done enough to qualify for salvation, or wonder whether they were chosen for salvation. Congratulations on stepping away from that! Yes, deconversion is a process and in your case it’s been under way for several years already. But this is an important step you’ve taken now, one that will allow you to move forward to a better life. You’ll receive no shortage of encouragement here!
  6. Thanks! Happy Father’s Day to you too man!
  7. Interesting date, 1914. They must have been really excited by the outbreak of the Great War in August that year, and by the time of Russell’s death in 1916 it probably looked to much of the world that Armageddon had indeed begun. By 1919, not so much.
  8. TABA


    Not sure exactly what you mean by “valid”. Is it a union blessed by God? No. Does it have value? For some people and at certain stages in life. Most of us want a long-term relationship at some point in life. But sometimes cohabitation without marriage is better. Most people shouldn’t get married until they’re in their 30s: it pains me to see these young Christians get married right out of school or college, just to make sex ‘legal’. Ten years later, they’re often different people. And the Christian concept of one mate for life is not realistic or even desirable for most people. I’ve been happily married for 22 years so I’m not knocking it. I think it does serve the needs of women more than men though.
  9. Some of us have been members here for years, and it's easy to forget to update your e-mail address here if/when it changes. Maybe you're not still on AOL... Do yourself a favor and check/update it under Account > Account Settings. Only takes a minute.
  10. Yeah, at first I thought he was going to call down fire and brimstone on our heads but then it became clear the Holy Spirit had given him the tools to win us over, so at that point the outcome was never in doubt.
  11. Remember @pittsburghjoe? I know, it seems like ages ago but it’s only been a few months. Remember how he came here confident that he would show us the error of our ways? And how could he not be confident: the Holy Spirit had given him the idea of the Dual Slit Experiment, the golden key to proving it all once and for all! How could we possibly resist the divine light? We’d all be won over and convert this site into a platform for the saving of souls via double slits. Glory!! And yet here we are, dealing with another one who will soon be forgotten.
  12. The other day I listened to a podcast where they talked about the Evil God Hypothesis, the idea that if there is a god, it is more likely to be evil than good. The idea of an omnipotent, good god is brought into question by the existence of so much evil, pain and suffering in the world. If there were an evil god it would explain why humans have received so many conflicting “messages from god”, which have led to all kinds of mayhem: a cluster fuck indeed. But then it was suggested that the existence of an evil god is called into question by the fact that there is also so much joy and good in life. So the best conclusion is that there is likely neither an evil god nor a good god.
  13. Where else but Ex-Christian Dot Net can you get such advice? Nowhere, that’s where!
  14. Hi nithin and welcome to our community! I’m confident you’ll find being here to be helpful. It certainly has been for me, since I made my first post five years ago. I’m one of those people. Although I only go to Mass because my wife likes to go, I do appreciate the beauty of the church, the stained glass and other art work, the organ music and even the familiar ritual. All while believing none of the theology. It’s kind of a cultural event for me. So don’t feel you have to expunge all aspects of Christianity from your life. And the appeal may fade in due course anyway, or not. I agree with this too. Being accepted here in this group, where non-belief is the norm, really helped me to deepen and gain confidence in my deconversion. Not just from being around fellow-travelers but also by learning even more arguments against Christianity than I knew when I arrived. Deconversion journeys are as varied as the people who experience them. Yours will be particular to you. But it is a journey, not a single event. It looks like you realize that. You did the right thing coming here and I look forward to hearing more from you! All the Best! - ‘TABA’
  15. Good to hear it went so well with your parents. That’s one less thing you have to worry about!
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