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    Poetry, stories, myths, wicca, ect
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    Romance is like a white horse, strong,beautiful, and large. When agape love and romance merge that horse get's it's wings and becomes a Pegasus. Both horse and Pegasus can go far but only the Pegasus is immortal,can soar beyond the stars thus true love is born.”
    ― Cianna

    “Boredom is more dangerous than many people tend to ignore.”
    ― Cianna

    “Many people think they know what death is but many cannot explain what life is.”
    ― Cianna

    “Live your life in such a way so that
    when you are gone, people will remember
    you as a somebody.”
    ― Cianna

    “There are two kinds of religions.
    A religion based on love and a religion
    based on fear, religions based on love
    are not to be scoffed at, no matter how
    ridiculous they sound”
    ― Cianna

    “You aren't allowed to talk to your friends

    You must ask permission to go to the bathroom

    You cannot sleep in class if you are tired

    You must eat only when they say you can

    You are almost always bored.

    Your needs are denied in school, and this is supposed to be for your own good?”
    ― Cianna

    “Wicca is a powerful religion

    Wicca is based on love

    Wicca sees everyone as sacred

    Wicca promotes harmony with nature

    Wicca rejects the devil

    Wicca creates enlightenment

    Wicca saves the environment

    Wicca is tolerant of other faiths

    Wicca honors both sexes

    Wicca is not homophobic

    Wicca says live your life but harm none

    Wicca fears death not

    Wicca is magic and magic is everything

    I'm proud to call myself a member of
    this awesome path and I feel great
    if I am demonized for it.”
    ― Cianna

    “Why do I think money is so bad,
    it puts a big wall in front of you that
    prevents you from seeing the most important thing on the other side.”
    ― Cianna

    “Many people believe that sex is everything because it is supposed to
    guarantee survival of the human race, what many fail to see is that love will eradicate the suffering caused by us.”
    ― Cianna

    “A person with little or no humor, is hard to get along with”
    ― Cianna

    “I hated school, the only good about it was the friends I made, the only education I received was friendship”
    ― Cianna

    “God is omnipresent
    God is omniscient
    God is omnipotent
    God is all loving and will always love you
    God is love and love casts out fear
    God hates nothing
    God is bigger than anything we can imagine
    God takes great pleasure in the blessed happiness of everybody.

    If you believe all these things are true, call yourself a universalist.”
    ― Cianna

    “Many parents put school before the happiness of their child, it's a sad thing but it is true.”
    ― Cianna

    “A child is a human, not a tool that we control.”
    ― Cianna

    “Why is it tough be kind and easy to be mean, because it is tough to be a winner and easy to be a loser.”
    ― Cianna

    “One of the greatest fear of a parent, is their child becoming rebellious and nasty,

    One of the greatest fear of a child, is to have an authoritarian parent.”
    ― Cianna

    “A person once said "The greatest trick of the devil is convincing people he does not exist."

    I say the greatest trick of illusion, is making people believe that a perfect god made the mistake in creating an evil semi god than can thwart his plan.”
    ― Cianna

    “I do not believe in Satan
    I do not believe that god is separate from his creations

    I do not believe everything the bible says

    I do not condemn homosexuality

    I do condemn homophobia

    I believe women are equal to men

    I do not believe that a loving god will abandon many people in hell forever.

    I do not believe that faith is more important than kind deeds

    All this makes me non Christian.”
    ― Cianna

    We maybe smarter than animals, but that does not mean they are inferior to us


    “I cannot and will not be a Christian,
    I will not use a man's horrible death
    to escape going to a place that I'm deathly afraid of, the whole salvation system sounds screwed up!”
    ― Cianna

    When out in nature, learn to listen, it's the universe speaking to you


    Meditation carries so many benefits that it is the greatest activity on earth, period


    We have no lives, we are life

    We have no souls, we are souls

    There is no time, there is only the present

    There is no place called hell, there is only internal suffering called hell

    There is no place called heaven, there is only internal blessedness called heaven

    There is no god, there is only higher consciousness called god

    There is no death, there is only a transformation

    We don't rule this planet, we try to survive it.


