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  1. I felt so many emotions from my own deconversion coming back as I read this. I could relate to so much of what you wrote. Welcome.
  2. I have always thought the same thing. Dumb.
  3. I really believe that like most major life transitions, the change has to come from within. But I do credit some fundamentalist wack-job with a ridiculous and hypocritical website for being the last straw before I decided it was all too absurd to be true.
  4. I can't wait until one of them goes all Leah Remini on their BS.
  5. I used to read Relevant Magazine when I was still a believer. It made me hate myself for being so weak. Every single time.
  6. Have you read the entire bible? One suggestion is to read the bible, then some books on other religions and cultures for comparison, and then some books on science and cosmology. Then decide what makes the most sense. Once you compare the "facts" in the bible to what we know to be true, it has nothing to stand on.
  7. No. Interestingly, this was one of the main points that kickstarted my deconversion. Either God was controlling everything and he was a complete asshole, or he didn't exist. I went with the answer that made sense.
  8. Oh yes. I had so many of these. To this day when I hear certain songs, I also hear the DJ talking over the beginning or end of it the way it was on my recording. It's burnt into my memory from playing it hundreds of times over.
  9. Before facebook, my friends and I had "the notebooks." One of the funniest guys in the group would buy one of those 99 cent spiral notebooks, and he'd write a question on top of every page. Sometimes it was the opening line of a joke, sometimes a specific question and sometimes just a random question like, "What's your favorite time of day?" We'd pass the notebook around, answering all the questions and reading the answers everyone else wrote. I remember rolling on the floor with laughter (literally, not "ROFL") at some of the answers. Man, the good old days. We'd also sit around the train station or someone's house and talk, listen to records, play instruments. We'd take mini road trips to the woods and explore "haunted" locations. We'd walk around downtown and play hacky sack wherever we felt like it. We hung out in 24 hour diners a lot. We'd go to music shows in back alleys. And we'd just show up to people's houses and see if they were home. I think I just miss the 90s. Oh yes, and before blogs, there were zines. My friend and I used to make them.
  10. Welcome to the site. The realization can be bittersweet, depending on the current situation. You're in the right place, we're always here for support. I love this quote. May I steal it?
  11. I can't believe you can read everything posted here and you still haven't see the light. Sometimes I wonder if you guys are just messing with us.
  12. For me it's as simple as: "Sending prayers" or "Praying." As in, "A terrible tragedy just occurred and someone posted about it on social media and I need to reply with something comforting so I'm gonna write, 'praying.'" First of all, thanks for literally nothing. Secondly, I wonder how many of those people actually get down on their knees, fold their hands, bow their heads and ask the ceiling to lessen the pain of the person whose entire family was brutally murdered or whatever it was. Probably .00000000000002%
  13. I'm kinda drunk right now so pardon my answer...but I can relate. I repressed so much before...I'm sort of in my own personal sexual revolution right now.
  14. Great point. I was thinking of it from the perspective of a female orgasm which has significantly less fluid involved. I think you may be on to something though...those ain't clouds.
  15. That's what she said. Well the outside of marriage part is what sends you to hell in your frozen state. If it was legitimate missionary procreation sex with your spouse you might still have a chance of going to heaven and kissing God's ass for all eternity instead.
  16. My life got better when I got divorced from a Christian, stopped going to church, started living in 'sin' with another woman and eventually told Jesus I'd be handling my own life without him. That's funny, same for me. Must be SATAN
  17. My head hurts from all the circular logic.
  18. That's a great reply. I wouldn't feel guilty at all, but it hits a nerve with me that we can't be truthful because of people's stupid prejudices against those of us who don't believe in fantasy creatures.
  19. That's infuriating! I thought it was illegal as well.
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