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  1. ThereAndBackAgain

    The Importance of Rule #2

    Moderators, shouldn’t this thread be in ToT? Seems pretty political to me. Totally Off Topic Almost anything goes, including politics. Please confine political discussions to this area.
  2. ThereAndBackAgain

    How do Christians view God?

    That’s because the people who wrote the Bible had no more knowledge than anybody else at the time. Just people trying to take a stab at explaining the world. No deity involved.
  3. ThereAndBackAgain

    12 More Moons of Jupiter Discovered

    I hope I live to see a probe land on Europa (or Saturn’s moon Enceladus) and drill down to explore the ocean beneath the ice. BTW, if you want to see a smart movie about this, I highly recommend Europa Report on Netflix.
  4. ThereAndBackAgain

    The Importance of Rule #2

    I need to follow Geezer’s example and stay the hell away from politics in this neighborhood. I don’t want to end up leaving this place, but ToT has driven me to the brink lately. It’s best to leave the politics to the handful of stalwarts who like to hear themselves pontificate. Cause they’re sure as hell not changing anybody’s minds.
  5. ThereAndBackAgain

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    If the creator of the universe wanted to tell you something, don’t you think he would be able to communicate clearly? Isn’t it possible that you are projecting your own thoughts and seeing them as coming from outside? You wouldn’t be the first person to experience this.
  6. ThereAndBackAgain

    The Difficulty of Full Deconversion

    Excellent post, TinMan! You have expressed very well what many of us have experienced. I’m sure this post will be helpful and encouraging to others.
  7. ThereAndBackAgain

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    Of course it’s not imposssible to go back to being a Christian, as SerenelyBlue has shown us (also, we’ll see if this lasts...). I quoted that Hebrews passage as just another example of the Bible getting it wrong, or contradicting itself (compare to the story of the Prodigal Son). I have seen a small handful of Ex-C members go back to the faith. It does happen. The great majority though, gain confidence in their deconversion through being here, and gain what our friend Joshpantera calls “Immunity to Christianity”. That comes from learning about the many ways in which Christianity and the Bible both fail, more than we ever realized when we first deconverted. It comes from leaning how monotheism only developed over time among the Israelites. It comes from seeing how the concepts of Satan and Hell only evolved over the course of many hundreds of years. It comes from seeing how God totally fails to show up in a way that would be convincing to people the world over, saving them from the supposed fires of Hell. It comes from realizing that life without Jesus or God, far from living up to the dire warnings of priests and pastors, can gain a new, exhilarating sense of meaning. So for those inclined to declare themselves as Ex-Christians, but who may be hesitating, the lessons are these: The Bible really is unreliable and inconsistent as a source of truth. Clearly it is possible to go back, if you realize you made a mistake. Most people gain confidence and peace and would never want to go back, ever.
  8. ThereAndBackAgain

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    I’m afraid the Bible makes it quite clear that it’s impossible for us to turn back: Hebrews 6:4-6 NIV [4] It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, [5] who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age [6] and who have fallen away, to be brought back to repentance.
  9. ThereAndBackAgain

    Is Christian paranoia increasing?

    My last response above was unnecessarily terse and combative, and I regret it. TrueScotsman, you have angrily left these forums on several occasions because of how you feel you have been treated by various people in the Totally Off-Topic forum, but I think you have failed to see or acknowledge your own contribution to raising the level of incivility when it comes to matters of politics and culture. Earlier today, @wellnamed gently commented as follows... "I'm sure I'm more in agreement with TrueScotsman than many here about increasingly plausible threats from authoritarian strains of nationalism in the US. Despite that I think if this forum is going to comfortably accommodate people from across the political spectrum we do have to try to afford each other some minimal amount of respect, and that should extend as far as not going too far insulting each other as clueless bumbling idiots. To be clear, I also wish that notion of respect would prompt at least one or two of the more conservative members here to be less hostile and trollish in their posting as well, but since I've complained about people on the conservative side of late I guess I feel like I'd be hypocritical not to lightly chide you here also, TrueScotsman. Take it for whatever you think it's worth..." But you were having none of it. You saw yourself having no responsibility for any incivility... "I'm not their doormat, I am frankly more worn out having been here longer and having had to deal with the constant trolling. They want to be civil with me, I will be civil, but that doesn't mean I won't forcefully refute their arguments. If they want to laugh at me and troll me for a very serious and legitimate concern, then I will let them know my opinion of their behavior. Civility is a two way street." You seem to be a smart and articulate individual, but you are sometimes quick to anger when you encounter disagreement from those to the right of you, and you have often rather quickly adopted a superior and hostile tone toward them. You do not seem to respect the opinions or motives of those you consider conservatives or rightists. You don’t have to agree with them, but when you impugn ulterior motives to them, things start going downhill. You tend to lump everybody on “the right” together into one villainous pile. You have a tendency towards straw-manning (misrepresenting the positions of those with whom you are debating) and name-calling. Others are guilty of this too, for sure, and there are some here who seem to intentionally get under your skin. Unfortunately, you make it rather easy for them, and then you cede the advantage even if you have a stronger argument. Not every provocation or insult needs to responded to. We all have our faults. I'm going to do my best to disagree - when I do - respectfully. Peace, TABA
  10. ThereAndBackAgain

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    I’ve got the audio version of this Dave Rubin podcast cued up for my commute.
  11. ThereAndBackAgain

    Tolerance vs intolerance - where is the middle ground?

    Rogan rocks! Who is the other guy?
  12. ThereAndBackAgain

    For Ex-Christian Women

    So @MOHO is this your way of telling us you now identify as a woman?
  13. ThereAndBackAgain

    Comparative World Spirituality 101

    Also no fear to motivate people.
  14. ThereAndBackAgain

    Yeah, America is a "christian" Nation

    Funny to watch liberals quote the Bible to criticize immigration policy and conservatives quote the Bible to condemn abortion. As an apostate I make up my own mind on these issues and if that’s un-Christian, fuck yeah.
  15. ThereAndBackAgain

    Advice for Leaving the Church Culture

    Nobody cares if you ‘appropriate’ Christmas. There is no Christmas-enforcement body that ensures you sign on to every aspect of the season. To paraphrase, you can throw out the baby and keep the bath water. That’s what I do. I still enjoy Christmas.