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  1. Vegan activism resembles Christianity. One group wants us to suppress our carnivorous urges, the other wants us to suppress the sexual ones.
  2. I watched the launch live on NASA TV. It was a vert short but completely successful mission, as far as I know. The purpose was to test the escape system on the SpaceX manned spacecraft in the event of a major malfunction before reaching orbit (something like the shuttle Challenger experienced). Around 80 seconds after launch, they shut down the main rocket engines. The computers detected this and fired the capsule’s emergency rockets, firing it clear of the first stage, which then - as expected - tumbled out of control and exploded. All part of the plan, as a Christian might say, but in this case it really was planned. At the appropriate time, the drogue chutes were deployed, then the main chutes. By the time the capsule splashed down, rescue teams were in their fast boats heading for the scene. Of course this was an unmanned test. It was certainly very cool to be able to watch the whole thing from my couch! The Apollo spacecraft had a similar escape rocket system that was never needed. Challenger needed it but sadly didn’t have such a system.
  3. Yeah, you upset somebody and then you wake up one day to the news story: “Local Firefighter Appears to Have Nazi Tattoo” and your life is ruined.
  4. Hmmm... Wikipedia has this to say... ”The cross of Saint Florian, patron saint of firefighters, is often confused with the Maltese cross (for example, the New York City Fire Department so calls it);[14] although it may have eight or more points, it also has large curved arcs between the points. The Philadelphia Fire Department, among others, incorporates the St Florian cross into its insignia, as does the International Association of Fire Fighters.” But then there’s this... https://www.firerescue1.com/history/articles/the-maltese-vs-florian-cross-which-one-is-correct-Xr7pnTxy1nwnHe0M/ Personally I think the Maltese cross is much the cooler-looking of the two.
  5. Hey Fallenleaf, it’s nice to ‘meet’ you. Always good to hear from somebody who hasn’t been around for a while. Glad to hear life is good for you. Good luck - and be safe - in your fire-fighting career! Lots of respect for guys like you. You could always get an atheist tattoo alongside the Maltese Cross!
  6. Hi @Overcame Faith, nice to meet you! I’m one that came along while you were away: I deconverted 2014-2016 and I’ve been active here since then. Yeah, we all owe a debt of gratitude to @webmdave and the moderators. This is a great place, providing an invaluable service!
  7. Hey @Joshpantera I think you'd find this article from Scientific American to be of great interest: "Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?"
  8. Most Christians are good and decent people. You can be appreciative of their concern for you while being firm in your determination to follow your own path. As for that path, there is more help available now for people leaving religion than there ever has been before. Check out our Recommended Books section. Hopefully most of these books are available as e-books in Russia through Amazon. In addition to a lot of good books that show how the Bible is the work of human minds, not divine, there are some good ones on coping with the deconversion process and on how to live a good and fulfilling life without religion, for example "Leaving the Fold" by Marlene Winell. There is also a lot of good material here in our Forums and Blogs dating back for several years. Chances are that whatever challenges you face have been faced by somebody else here at some point, so take some time to browse through the various forum sections, especially the "Testimonies of Former Christians" and "Ex-Christian Life" sections. Finally, if it would help you to chat one-on-one with somebody about anything, please feel free to send me a private message. We're here to help each other out!
  9. Yeah well you're probably gonna get some more because I've been reading through your blog posts and liking what I see. Good work!
  10. Hi Art, You've already been patient and generous in staying around as long as you have. Time to be firm, and polite if possible. You need to "cut them loose" as we say in English. And your English is just fine! I hope you'll tell us more about yourself when you get a chance.
  11. Your approach here is similar to the philosphy of Stoicism, which is experiencing a resurgence in recent years. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is happening in parallel to the decline of Christianity. Stoicism is not necessarily incompatible with Christianity but it seems to work better without the futile hope that a deity is going to intervene.
  12. I started using MyStream to filter out the Totally-Off-Topic section back when it was crazy a year or two ago. Sanity seems to have been restored in recent months so now MyStream is set up to basically be the same as “All Activity”: it shows me everything.
  13. I use the MyStream feature as my default feed, so I see new forum messages but also blog posts and status updates from members. I definitely get the feeling that most members don’t see the blog posts or status updates.
  14. There are some very good Blogs here at Ex-Christian.Net. For whatever reason, I - and probably others too - often overlook them. I was reminded of this by a very good new post by @Lerk in his Blog “Be Ready Always to Give an Answer”. Do yourself a favor and check it out, along with the other Blogs. Good stuff.
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