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  1. Hey @Joshpantera I think you'd find this article from Scientific American to be of great interest: "Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?"
  2. Most Christians are good and decent people. You can be appreciative of their concern for you while being firm in your determination to follow your own path. As for that path, there is more help available now for people leaving religion than there ever has been before. Check out our Recommended Books section. Hopefully most of these books are available as e-books in Russia through Amazon. In addition to a lot of good books that show how the Bible is the work of human minds, not divine, there are some good ones on coping with the deconversion process and on how to live a good and fulfilling life without religion, for example "Leaving the Fold" by Marlene Winell. There is also a lot of good material here in our Forums and Blogs dating back for several years. Chances are that whatever challenges you face have been faced by somebody else here at some point, so take some time to browse through the various forum sections, especially the "Testimonies of Former Christians" and "Ex-Christian Life" sections. Finally, if it would help you to chat one-on-one with somebody about anything, please feel free to send me a private message. We're here to help each other out!
  3. Yeah well you're probably gonna get some more because I've been reading through your blog posts and liking what I see. Good work!
  4. Hi Art, You've already been patient and generous in staying around as long as you have. Time to be firm, and polite if possible. You need to "cut them loose" as we say in English. And your English is just fine! I hope you'll tell us more about yourself when you get a chance.
  5. Your approach here is similar to the philosphy of Stoicism, which is experiencing a resurgence in recent years. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is happening in parallel to the decline of Christianity. Stoicism is not necessarily incompatible with Christianity but it seems to work better without the futile hope that a deity is going to intervene.
  6. I started using MyStream to filter out the Totally-Off-Topic section back when it was crazy a year or two ago. Sanity seems to have been restored in recent months so now MyStream is set up to basically be the same as “All Activity”: it shows me everything.
  7. I use the MyStream feature as my default feed, so I see new forum messages but also blog posts and status updates from members. I definitely get the feeling that most members don’t see the blog posts or status updates.
  8. There are some very good Blogs here at Ex-Christian.Net. For whatever reason, I - and probably others too - often overlook them. I was reminded of this by a very good new post by @Lerk in his Blog “Be Ready Always to Give an Answer”. Do yourself a favor and check it out, along with the other Blogs. Good stuff.
  9. “No. "Unbelief" is honesty. "Doubt" is the path to unbelief and honesty, but that path is often not traveled due to the fear instilled by the religion itself. The meme of Christianity has evolved to continue to exist by overtly stating that doubt is caused by external, evil forces...” My period of doubt ended after I read a passage in a book that convincingly made the case that the world works exactly as it would if there were no benevolent deity overseeing and intervening. This realization turned my doubt into unbelief. Being honest with myself required it. At a certain point, the only reasons to shrink back from unbelief are emotional ones: finding continued theism to be so reassuring or the prospect of non-theism to be so fearsome.
  10. It would be pretty hard to pull off, and surely not very satisfying.
  11. A friend of mine has had great success losing weight with Keto. He’s like a new man. And he’s kept the weight off too. I’m convinced that carbs in general and sugar in particular are responsible for the epidemic of obesity and diabetes (among other things) in the rich world today. And so many people don’t know this: I’m flabbergasted at the way people consume soda/pop and sweet tea by the gallon in most parts of the US. We’re not fucking hummingbirds.
  12. Hey DB, sorry it was a rough year for you in some big ways. My heart goes out to you and your family in the loss of your father-in-law. I’m happy also though for the positive things: your new home, your marriage and seeing your sons grow up and graduate. If I recall, wasn’t it one of your sons who triggered your deconversion process? Glad you survived the health scare and best of luck with the weight loss! Very thankful for modern science and medicine. Deconversion prompted many of us to take better care of ourselves - funny how that works. And I hope you check in with us more than once a year!
