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  1. The Last Jedi Review[NO SPOILERS]

    I walked out of the theater conflicted. There were some good parts and some incredibly bad parts, so my overall score is a 6/10. I’d say there was a good 20-30 minutes of filler that should have been cut or at least consisted of something that advanced the plot. To avoid spoilers, I’ll just say that I liked the plot lines concerning Luke, Rey, Snoke and Kylo. And I pretty much hated what they did with Poe, Finn and Rose. And yes, Leia must be related to Kal-El.
  2. So, some bible thumpers knocked on my door the other day. It was a woman and her teenage son wanting to talk about Jesus. He did all of the talking so I was very nice. I just replied with “I’ve read the Bible and know it well.” They asked if they could come back and I said no. As I look back, I think I should have challenged that kid’s beliefs and maybe caused him to critically think about the BS he’s being fed. 

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Yeah, its an opportunity to challenge people. I don't agree with bowling up to random people and telling them God doesn't exist, but if someone comes to my path, or stops me in the street its a great opportunity to get some discussion going... and if anyone says they found Jesus, ask if you can see him. I looked for him for years and never found him! :P:D 

  3. Fuck Pat Robertson

    Hard to believe there was a time when I used to watch the 700 club. After the big earthquake in Haiti several years ago, he made a comment about it being god’s judgment. I remember asking my devout mother if she really believed that. She grimaced and said “that’s hard to believe.”
  4. I’ve had some deep conversations with my brother. He has doubts and goes through phases of being a true believer or a luke warm believer. He knows where I stand and doesn’t treat me any differently than before. I’ve also had conversations with friends that are just casual Christians. They don’t know much about the Bible or other religions, so I enlighten them. I get a lot of “I didn’t know that” and “that’s an interesting way to look at it.” As far as my deeply religious friends, I don’t try to deconvert them because Christianity is a big part of their identity.
  5. Who deconverted you?

    It was a pure solo performance on my part.

    Good for you. I'm in a similar situation where I just keep my mouth shut around the family. It's funny when they come to my house for dinner, I just start digging in and don't give them a chance to say a blessing. I love that that quote you have: "Atheism isn't a religion, it's a personal relationship with reality." I'm going to have to steal that one.
  7. 7 People Shot @ Antioch TN Church of Christ

    The shooter was a Sudanese immigrant who has been here 20 years. They haven't said much about a motive and that he attended the church a few years ago. It is unknown if he knew the victims.
  8. Sh** christians have said to you

    In live in the south, so religion is still a big part of people's lives. Last year, they were wound up about sanctioned prayer at schools being challenged. In the comments of the news story, one of them wrote "atheists are just second class citizens and don't deserve the same rights we have." So, I responded with "I've served my community 22 years as a firefighter. I spent 13 years in th National Guard, with two tours in Iraq. And I'm a second class citizen because I don't believe in fairy Tales?" Of course they responded with bible verses that I just ignored.
  9. If he/she won't, there are plenty out there who will

    My 18 year marriage to a Christian woman would fit this description of being sexless. The funny thing is, we had tons of sex before marriage. After saying the vows, she decided to have a guilty conscience and looked at it as sinful. I feel your pain. I waited until my son grew up before I popped smoke. Part of the reason was I didn't want her to remarry and some other man raise my son. Once I went through the divorce though, I wondered why the hell I hadn't done it years before. I would also say that my terrible marriage to a Christian woman played a big role in my deconversion.
  10. Political Views of ex-Christians

    I was a staunch, right wing evangelical, so my political views have changed to the point that neither party represents what I stand for. I actually didn't vote last November for the first time in my adult life because I thought neither choice was worthy of my vote. I probably align more with the Liberterian point of view, but I watched Gary Johnson in several interviews and thought he was a complete dumbass. Even though I could care less if gays get married or women have abortions, I disagree with most of what the Democratic Party stands for and haven't voted for one of their candidates since my deconversion in 2010. And the farther they continue to move to the left, I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  11. Weird things you used to believe when you were a Christian

    I was a literalist, so I believed that... Jonah was really swallowed by the whale Samson lost his strength by having his hair cut All the animals really did get on the ark Evolution = bullshit And every other crazy idea that is in the Bible. As I think back on it now, I just shake my head in wonder. I was in my late 30s before I saw the light, but at least the truth did finally set me free.
  12. Illinois bankrupt

    The last couple of years whenever my fire department is hiring, there are always several from Illinois that come to test.We've hired a few and they all say the same thing. Taxes are high, property values are declining, and they have to get their families out of that shithole.
  13. Most Christian Music Sucks - Period!

    The only Christian band that I truly liked was dc Talk. I have to disagree with you though. I listened to some of their music not long ago and enjoyed it. I saw them live almost 20 years ago and thought they put on a very entertaining show. I remember being pissed off when they split up.
  14. When Did You First Doubt?

    In my mid 20s, I read the Bible cover to cover. While reading the Old Testament and how the Jews were constantly being punished by God, I remember thinking "I'm glad I wasn't an Israelite." But I had another decade of blind faith before I started having the doubts that led to my deconversion.
  15. Dating As An Ex-Christian

    My friends teased me about getting on match, but it was just fun and games. I'd recommend it to anyone that is single. It certainly worked out for me