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    Anything and everything. If it's interesting I'll check it out.
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    Ex-7th Day Adventist. Once the main chuch pianist, now properly dis-fellowshipped. Still getting the 'come back to the fold, surrender to god!' messages from family and friends.

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  1. Why is it that the apologists for yaweh can't ever get their stories straight?

  2. Proud first time homeowner. The down-payment made possible by all the tithe and offering money that I would've given to the church a lifetime ago.

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    2. milesaway
    3. bfuddled


      That's awesome.. double goodness!

    4. Margee


      Roz, that is so wonderful, I am so happy for you!! *hug*

  3. Closing on some property... Ever wondered about all the offering / tithe money you lost? My folks are spending about 600 / month on those and they're worrying about retirement... I'm fucking sad and mad at the same time...

    1. Deidre


      I remember preachers teaching about the law of reciprocity lol ...that god will give you back double for your tithes. Hmmmm lol right.

    2. EternalEquinox


      Definitely feel the same emotions about crap like that. Most days I feel disgusted as hell when I hear or see this.

  4. I'm not dead, just in negotiations for a condo :) All the tithe money I saved up was so nice. Suck it yeshitwa!

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    2. bfuddled


      Sweet! You're going to invite us all to a sleepover when you get it, right? :)

    3. Roz


      When I think back to the 10% tithe and 5% offering I gave over these years, and the things I could've done instead, I get sad... then mad... then glad to be out of that!

    4. Deidre


      You could have bought three condos hehe I'm happy for you :)

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