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  1. I did. When I left Christianity five or so years ago, and identified as an atheist for a time, I started reading up on it. Explored it, even. I found out a few years ago from my father, that we are part middle eastern (I always thought I was Italian and Irish, but come to learn my grandfather was middle eastern). and the culture, food, music, etc has always intrigued me, and in my reading about Islam, I started to develop an interest in Sufism. (a mystical approach to Islam) But, my interest in Islam was short lived, yet I find that Sufism still holds an interest for me.
  2. Remember me? ^_^ Just wanted to say hey and see how ya'll are doing. 

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    2. TrueFreedom


      Oh, I'd say that my life is still pretty different. :jesus:

    3. Insightful


      Hey Deirdre!  Glad you stopped by!  Congrats on your new marriage!

    4. Deidre


      Thanks insightful :)

  3. Not qualified, but it would be interesting to teach a particular faith or set of spiritual beliefs to others. But, can faith be ''taught?'' Maybe the basic tenets of it, but beyond that, not sure much else can be 'taught.'' It's probably why I don't attend any one particular church all that often, because why is someone else's interpretation of faith, more relevant than how I view God, or my faith?
  4. I agree, but at the end of the day, it's all subjective. Faith will always be subjective, no matter what the faith beliefs are. To me, I believe it is my truth, but my truth won't necessarily be yours. And vice versa. I don't get hung up on worrying what others believe, so long as their faith beliefs don't intrude into my life, or try to force me to believe what they do. I think that is a problem with many Christians, specifically, but not all Christians think alike.
  5. So sorry to hear this, sending you hugs.
  6. That feeling when you just closed your eyes to fall asleep, and the next minute the alarm on your phone is going off, time to get up. I slept well, but why do some nights feel like that? :blink:

    1. LogicalFallacy


      No idea... but it happens :)

  7. TY for the follow. I hope you're having a good weekend, Travi! 

    1. Travi


      You're welcome :) Thanks for the add back, trying to get my friend/follow list back up to date. I can't remember who all I had beforehand, lol

  8. Thanks for the follow, and I'll follow you back. :)

    1. LogicalFallacy


      You are welcome Deidre. Thanks :)

  9. It makes total sense. I appreciate you sharing this. It's about what makes sense to us, what makes us feel complete maybe? Not sure if that's quite the right word, but...it only matters to follow your own heart. Ancient Greece seems to have beautiful rituals and traditions. Do you follow any particular set of ''traditions'' or anything that stands out from other faiths?
  10. I agree that religion is not needed. I don't consider myself as "religious," but I'm knowledgeable about religions. I will agree that no one needs a religion or religious institution to be the go between when it comes to having a relationship with God. Think the main problem with religion in general is that many religious people seek to intrude into the government etc with their views. Not just Christians. Since Islam is growing at a significant rate I see it surpassing Christianity, and it will be interesting if Sharia Law tries to wedge its way into government. Time will tell.
  11. That's true. But sometimes an atheist answers ''I'm an agnostic atheist,'' which really...agnosticism has to do with a place of knowledge, in other words...the atheist isn't certain that a god doesn't exist, but believes that one doesn't exist based on the lack of evidence. Some call themselves spiritual atheists, and on and on it goes. The thing is that when it comes to faith, spirituality, religion (not all are the same), people's ''relationships'' with their beliefs or their God or gods, will always be personal, and will vary from person to person. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I don'
  12. lol! That's funny. When I left Christianity, a few of my Christian friends said ''you'll always be a Christian,'' and one other one said ''you were never a true Christian.'' It's pretty arrogant when ''friends'' tell you who they think you are, I lost a few ''friends'' during that time. So you were once a Calvinist, I don't know too much about Calvinism.
  13. Who defines it, I guess is the better question. Are you defining it for someone else? Generically speaking, following Jesus would be good enough of a defintion for me, but I don't even need the label. Often times, if someone asks me my beliefs or if I'm spiritual, etc...I tend to answer, ''I believe in what Jesus taught, and try to follow His teachings.'' His teachings are what I feel comfortable as a guide to my life, but that's not to say it's not hard. You were once a Christian...the sum total of Christianity in my opinion, is forgiveness. There's a lot of white noise that gets in the way,
  14. i guess I don't understand why if someone finds Christianity to be meaningless for him/her, why that same person assumes everyone should just take their opinions as facts and also find it meaningless?
  15. I am trying, actually. Following Jesus doesn't mean someone will be sin free, or perfect. It means striving... Wow, we all seem to interpret Scripture differently. lol
  16. I think that completely following Jesus is hard, but it’s in the striving to want to be like Jesus, that makes one a Christian. It’s not works, by themselves…but faith and works. Oh gosh, this is reminding me of Sunday school.
  17. ''The best way you can determine if you trust someone, is to trust them.'' -Ernest Hemingway ...Idk about that. lol

    1. LogicalFallacy


      "Trust is like a piece of paper, once crumpled it is never the same" - Someone wise, but It's too late and I can't be stuffed finding out whosaidit

      "Trust is earned not given" - someone else who is wise

      "So learn about trust, how it works and how to build it. If you do it well, other people will give you the earth. If you betray them, they will hunt you to the ends of the earth." http://changingminds.org/explanations/trust/what_is_trust.htm 

    2. Storm


      I agree to a point. I will trust people until I have no reason to trust them. I will be the first to say that I have been burned by this, but I still trust first in many situations. Not all, but many. I choose to see the best in people. We all have faults and baggage. We all make mistakes. I would rather trust first and reap the benefits of it rather than be a skeptic and miss out. It will hurt at times, but in the end, I get more. My $.02

    3. Deidre


      I agree with you Storm. I'm a pretty guarded person, and missed some great people in my life, because of it. But, I'm getting better. Godod points ExPCA and LogicalFallacy :)

  18. LOL Hmmm....there has to be something more to it, for him to consider himself a ''Christian'' atheist. Ask him to join here and tell us. lol
  19. Well, I'm not a conservative, not a liberal, not a creationist, not a fundamentalist, yet I follow Jesus' teachings, and also glean positive points from a variety of other faiths, some stemming from eastern thought. The label next to my avatar wasn't put there by me, so when I see ''authentic Christian believer'' ...I'm not sure the label fits, because what does that mean? I'm a more moderate Christian. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me, it helps to get a sense of where people are coming from, here.
  20. I understand your thoughts to it. But, to me...I'm not holding onto a belief, it's holding onto me. That's what's changed. Richard Dawkins...lol the super atheist evangelist, if there is such a label. As an atheist, he didn't speak for me. That's the thing, people may label themselves this or that, but it might not represent how we view ourselves.
  21. I think where things go awry in these discussions is when someone has a preconceived view of a particular faith and brands everyone who remotely follows it, with the same label. I was never and still am not a "fundie" nor creationist nor does one need to take everything in the Bible literally. This is right for me but it might not be right for anyone else. I think that I had many misunderstandings about my faith and those have been cleared up. We shouldnt think that we can speak for all people because our experiences have been bad/good, etc. My Muslim friends got me to explore Islam a few year
  22. Idk, but I cried reading this. You have a way with words. lol I think I cried because I remember leaving faith, and in the earlier stages, when I'd talk to Christians, I'd think as you do...''what do they see that I didn't see?'' But, faith is not about seeing something objective, it's a leap of believing in something that we believe, but might not be able to prove. But, for us, for you...we have our own truths, and for me, this truth seems right. Not out of fear or anything, just feels right to me. Is right to me. But, I remember being newly deconverted, like you are...and you see
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