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  1. ThereAndBackAgain

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    I'm 9w1 with Self-preservation variant
  2. ThereAndBackAgain

    How do I shake the feeling that I am courting the devil?

    I’m inclined to agree with Dexter’s approach. It’s as likely to work for you as any other. Some people, while not having a literal belief in the devil or Satan, use the concept as a sign of resistance to the cruel god of the Bible (especially the genocidal OT god) and as a symbol of preferring reason over faith. You could embrace that concept of the devil and enjoy the music. Just don’t take it too seriously. Come to think of it, it’s probably a good life philosophy to not take things too seriously in general.
  3. ThereAndBackAgain

    2 years later

    Hey @DarkBishop it’s good to hear from you again! I’ve been wondering and hoping you were OK. I had a feeling it was family-related. I really do hope you can spend more time here. I know it’s important to me too as another member of the Unequally Yoked club. This fellowship with fellow-travelers is important to me and evidently to you too. I think if you can express your unbelief here with your fellow agnostics/atheists it may actually help your relationship, as opposed to feeling isolated in a sea of believers. A happier DarkBishop should make for a happier LadyBishop... All the best, my friend...
  4. ThereAndBackAgain

    Desire to live in another country

    Hi ‘Lost’, I like @TheRedneckProfessor’s idea about moving to Ireland. Lots of Polish people have moved there and seem to be doing very well. Full disclosure: I am originally from Ireland and so I’m a bit partial to the place, but I really do think it’s a wonderful country. To be honest the only downside is the weather. Even though I don’t like very warm weather and Ireland rarely gets uncomfortably hot, it’s so damn dreary so often that it can get to you. Even after ‘Brexit’ I don’t expect it would be that hard for a smart determined Pole to move to the UK. Another place to consider is Canada. Easier to get into than the US and very similar in most ways. I’m an immigrant to the USA myself and there are some things I prefer about Canada, some things I prefer about the US. They’re both wonderful, diverse, free countries. You have the freedom to make your own life without some of the social pressures that exist elsewhere. If you can’t be happy in the US or Canada, you’re probably not gonna be happy anywhere. Yes the US is going through a bit of turbulence right now but it’s been through a lot worse and I have confidence we’ll come out OK. Best of luck to you - stay in touch!
  5. ThereAndBackAgain

    Finding Hope

    Maybe not but they do have huge carnivorous bats. And venomous hummingbirds.
  6. ThereAndBackAgain


    You want him to suffer, big-time? Seriously? If that’s the choice I’d prefer that he not understand us.
  7. ThereAndBackAgain

    Finding Hope

    I’m not a praying man ‘tis true, but I’m thankful you’re here.
  8. ThereAndBackAgain


    I’ve exchanged private messages with William, both on our platform and on his. They’ve all been respectful and maybe even friendly. But no meeting of the minds. There’s quite a chasm between us when it comes to his faith and my lack thereof. But it’s been useful and I hope it may continue.
  9. ThereAndBackAgain

    Christians are stealing my happiness!

    Yeah but it takes like 3 weeks to get there by air. They have huge flightless birds that eat dogs and small kids. And everything’s upside down. At least they don’t have venomous songbirds like Australia. In Australia EVERYTHING wants to kill you. They change Prime Ministers about every 10 months because they keep getting eaten by sharks or strangled by kangaroos 🦘
  10. ThereAndBackAgain

    Finding Hope

    Hi Bug! I’m happy to be one of the first to welcome you to our community! It’s always nice when a lurker ‘decloaks’ and introduces themself. No doubt you’ve already seen that there are all types of people here. I trust you will quickly come to feel at home here. People come here in various states of mind. It’s nice to see that you are already becoming comfortable with your non-belief and that you are feeling the benefits and relief that usually comes from letting go of religious faith. I’m in my fifties but only deconverted in the past five years. Went through the usual progression from Christian to Theist to Deist to atheist - that’s pretty typical. Anyway, glad you’ve joined us. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you!
  11. ThereAndBackAgain


    I agree. I was fascinated by some of the dialog between our @Joshpantera and him. Two guys who are alike in many ways who have ended up on opposite teams, so to speak. It’s good to see the respect between members of these teams though. Your own input helped with that over there, by the way. Just goes to show though how religion can really divide people who might otherwise be friends and allies.
  12. ThereAndBackAgain


    Actually this particular group is not really evangelism-oriented. William himself @Christforums identifies with Monergism, which apparently is close to Calvinism and according to Wikipedia is “the view within Christian theology which holds that God works through the Holy Spirit to bring about salvation of an individual through spiritual regeneration, regardless of the individual’s cooperation.” So many of us here have been exposed to evangelical versions of Christianity - and may even have been evangelical ourselves - that we forget it’s not universal within Christianity. You probably never had a Catholic knock on your door trying to save your soul.
  13. ThereAndBackAgain

    The power of prayer

    I’m sorry about your grandfather’s decline but I’m glad you were able to be there with him and other family members. You handled it well. We’re all on this rock together, believers and non-believers and sometimes it’s just best to link arms and support each other regardless of any differences. It’s good too to have an attitude of thankfulness even if we have no deity to thank. It was a bittersweet day I’m sure. Thanks for sharing it with us, Dexter!
  14. ThereAndBackAgain

    Maybe Atheist

    These are good guys who are solid and valuable members of our community. I’m sure the last thing they would want to do is set back our efforts. There needs to be an outlet for blasphemous humor but I know it’s not for everybody and maybe it should be confined to the Humor & Satire section.
  15. ThereAndBackAgain


    It’s OK. The Old Testamemt tells us you’ve had regrets before. It’s only human. So, are you the one who calls himself “Ex-Christian.Net”? over there?