    “Religion is like putting a lock on the door of truth, that truth is your heart.”
    ― Cianna

    “The best day of my life will be the day I die”
    ― Cianna

    Life is a journey, death is the destination.


    Common sense is lost when we refuse to question


    We all think that love is good, but when gays express love, some of us will say it is bad.


    Love is more than a feeling, it is a dangerous decision, because you could do absolutely anything to prove your love for someone


    Spiritual love is for fools who are wise


    Hatred is the most ugly thing in the world, never say you hate another living thing.


    Learn to let anger go, it is bad for your health


    Rudeness is never okay, period


    Inner beauty is the most important thing in life, I may be cute but please pay attention to my heart.


    At the end of a hurricane, comes sunshine


    If you have enemies for being a horrible person, bad.
    If you have enemies for not being a horrible person, don't give a damn


    Christianity unfortunately, is the worst thing that has happened to the world, too much suffering in the name of god


    Not all humans are bad, but all are terrible at trying to be perfect.


    The most beautifully embarrassing feeling I had was when someone called me "too nice."


    If you cheat on love, you cheat in love


    At times I may seem rude, but I always feel shame at the thought of my rudeness


    Jesus once said blessed are those who are persecuted for doing the right thing, sometimes I am too afraid to be blessed


    A kiss should always be full of magic


    My poetry

    I am the house, you are the sea. You shelter me, I drown for you. I swam blissfully through, your becoming waves of blue. Beautiful angel if you had only knew that I would have did the same for you. I'm swept and defeated by your cerulean body of sorrow. Silver tears and a sea of woe, when I had to let you go. I embraced you, night and day, but you had to slip away. The wind bellowed and destroyed us, and you became that Wind. I hear you calling from the other side, when I come running to find you, I'm back at where I started. I see nothing but a lifeless shadow. Whispers of anger have finally departed. I painfully wish I could sea you tomorrow, so that we might start over again. Please come back so we can ride out this sea of storm together, like two rainbow birds of a different feather. I want to lay in your pool of emotion, I want to become what we called devotion. You are the house I am the sea, I sheltered you and you drowned for me. You are gone but not faraway. Like a lost dove going back home, I promise you I will sea you again some day.

