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    Why were you born? Because your mother and father had sex, and one particular sperm fertilized one particular egg, creating a unique individual, YOU. I’m not being flippant here or suggesting you don’t know the facts of life: my point is that’s it, that’s the reason, the ONLY reason you were born. I don’t believe in some kind of cosmic plan or purpose. We were not put here as part of somebody’s plan. Things happened, and here we are. Purpose? Your purpose is not set by a deity or by the universe. Your purpose is something you derive for yourself. It’s whatever mo
  2. This is what I call “curated Bible study” and yes it’s designed to reinforce a certain version of Christianity and avoid exposing the student to conflicting information. Each denomination uses its own subset of scripture to reinforce its particular doctrine. The members of this community have experiences that are as varied as the individuals themselves. Many of us, like you, did not experience trauma or have bad experiences in the church. Some, like myself, stayed in the fold for so long because it was rather a comfortable place. For decades, the benefits of community kept me
  3. I agree with Dave and Josh. Christians and political Progressives/leftists have in common the idea that the human state can be perfected. For Christians it occurs when Heaven is reached after death, through a relationship with God via his son Jesus. For Progressives it is achieved by Government: an expanding state and an ever-growing body of legislation and constitutional amendments. If equality of opportunity doesn’t yield Utopia, then we must move on to “equity”, the new buzz-word, which typically is meant as something like equality of outcome. For as long as humans are human
  4. It’s kind of taken for granted around here, but most of us who do call ourselves atheists are technically agnostic atheists, who do not believe in any gods but also do not rule out the possibility of some kind of deity existing. At the end of the day, these are just labels: there’s no one “right” way to be an Ex-Christian. Except not being a Christian.
  5. These forums -as well as the Recommended Books page - contain a wealth of arguments and evidence pointing to the likelihood that the god of the Bible -as well as Satan, Heaven and Hell - were inventions of the human imagination, driven by the need in an earlier era to explain how the world works. But each of us has to evaluate and come to our own conclusion, to know why we believe or don’t believe.
  6. If Trump gets re-elected, he should thank the likes of these horrible kids. I hope when they look at this at some point in the future, they will have the decency to cringe in shame at what they used to be. I guarantee you, people who can’t even stand Trump will vote for him when they see shit like this.
  7. I’ve never known a time when politics (in the US and the English-speaking world in general) has been more subjective, more driven by emotion and irrational thinking. It’s become much more about hating the other tribe than about policy. Social media and TV news magnify this, rewarding snark and sound-bites. Never have people had so much factual information at their fingertips, and rarely have people acted so irrationally. The one bright spot is the long-form podcasts from the likes of Joe Rogan, Michael Shermer and Sam Harris. All is not lost.
  8. I’m interested to see what Objectivists have to say about that. It will take more than a quick look. In any case, I’ve really taken a shine to the Objectivists I’ve met so far. We shall see...
  9. I just started reading The Fountainhead! My first AR book. Listening to Yaron Brook really got me interested in Objectivism. That and the realization that the people who make the most sense to me on Twitter etc all seem to be Objectivists!
  10. I consider myself more Libertarian than Republican or Democrat these days. The Libertarian Party in the US is often a train-wreck: or maybe an attempt to herd cats. Libertarians don’t like to be herded! Right now, I’m thinking of voting for their Presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, partly because my state is very unlikely to have a close election, so I wouldn’t be “throwing my vote away”. I’m still learning about the philosophy, but for a while now the people I’ve found myself agreeing with the most often are Objectivists. They’re similar to libertarians but
  11. Many who call themselves Liberal today are simply left-wing statists. That’s a big change from the original meaning of the word Liberal, which used to signify favoring liberty. EDIT: disregard the following. I can’t edit it out for some reason. New message to follow...
  12. Hey Dave, just because you’re the Webmaster shouldn’t mean we can’t “like” your posts, ya know. Just sayin’
  13. Hi @alreadyGoneand welcome to the Ex-Christian community! Coming to the conclusion that there is likely “nobody in charge” of the universe certainly changes how we look at a lot of things - but the world does make a lot more sense from that perspective. I hope we’ll hear more from you and that you’ll share your deconversion experience whenever you’re ready to do so!
  14. You have to be a member for a little while before you get the ‘Like’ button. The more you post (without breaking the rules), the sooner it happens!
  15. Most of my Christian friends don’t know that I no longer believe, and those who do know haven’t offered their thoughts about me and Hell. And I haven’t asked. So this was more of a hypothetical situation. Yes. I wouldn’t be opposed to talking about the things we disagree about, as long as it’s with an attitude of mutual respect.
  16. Here’s how I see it: we should be able to be friends with people we fundamentally disagree with, as long as we don’t break my First Commandment: Thou Shalt Not be a Dick. In fact I think life is richer when we have friends with whom we respectfully disagree on politics, religion, whatever. Unfortunately in the world of 2020, it’s all too common to block, unfriend or otherwise shun. I am an atheist and I have Christian friends. If a Christian friend thinks I am going to Hell because I have rejected his god, I can live with that, as long as he doesn’t badger me about it or try to
  17. Hi Krowb, and welcome to our community! Almost everybody here has to conceal their unbelief to some extent at least. A few are unable to be honest even with their spouses. Many can’t be open with some or all of their children, likewise very often with parents or grandparents (“it would kill Mom if she knew”). And even those who can be themselves among family and some friends, have to be careful with business relationships, as you’ve seen. If every agnostic or atheist could be open, everybody would know some unbeliever, and the stigma would be harder to sustain, so it’s a bit
  18. The only time we see any of our friends from the Church of Christ is if we bump into them somewhere. We rarely socialized with any of them. Many of our friends now are people we met through work. I’m sure she would make new friends at a different church. Church of Christ congregations are very big on fellowship, as you know. It seems like going to a different church, where you wouldn’t have to keep up the pretense of being a believer, would be a solution that would work for her and also make your life better. I think if I were in your place, I’d press for that solution. You de
  19. Some college degrees have great value, many other do not, but one thing is for sure: we need more young people going to trade school. All these hands-on jobs need good people to fill them, they generally pay pretty well, and they can’t be outsourced to India or China.
  20. I think you need to cut yourself some slack and take credit for having figured out so much at such an early age. I think we all cringe a little (or a lot) when we look back at our younger selves, and many of us took decades to figure out who we really were. You’re a smart, articulate and courageous young man and trust me there are young ladies out there who will be interested in you! I know you’re impatient to set out on your journey through manhood, but you’ve already started and I predict it’s going to be a rewarding one!
  21. That sucks, for sure. Does your wife understand or care that you don’t want to go? To what extent are you still in the closet as an unbeliever?
  22. I don’t know to what extent you believe that Hell exists, but it helps to learn how the concept of Hell evolved during the centuries before Christianity arose. It looks a lot like part of a man-made doctrine rather than an unchanging truth from God.
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