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  1. Remember me? ^_^ Just wanted to say hey and see how ya'll are doing. 

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Hey Deidre! Of course I remember you... not sure about the others *looks around*. Actually been wondering how you've been. How are you? What's news?

    2. Deidre


      Hi LF!! I'm doing great. I'll be married two years this May, and we are trying to have a baby now. Life has changed so much, it seems. How are you?? Tell me what is new? :)

  2. Not qualified, but it would be interesting to teach a particular faith or set of spiritual beliefs to others. But, can faith be ''taught?'' Maybe the basic tenets of it, but beyond that, not sure much else can be 'taught.'' It's probably why I don't attend any one particular church all that often, because why is someone else's interpretation of faith, more relevant than how I view God, or my faith?
  3. I agree, but at the end of the day, it's all subjective. Faith will always be subjective, no matter what the faith beliefs are. To me, I believe it is my truth, but my truth won't necessarily be yours. And vice versa. I don't get hung up on worrying what others believe, so long as their faith beliefs don't intrude into my life, or try to force me to believe what they do. I think that is a problem with many Christians, specifically, but not all Christians think alike.
  4. I'm part Irish, in honor of St Patrick's day...such a beautiful song.
  5. So sorry to hear this, sending you hugs.
  6. You should post a song, this isn't the Lion's Den. lol