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    The true god , love,life,universe and goodness
  1. So his girlfriend did this to him?! That's really messed up but what's really more horrible is he abused his girlfriend, this unfortunately is not a good person Onyx.
  2. I am a proud bisexual, but I may be more attracted to girls than boys. When I first became a Christian, I thought god didn't like gays and they were bound for hell after death. Eventually, I learned to become more accepting of gays, trans and BIs, it wasn't until months later that I discovered I was a bisexual. I thought It was strange that I was attracted to girls, even more so than boys. I'm quite comfortable being semi gay, but I would never tell my Christian family, they are clearly homophobic. I also have a message. If you love someone, truly love someone, you wouldn't care that they are different, even if it is there sexual orientation, and also I believe in a loving cosmos too. Welcome!
  3. Many of you have left Christianity behind and turned to atheism or something else. Some of you may have some concerns or doubts about your abandonment of Christianity like: What if I'm wrong and their right? What if hell is real, and what if I'm going there for leaving my Christian life I still want to believe there is a god without being religious. First and foremost I'd like to rejoice that you have succeeded in overcoming your brainwashing, because billions of people are still mentally imprisoned, but you successfully left for the sake of happiness and the well being of your mind Though I bet some of you still want to believe in god and Jesus without being confined to a religion. I'd like to say that the teachings of Jesus is simple, his teachings centered around searching for spiritual truth and compassion as well as loving kindness for the world. However something has gone wrong, the church has twist Jesus' teachings of love and altruism around and instead lie to everyone by saying that we are all hell bound sinners who need to rely on the works of Jesus instead of our own works. In it's current state, Christianity is wrong at best and blasphemous at worse as well as stealing the lives of people. What did Jesus believe about going to church? Jesus made it clear that he does not want his followers going to church and letting the religious authorities take over our search for truth, truth is not limited to the church of the bible. Jesus also did not want people to pray in public but in seclusion. The worse enemies of Jesus were the Pharisees, who have taken all keys to heaven and won't enter and won't let you enter either, but be as wise as a snake and as innocent as a dove (Thomas,39) The search of truth is found within Is the bible true? The bible is an interesting book, it contains 66 books with many different writers many whom which never knew each other and whom came from different times. The bible has some truth within it but sad to say there are very serious and minor errors within the bible. The bible is in fact not the word of god in fact the bible even admits this itself when it says ''in the beginning was the word and the word was god and the word was with god'' it even says later on during the introduction of Jesus that Christ is the word of god (Revelation 19:13) To see many errors and contradictions in the bible look up the skeptic's annotated bible What about hell? The truth is this, there is no place if eternal fire and everlasting punishment. The place called hell originated with the pagan greeks and was called by a different name. Sheol, hades, Gehenna and tartarus. Sheol meant the grave Gehenna was not even an afterlife but a place in Israel Hades meant the land of the dead Tartarus was a place of fire and everlasting punishment and so was Gehenna. The pagan greeks used the threat of everlasting fire to keep their folks in line but later admitted that they lied and there was no place of fire and eternal punishment. The only Jews who believe the greeks about a place of fire, sulphur and brimstone was the pharisee's Jesus' enemies. The doctrine of infinite pain and misery an a dark abyss increased the power of the Pharisees for anyone who believed them would be terrified and whiplashed into obedience. Hell was than thrown into the bible for further fear and brainwashing. Hell only appears 8 to 12 times in the bible and does not appear at all in the old testament, but the mythical pagan hades, sheol, gehenna and Hades do but non of these are a place of suffering. Universal salvation is confirmed in the bible. If anyone threatens you with ''hell'' just remember that it is a pagan myth and does not belong in the Abrahamic religions.
  4. http://carm.org/ Is it really fair for god to love Jacob but hate Esau? Carm claims that the christian god is always right and is right to hate sinners (everybody).
  5. Good questions, God is defined as the source, I'm defining a source.
  6. True God: The universe, life, and spiritual connection in all brings False God: Invisible all powerful being that lives in the sky somewhere True God: The condition of pure unconditional love False God: The being that loves only few True God: The goodness within living things False God: The being that is thought as 'just'' by Christians True God: The desire within everyone to save the world from war and violence False God: The being who desires to save everyone from the very thing he created: Eternal Damnation True God: The condition of true happiness False God: The being that gives heaven to only those who believe True God: Spiritual light/Moral values False God: Evil being with low morality True God: Inner peace within all humans False God: Being with conditional peace True God: Christians worship false God while ignoring true God False God: False God is praised and worshipped by Christians True God: Sometimes believed to be evil by Christians False God: An Evil jealous being who exists in the bible True God: Unity, Trust, and hope False God: Being whom which there exists hypocrisy, doom, and Wrath
  7. Ugh, this is annoying. They do something rude or stupid and they act like it's justifyable, they're forgiven, or they're not to blame for it. Instead of saying "I'm sorry, I made a bad decision and I realize it affected you" christians will be like "I'm sorry I upset you, but it wasn't my fault, the devil tempted me to do it!" They blame an evil diety for their mistakes, neglecting responsibility for their own actions. In my opinion, a supernatural entity blame game shows a lack of maturity.
