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  1. I did. When I left Christianity five or so years ago, and identified as an atheist for a time, I started reading up on it. Explored it, even. I found out a few years ago from my father, that we are part middle eastern (I always thought I was Italian and Irish, but come to learn my grandfather was middle eastern). and the culture, food, music, etc has always intrigued me, and in my reading about Islam, I started to develop an interest in Sufism. (a mystical approach to Islam) But, my interest in Islam was short lived, yet I find that Sufism still holds an interest for me.
  2. I have a great marriage so far. Have good friends. I'm getting along with my dad. Life has been good, lately.
  3. Remember me? ^_^ Just wanted to say hey and see how ya'll are doing. 

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    2. TrueFreedom


      Oh, I'd say that my life is still pretty different. :jesus:

    3. Insightful


      Hey Deirdre!  Glad you stopped by!  Congrats on your new marriage!

    4. Deidre


      Thanks insightful :)

  4. I agree, but at the end of the day, it's all subjective. Faith will always be subjective, no matter what the faith beliefs are. To me, I believe it is my truth, but my truth won't necessarily be yours. And vice versa. I don't get hung up on worrying what others believe, so long as their faith beliefs don't intrude into my life, or try to force me to believe what they do. I think that is a problem with many Christians, specifically, but not all Christians think alike.
  5. I'm part Irish, in honor of St Patrick's day...such a beautiful song.
  6. That feeling when you just closed your eyes to fall asleep, and the next minute the alarm on your phone is going off, time to get up. I slept well, but why do some nights feel like that? :blink:

    1. LogicalFallacy


      No idea... but it happens :)

  7. TY for the follow. I hope you're having a good weekend, Travi! 

    1. Travi


      You're welcome :) Thanks for the add back, trying to get my friend/follow list back up to date. I can't remember who all I had beforehand, lol

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