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  1. Jonah and the whale

    Hey DB, it’s good to know your son has joined us: I hope he introduces himself soon - or has he already done that?
  2. After a year

    It’s good to hear from you again, DarkBishop! I was getting concerned when we hadn’t heard from you in a while. I suspected it was family-related. I’m glad to hear things are going relatively well.
  3. BAA

    I didn’t have much interaction with Mark but I appreciate the great contribution he made here. He was a smart, articulate voice for reason and for defending and encouraging ex-Christians. His sudden loss is a shock. I hope that Maureen’s pain, and the pain of others who loved him, will in time be eased by the happy memories and by the knowledge of the good he did.
  4. Nobody has to know.....

    Hello Crushed, I’m glad you shared your situation with us. This is a very supportive community; you are definitely among friends here. I’m so sorry for all you’ve had to deal with. I don’t know that I can give you much advice, but I can tell you that you are not “condemned to live this life till the bitter end”. You don’t have to stay in this prison. You said you cannot be honest with your husband because he would leave you. That does not sound remotely like a healthy relationship. Are you financially dependent on him, so that you fear separation or divorce? I don’t know the German divorce laws, but do they not have alimony and child support? Or is your situation (serious incompatibility) not sufficient grounds for divorce? Or are you staying with him for the sake of the younger kids? In any case, your two older kids should be able to live their lives free of their father’s control, yes? It doesn’t sound like your husband is a candidate for deconversion. At some point you will surely find a man who is not a religious fanatic (or preferably not religious at all). to share your life with. I am so glad that atheism has brought you a sense of freedom: it usually does. And a free mind is a treasure that nobody can take away. I wish you al the best, I really do. Please stay in touch with us. I think and hope it will help you to be here. All the Best TABA
  5. Hello, and the reason for my username

    Welcome to our community, Hedge_Rat! Your deconversion experience is pretty typical. Most of us concluded that the God of the Bible is without convincing evidence and also abhorrent if he actually did everything the Bible said. Different people come to those conclusions in differing orders maybe. So I’m curious about your labeling yourself in your profile as an ‘atheopagan’. That’s a new word to me. Care to elaborate?
  6. I never thought I would be here

    Hey Blood, haven’t see you on here in a while. Good to see you back.
  7. What happens when Democrats run your state?

    Its not politics per se that’s the problem. It’s the separation into partisan tribes that’s so bad: everything my party does is good and everything your party does is bad. When your party increases the deficit, it’s the height of irresponsibility; when my party does it, well, growing deficits aren’t so bad. For fuck sake!
  8. What happens when Democrats run your state?

    I wish I could use all my likes for today on this one statement.
  9. Merry Christmas

    Thanks Ironhorse, I love it. It captures a key attitude of Stoicism: never taking anything for granted and always keeping in mind how much we have. It makes for a better life for theists and atheists alike. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  10. Having an Attitude of Thankfulness

    I’ve found that one of the keys to happiness - both in my Christian and ex-Christian life, is to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. You certainly don’t have to be a theist to do this. Here’s a good article from Ryan Holiday: Holiday has written a couple of books that have helped revived interest in the philosophy of Stoicism, which is widely misunderstood: Stoics aren’t necessarily ‘stoic’ in the modern understanding of the word. To anyone who is feeling somewhat ‘uprooted’ as a result of their deconversion, I would recommend looking into it. You may come to see that you can have a sense of purpose and direction in life without any supernatural beliefs. A good place to start is
  11. Hey MOHO, you could carve out a new role for yourself at Mrs. MOHO’s church: providing protection without worshiping.
  12. Navy pilot draws penis in the sky

    I don’t disagree, but I still want to buy the guy a beer...
  13. The Source of DNC Corruption: Debt

    I agree with all the above, except that the hyper-partisanship has been building for several decades, not just since Obama was elected. I think both major parties are past being capable of reform now. I’d love to see some D and R Senators leave their parties and start a new one.
  14. The Actual History of Black Americans

    I think the Identity Politics on the left, far from being a fringe thing, has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Democratic Party. Sometime in the past couple of decades, they decided that demography is destiny, that people could be counted on to vote as members of an identity group rather than as individuals. So they sliced and diced the population into identity groups in the hope of reaching a permanent governing majority. But so far at least, enough people have resisted identifying this way that the plan has been somewhat thwarted. They forgot that America is a Republic, and the Democratic Party has become a coastal/urban party, which can rack up vote counts but not achieve the broader appeal to win state houses and governors’ mansions, or even the White House against a candidate with such high negative approval as Donald Trump.
  15. Ignorance is bliss... until it isn't

    Quark, to my initial welcome I would add this: you are to be congratulated for getting over this hump. Many people see the problems with Christianity and with theism in general but lack the courage to actually reject it. They continue in a lifelong state of cognitive dissonace. They preach views about ‘sins’ and other aspects of morality that they don’t truly believe. You are in the minority, but a growing minority for sure. The road you have taken is often challenging, as in the situation with your parents. But those of us who have taken it ahead of you can tell you that it is certainly worthwhile. Taking control of your own mind and rejecting ideas that make no sense leads to a powerful sense of joy and peace in due course. As regards ‘coming out’ as an atheist, take your time. You have taken the most important step: coming out to YOURSELF! Now you have come out to us and you can be sure you are among friends and allies here. Many of us once hesitated to call ourselves atheists, but that usually goes away in time, to the point where we become so comfortable with the term that we forget how scary the a-word is to many. And we have ex-Christians here who choose to never call themselves atheists. So don’t feel obliged to call yourself that outside of your own mind and this community. It’s often easier just to describe yourself as ‘not religious’ or even agnostic, when talking to believers, even the most casual believers. Take your time... So again - congratulations and welcome!