  8. Sad prayer and I feel for you but know this: You cannot find god by an external path called religion, you must look within yourself to find the answers. One finds god through a inner path(spirituality)Meditate don't pray, lucid dream don't go to church, astral travel, don't walk a thousand miles to find god or you will never find god because god is in you.
  9. Now this does not apply to all Christians but the majority of them. 1. Many Christians are self righteous: Many Christians believe that just because they are saved ''in a Pauline sense'', that they are errorless and not at fault. They think that no matter what evil thing they do, they are pardoned because they accepted Jesus as their leader and hero. 2. Many Christians don't take the time to read the bible and pay close attention: The bible is not perfect and is not the word of God. A perfect God would mean a perfect book, correct? The bible says the following: Bats are birds, rabbits chew their cud, the earth is 6000 years old, humans can live for hundreds of years, women are lower than men, snakes have feet etc. The conclusion we can draw is that the bible is not entirely true. If the bible is the word of god than God is imperfect,tyrannical,hypocritical and cruel. The errors and contradictions are easy to spot. The bible itself says that Jesus is the word of God. If Jesus is God's word than all the parts that talk about universal salvation, salvation through good deeds,women are equal to men, heaven is within and hell is within are all correct in God's eyes. 3. Many christians believe that believing Jesus is your savior means you are going to heaven: Does taking Jesus as your hero earn you eternal life in heaven? Jesus never said ''believe that I died for your sins, ask to me for forgiveness and accept me as your lord and savior, do this and you will live.''. No where in the bible does Jesus say this. This must be a lie from the christian's Satan. Jesus does say, I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but through me.'' Do you have to take Jesus as your hero to come to God? No, Jesus never said it. What does he mean that he is the only way? Many Christians mistake this for meaning faith alone in Jesus is the only way. Jesus is the only way NOT christianity. ''God is love.'' Love God with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as well as yourself, do this and you will live.'' That is what Jesus said. I'm going to conclude that when Jesus stated that he is only way that he is the example: Walking in his footsteps by having a beautiful view of love and practicing love for everyone including you is the way to the inner kingdom. Jesus is savior but we don't need to call on him, The message of Jesus is savior! 4. Many Christians disobey Jesus: How many Christians do we see loving their enemies, sincerely giving, praying for those who hurt them, refusing to live by the sword? Do Christians believe in Jesus? The majority of Christians are nonbelievers. ''For god so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son and who so ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.'' Again many Christians believe this means that by having faith that Jesus is your hero means you have deathless life. In the bible, Jesus stated this ''Who so ever believes in me, will do the works I do.'' ''If you love me keep my commands.'' ''My commandment is this, that you love one another as I have loved you.'' Another verse in the bible says this: Dear friends, let us love one another, for love is god, and whoever loves has been born of god and knows god.'' Two more verses: ''These people are hypocrites, they worship me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. ''It is not by saying to me lord, lord, that you enter the kingdom of god, but by doing the will of God.'' Sermon on the mount, Sermon on the plain, and the parables are ignored by many christians. 5. Many Christians believe that evil is genetic: According to the bible, a talking snake decieves a woman named Eve into eating and sharing enchanted fruit from an enchanted tree that God had forbidden them to take from. This event is supposedly why suffering exists. In a literal sense, this is just like Pandora's box! Pandora opened up a magic box out of curiosity, that Zeus warned her not to open. After opening the box, all the evils in the world were unleashed and one good thing, hope. Zeus does not punish her because he knew that her curiosity would get the better of her. Literally, the garden of Eden makes little sense, how can evil be genetic? Babies are evil!? No, they are innocent. Also it is diabolical that a god would make everyone suffer for the sin of a guilty person, Christians need to understand this. 6. Many Christians are like the religious Pharisees of Jesus' days: Jesus hung out with sinners, he hung out with prostitutes, nonbelievers and anyone judged and tossed aside by the religions authorities. Jesus condemned their evil deeds, he warns everyone to reject the teachings of the Pharisees. ''Woe to the Pharisees who take all the keys to heaven and don't enter and don't let you enter. '' ''Beware false prophets that come to you in sheep's clothing but inward they are ravening wolves(Jesus). Many Christians believe that doctrine, dogma, and rituals are the keys to heaven, but Jesus stated that people like that have hidden the keys from us. Religion does not matter, speaking in tongues does not matter, worship Jesus or God with your lips doesn't matter, Calling upon the name of Jesus does not matter. They all hide the keys to true personal happiness. ''From their fruit they are know.'' A bad tree cannot produce good fruit and a good tree cannot produce bad fruit.'' Good fruit, the fruit of the holy spirit is love, joy, peace, self control, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness. (The test from Jesus to know whether or not something is morally good or wrong) ''If you love me than take up your own cross and follow me.'' (Follow in the footsteps of Jesus to be saved from entering hell) ''All people will know you are my disciples if you love one another.(disciples of Jesus practice love for others.)
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