  13. Hey Giovanni, welcome to our community! I’m so sorry for all the BS you had to endure but congratulations on the journey you’ve made. So many people here share the joyful feeling of finally becoming who we could have been a long time ago but for the indoctrination of religion. Good for you. I hope you’ll stay around and get to know us. This is a good place.
  14. FWIW, the legal department of my company sent out an all-employee e-mail about this the other day, advising us to write "2020" instead of "20". Might help. can't hurt.
  15. But I wanted it to be true. Maybe I've watched too many porn movies...
  16. Shouldn’t be that hard for an omnipotent being to pull off...
  17. You could have at least snapped a picture for us. None of the faithful would see it here.
  18. If you’re interested in inspiring thoughts to start - or end - your day, it can be hard to find without the religious woo. But now this terrific book is on sale today for $1.99 at the US Kindle Store. Not sure of the price elsewhere. Inspiring messages, no god needed. https://www.amazon.com/Daily-Stoic-Meditations-Wisdom-Perseverance-ebook/dp/B01HNJIJB2/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?tag=dailystoic01-20&_encoding=UTF8
  19. I do appreciate the mature folks we have around here, who offer valuable perspective and wisdom. At 59, I’m no spring chicken myself, but I do appreciate you guys! I sometimes get hung up on my failure to seriously question my Christian beliefs earlier in life, but then I remind myself that so many people go right through life without questioning or growing, and I feel better. I wish all my Ex-Christian friends good health in 2020, especially those like Weezer who’ve been experiencing setbacks. Sláinte! as we Irish say. But even more important than physical health at the end of the day, may you enjoy the love of others and the peace that comes with a complete deconversion.
  20. In 2020, may we all be as good as Florida Man in turning setbacks into opportunities...
  21. Oooooh, them’s fightin’ words, ya fecker!!
  22. Fascinating. I wonder though if any of this will even happen within the next few decades. A return to the moon always seems to be just around the corner. There’s an excellent PBS Nova program about this: https://www.pbs.org/video/back-to-the-moon-7jjcvo/ I believe it requires a PBS Passport subscription, which I highly recommend.
  23. Hi @Testingthewaters. I may be wasting my time here as far as you are concerned, since you evidently haven’t been back since your last post on Thursday evening. But I’m going to reply anyway, as it may be helpful to others reading this. You have trouble with ChristIan views of sexuality and you’re surely in good company here: I think we’d pretty much all agree with you that consenting people should be able to do what they want, sexually. With the caveat that partners should be treated with respect and that cheating on somebody else is not a good thing. But you’re not prepared to make any other kind of break with Christianity or even be open to questioning the basics of the faith. That’s where you run into a problem. Staying with a belief system while ignoring significant parts of it is a recipe for trouble. You’re likely to end up at some point with guilt or other misgiving about things you’ve done, guilt that keeps you awake at night and likely tarnishes the pleasure of some of your experiences. If you’re going to reject Christian teaching on sex or any other matter, it should be because you no longer regard Christian teaching as binding on you, when you accept that the teaching springs from centuries-old human rules, not divine revelation, that may or may not make sense to you in 2019. That’s where we Ex-Christians stand: I may agree with Christian teaching on some subjects but utterly reject it in other areas. Just as I agree with one political party on some issues and agree with a different party on others: they’re all somebody’s opinion and none of them is infallible - and I ultimately make up my own mind. And I may change my mind as time goes by. It’s important for each of us, no matter where we stand on religion, politics or whatever, that we understand what we believe and why we believe it. If you don’t have that understanding your world view is not going to be stable or coherent. That’s what this community is all about: we encourage questioning all religious dogma, and walking away from it if it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It takes a while, but it’s a worthwhile process, because it makes for a better life where the way you live is in line with what you believe to be true. You’re much more likely to enjoy guilt-free sex if you build a foundation of belief that supports it. You’ll find plenty of help and encouragement here if you follow that path, but if you’re not prepared to question Christianity then this community is not the place for you.
  24. Looks yummy! Merry Christmas and bon appetit to you and all the Olders!
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