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  1. Satan is a made up boogey man to keep the sheep in line, and submissive.
  2. Aye def sympathize with the anger, still flares up in me sometimes. Eh best to try to let it go. We’ve all been wronged by those jackasses in some way or another. Anger only eats you up, and many xtian scum thrive on it. I simply laugh at them, now. Amuse myself at their pathetic stupidity, and wasting life over a fictional character, and then go on living mine to the fullest, well when idiotic politicians dont try to interfere. As much as I have distain for religion, politicians are even worse.
  3. Me I just shrug and go about what I want to do. Sin doesnt exist, god doesnt exist nor any heaven or hell, well hell exists, also known as church.
  4. Against free speech? How very xtian of you.
  5. Heh hopefully it wasnt as sucky as kirk cameron saves christmas Ive never seen something so pathetically bad before, and Ive seen some terrible movies before
  6. Oh totally, esp once humanity kicks xtianity and islam into the shitcan where it belongs.
  7. Hahahahaha true true, if not colonizing space stations and other planets
  8. Welcome! Heh yeah family is usually the hard part about ditching the abrahamic nonsense.
  9. No, Id demand the lunatic to present itself, to explain itself, its atrocities it supposedly committed and to explain itself for the atrocities against innocent and good people at the hands of its psychotic followers.
  10. So like a typical xtian, you wimp out.
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