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  1. ThereAndBackAgain

    Recurring fears

    Certainty is elusive. That’s why I call myself an agnostic atheist. And don’t feel like you have to make a decision. For many of us, it was more a growing realization. I can’t point to a moment when I crossed the line from faith to unbelief. At some point I just knew I was no longer a Christian. So give yourself a break. Keep reading and your mind will sort things out even without you realizing it’s happening.
  2. ThereAndBackAgain

    Intro to Zen - Alan Watts

    Were they thinking along these lines before you came along, or did you sow these seeds? Anyway kudos to you for encouraging such out-of-the-box thinking and exploring! Not many people are exposed to these ideas, let alone at this age when it can make such a difference in their lives.
  3. ThereAndBackAgain

    Recurring fears

    Don’t you think that if the creator of the universe wanted you to know that he exists, he could give you a less ambiguous message than ringing some church bells? Who knows what was going on with the bells, but after saying that prayer you were on the alert for anything unusual and on any given day, SOMETHING unusual is liable to happen, especially when you’re looking out for it.
  4. ThereAndBackAgain

    Hurricane Michael, heads up Panhandle.

    That’s an excellent idea. It’s one thing to leave town before the storm hits but it’s another thing to find a hotel room somewhere at a time like that. With a motor home that problem is solved. I guess the biggest challenge is making the go/no-go decision before the roads get clogged by either traffic or storm debris. If I lived down your way I’d certainly look into that. Plus - as you said - the vacation opportunities it gives you. I’d be interested to hear if you get one and in the costs involved.
  5. ThereAndBackAgain


    MamaCaz, the changes you’ve experienced are familiar to me and to many others here. Christianity - and the fundamentalist version in particular - needs to keep people inside the bubble. Once people leave the bubble and are exposed to alternative views, the whole belief system becomes unstable. Coming to this community and being surrounded for the first time in our lives by people who don’t buy the story - that works wonders. I’m so glad you came here and that you too are seeing the benefits of letting go of the belief system!
  6. ThereAndBackAgain

    Intro to Zen - Alan Watts

    @Joshpantera what do the boys think of this? How old are they?
  7. ThereAndBackAgain

    Jesus-free and loving it

    Now that’s some heavy shit. At least for me it was...
  8. ThereAndBackAgain

    Jesus-free and loving it

    That was time well spent - good job, man!
  9. ThereAndBackAgain

    Jesus-free and loving it

    I hope they do; it’s not at all uncommon. And it shows that many Christians are ultimately better than the god they believe in or the scriptures they trust in.
  10. ThereAndBackAgain

    How Did YOU Think About Hell Back Then?

    One of the best things about being an ex-Christian is letting go of the ‘pretzeling’, the mental gymnastics, required to make everything add up. No more choosing which part of scripture to accept while ignoring the contradictory parts. No more making excuses for a supposedly loving god. No more reluctance to accept the findings of science in evolution and astrophysics. No more struggles to reconcile one’s conscience with the litany of ‘sins’. How good that all feels!
  11. ThereAndBackAgain

    How Did YOU Think About Hell Back Then?

    @HeartFromTexas, you’re not the first one I’ve heard mention Rob Bell’s book as pivotal in their journey away from Christianity. Although I haven’t read it myself, I can see why so many Christians - especially fundamentalists - were so unhappy with Love Wins. It brought up an issue that many would rather sweep under the carpet: the reality - or otherwise - of Hell. In ages past, Hell could be used to keep the faithful in the fold, but nowadays it’s more likely to drive people away from Christianity, or at least from fundamentalism. And it seems to me that for many who abandon fundamentalism, a more moderate Christianity is often a waystation on the journey out of the faith completely. I’m glad that your deconversion has been thorough enough to remove all fear of Hell. I’m fortunate in that too, but I know there are some here who still are haunted by fear of Hell to some extent. That breaks my heart, and for them it’s useful to show how the concept of Hell evolved through the Old Testament and into the New and even beyond, to where the modern idea of Hell comes from Dante’s ‘Inferno’ in the Middle Ages. So HfT, it sounds like you were a firm believer in the truth of Hell for a long time. So how did you handle the ‘knowledge’ that people you knew were headed there? Surely you had friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors who were not Christian; how did you feel about them burning in Hell? Were you convinced that they deserved it, so it didn’t trouble you? Or did you try not to think about specific people going to Hell? Thanks for joining in this topic!
  12. ThereAndBackAgain

    Jesus-free and loving it

    I wish I’d recognized the Plato analogy! The other day a guy at work mentioned somebody facing a Sisyphean task. I was impressed, but I had to have him explain it to me...
  13. ThereAndBackAgain

    Jesus-free and loving it

    Good catch! No. But I know him and encouraged him to join our community. I believe he is still identifying as male.
  14. ThereAndBackAgain

    Jesus-free and loving it

    Hey Heart, Welcome to our group! Don’t I know you from somewhere?😎 I think you’ll like it here. I hate it that some of your own kids have reacted that way. I can only hope that at some point the idea that their father is going to Hell - simply because of what he doesn’t believe - will strike them as the biggest indictment possible of their loving god. They would not be the first ones to abandon the church after trying to reconcile Hell with any concept of a loving god! Looking forward to hearing more from you...