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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I see you are well knowledged in assisted suicide. Have you researched for yourself because of religion inflicted suffering? I wish assisted suicide or euthanasia was legal in my country. The only place where it's legan and one can apply it is in Switzerland . This would be the last option.
  2. Man, that's so relatable. I wish I have never known it too, never read the bible.
  3. Yes, I'm on medication but these doesn't really help much. I have extreme anxiety issues
  4. I do really feel your pain. You can check my testimony, maybe you will be able to relate to this fear of hell. https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/85042-cant-beat-the-fear-of-hell-out/
  5. Hello everyone, I thought I would share my experience with RTS. I was a very sincere believer and religion was the most important thing in my life(it's said the more sincere you were, the more you got harmed from religion, and I find it truth.) I'm sorry for appearing pessimistic but I have realized throughout 8 years of deconversion that the only way and solution to truly deconvert would be to check out what's life after death. To die or commit a suicide and know what's truly out "there". Otherwise, it is only speculations, uncertainty, fear and conditioning-based theories. The only help a
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